Top 10 libcom articles of 2014

Top 10 libcom articles of 2014

A quick rundown of our top 10 most read blog, news and library articles over the past year.


10. Speed & politics: an amphetamine political economy - sometimes explode
9. Who's afraid of ruins? - Out of the Woods
8. Leadership and the myth of apathy - Phil Dickens
7. The nervousness of politics - sometimes explode
6. The political economy of hunger - Out of the Woods
5. Climate, class and the neolithic revolution - Out of the Woods
4. 10 reasons to support the firefighters' strikes - Steven.
3. The bloodbath in Syria: class war or ethnic war? - Devrim
2. Black vs yellow: class antagonism and Hong Kong's umbrella movement - Nao
1. The poetry and brief life of a Foxconn worker: Xu Lizhi (1990-2014) - Nao


10. Death in June: a Nazi band? - Midwest Unrest
9. How the Allied multinationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War II
8. A people's history of the American Revolution - Howard Zinn
7. How to overthrow the Illuminati
6. The third wave, 1967: an account - Ron Jones
5. What will we do if the system can no longer create jobs? An interview with Anselm Jappe – Alexandra Prado Coelho
4. The unemployed workers’ movement - Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward
3. The Starvation Army: Twelve reasons to reject the Salvation Army
2. The No Gun Ri massacre, 1950
1. On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs - David Graeber


10. Statement on the situation in Ukraine - Autonomous Workers Union
9. Anarchist Federation statement on Rojava: December 2014
8. Express summary of Venezuela's situation for curious people and/or the poorly informed - El Libertario
7. The experiment of West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) has proved that people can make changes - Zaher Baher
6. "Hands up, don't ship!" Minneapolis UPS workers protest shipments to Missouri police
5. Internationalists issue declaration against war in Ukraine
4. Anarchists join fight against Isis to defend Kurdish autonomous areas - Alternative Libertaire
3. Fascist knife attack in Malmö, Sweden on the night of International Women's Day
2. Neo-Nazis and far right protesters in Ukraine - Brian Whelan
1. Anti-fascists call for boycott of neo-Nazi linked vegan cake shop

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who wrote articles for us, who posted articles, or who shared them online in 2014. And we would like to encourage more people to do so in 2015!

So, what were everyone's favourite articles this year?

  • 1. n.b. these are the most popular new blog posts posted in 2014. Blogs posted before 2014 had not been included in this breakdown. The other categories are all time most popular.

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Dec 23 2014 19:28



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Noah Fence
Dec 23 2014 22:52

My fave was probably the Illuminati one. Coincidentally I posted a link to it today on a conspiracy theory YouTube channel today. An exercise in futility no doubt but at least they'll have something new to find yet another conspiracy in.

Dec 23 2014 23:07

So the top news post for 2014 is about a vegan cake shop - libcom, what happened ?

Mostly pleased about the other 'winners' though, esp the popularity of the Nao blog posts and Illuminati.