"Why I am rioting"

Today Le Monde has published interviews with the rioting youths of yesterdays disturbances at the Place de la Nation in the East of Paris.

Submitted by alibi on March 19, 2006

Here we've translated the bulk of the short interviews and publish them in English so the rest of the world can hear the thoughts of those at the heart of this crisis.

You can hear the interviews here, and we recommend you follow the link and read the transcript whilst listening to the audio.

Interview 1
You're asking me what the cpe is?
It means that they're employing for a day, a month, and then they sack you - what kind of way of doing things is that.
The police are on Sarkozy's side and it will be Villepin who will pay.

Interview 2
Its like the banlieue all over again except it's the students this time. There are some casseurs but mostly it's students.

It's really crazy to blow up a car, or wreck a shop, but unconciously when everything is burning you think, people are really worked up....

[reporter] I saw you throw a molotov cocktail...

I only threw a bottle, but it's just a symbol. Not even that.

Interview 3
We've got to change the government, in 2007 it's us that's going vote.

[Reporter] Exactly what are proving by breaking a line of the...

It's the government we are actually attacking not the CRS, they're just doing their jobs. we are only expressing ourselves.

Interview 4
I want to work, I want to earn money. I want to live my life, I want to develop in society. I am motivated. My boss can say I no longer need you, that disgusts me - I want to work. I am someone who does things, I do not like to spend my time hanging around. I want cry, I'm sick of it.

Interview 5
That's whats paradoxical, we have to carry out such idiotic actions, destroy things, we've no choice, the problem is democracy is dead, it's finished.