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Seamus Colligan

A London-based 'anarchist' going by the name of Seamus Colligan (aka O’Colgan) has started a campaign to 'out' anarchists and feminists.

Using his twitter accounts @blacbloc and @JamesLa30236317 he has been posting personal details of people who have stood up against sexual violence and abusive behaviour, in particular those who have been vocally anti-Assange, those who signed the AWOL statement about Paul Cunliffe and those who challenged Seamus about his own alleged sexually violent behaviour. In addition to copying the Met Police into these tweets, he has been contacting people's employers, local fascists and local police forces naming people as anarchists and providing home addresses. This man is a tout and cannot be trusted.

  • Be careful what you post about yourself and others.
  • Do not use other people's names or say anything that may identify them.
  • Do not pass on details of comrades to third parties.
  • Review your online security - keep personal details separate from public social media accounts.

Please spread this message widely. More information here. Comments are closed.

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Sep 3 2012 08:16



  • This man is a tout and cannot be trusted.

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