The prison gossip on the Pakistani Cricketer Celebrity Prisoners!

Writing from Wanno (Wandsworth) it seems to me there could be an easy solution to the European capital crisis. The Pakistani Cricket fixers have been locked up here for a couple of weeks. At the same time there’s been a few international cricket matches. I don’t know if my economics is right, but I’m sure they could at least share the contacts to put on a sure fire bet with our great economic leaders. It seems the Governor here could have an eye on that ball already from the rumours going round.

The lads were in induction wing last week. For most prisoners this means one hour exercise, one hour association, meals and the rest of your time banged up in a smelly cell you can’t clean with a sink that only provides short spurts of water on a twenty minute timer. Our Guv decided he would spend a few days with the celebrities. No doubt he was designing how professional sportsmen could exercise their full potential here in Wanno. One senior prisoner informed me they played cricket and tennis all day over the weekend, and were never present at meal times on the wing, over the weekend when several international test matches were played. Doubtless, information is a key component of prison life.

Having lived on the Gallowgate in Glasgow for a few years, I can’t say I can’t complain about prison. They are clearly understaffed and it’s hard to get anything that involves prison administration done. That will normally take about five working days, including delivery of mail. I’ve received so much support mail I have to hide it from my cellmate because I get a guilt trip.

I feel deepest sympathy for those waiting for a response from immigration. People who have lived here for decades, have served their sentences and are just waiting to get an official letter from the Home Office that they will not be deported to their country of birth are living on the edge of their wits, not knowing how long they have to wait. Their cases are put further back in the queue as immediate deportations come in. It beggars belief that immigration Law leaves EU based convicts from Eastern Europe, smiling, as they may serve their time here, whilst those with fully served sentences take up spaces waiting for the grand octopus of state administration to push a letter under their door.

No Borders, No Nations would certainly save on a lot of unnecessay paperwork and the financial burden on all of us.

Our time will come, no doubt. In fact us convicts invented a global currency a fair while ago. We call it tobacco, and some of us use tuna.

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Nov 11 2011 21:35



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