24 hour strike, March 28th; What next?

A statement issued by a group of General Assemblies, aimed at analysing the movement and helping it to progress.

Submitted by jef costello on March 29, 2006

The struggle that first started weeks ago in the streets, universities and high schools cannot be appeased with just a one day strike. Firstly because the ever-growing revolt goes way beyond, both in its form and what it implies, than what is at stake with a mere new employment contract. Secondly because we won't tolerate the unions, trailing in the wake of the movement has its beginning, imposing upon on us, the precarious (students, workers, the unemployed and all those who fight against the conditions that they have to live in) the form or the means of a struggle which has only ever belonged to those who fight.

Another government would have negociated, this one chose to remain inflexible. The choice we are left with is either to be further crushed by this government or to spread a conscious revolt against it. A general, unlimited and unified strike is our only option. The blockades that have taken place from the start of the movement appear, to us, to be an efficient way to put a spoke in the wheels of the economy. Demonstrators have blocked roads on many occasions : the airport in Lannion at the start of the movement, train stations in Rennes, Caen and Nantes have been blocked by people demonstrating. Major roads have also been blocked in Lyon and Fontenay-sous-Bois.

In order to allow the struggle to keep growing, as try to reclaim a part of the time that is usually taken by work, we propose blockades, from the early morning on Wednesday 29 March, before the rush hour, on all the major roads through which the most important commodity, the workforce, is moved. We must deal a body blow to their "reforms", to force them to retreat until they are defeated, because they must be defeated.

Now, to defend ourselves, we must attack.

All united.

AG en lutte, Paris.

Text translated for libcoml.org from samizdat.net