CPE protesters turn towards direct, decentralised action

Round-up of just some of the day's events so far, including media strikes, road blockades and office and university occupations.

Submitted by alibi on March 29, 2006

Toulouse Office of Emplyoment & Work occupied
Le Figaro is reporting that several dozen high school and university students have occupied the buildings of the Haute-Garonne departements Office of Employment and Work this afternoon in an anti-CPE protest.

Ouest France hit by strike action
The top selling French paper, Ouest France, a regional paper from Brittany, is not published today as a result of yesterdays strike, their website states that:

"Because of stops of work related to the anti-CPE movement, West-France does not appear this Wednesday. You will thus not find the articles of the newspaper, this morning, in the headings of your site but the essence of the topicality treated in the form of short. We request our readers and Net surfers to agree to excuse us."

Laval Agricultural College blocked
Ouest France website reports that the agricultural college of Laval blocked after a general assembly of the pupils and students decided upon the blocking of the establishment, on Wednesday morning, in reaction to the CPE. No course will take place until Friday afternoon. The blockade was voted by 304 votes for, 225 against.

Nantes road blockades
Photos of the road blockades reported earlier.

Nantes Institute of Technology renew blockade
The blockade that began Tuesday March 28 at Nantes IUT and was due to end today, Wednesday March 29, has been renewed until Friday March 31 during the General Assembly which was held on the site of Fleuriaye campus. The vote for the blockade of the IUT was 58%. The teaching personnel and the technicians of the IUT of Fleuriaye have pronounced themselves favourable towards supporting the students following their own meeting.

Update on Rennes road blockade
200 to 300 anti-CPE demonstrators occupied the Rennes by-pass from 6.30am, preventing any traffic, until the CRS intervened towards 10am to clear the road that runs to Lorient. A cord of about thirty CRS remains in place.

Guingamp high school students 'selective blockade'
200 high-school pupils of Pavie High School and Jules Vernes High School in Guingamp joined together from 9.30am on a bridge above the road RN12. They set up a selective blockade to distribute 1000 leaflets against the CPE. An action which has not disturbed the circulation of vehicles on the route Rennes-Brest. Tomorrow 5 buses are envisaged to leave from Guingamp for a large demonstration which will be held in Rennes.