Workers' struggles in China (May 2010)

Summaries and links to news reports of workers' struggles around China during May. I now have a Twitter feed where I will be posting the stories I find, so if you don't want to wait until the end of the month to read them or would like to write up some of these for libcom news when they happen rather, please follow it:

libcom articles

In case you missed them, here are the articles that appeared on libcom relating to China this month.

Strike shuts Chinese Honda plants
Let's not forget the imprisoned workers in China
Open Letter from Local Chinese Trade Union to Honda Motors Factory Workers
Open Letter to the Public and All the Workers in Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Foxconn suicides & Honda strike

I've separated off two stories from the rest of my China news (which follows afterwards) because of the unusally high coverage they've been getting, both in the international and Chinese press. The first is that of the still increasing number of suicides among Foxconn workers. Foxconn is a major subcontractor for Apple, so it's been quite high profile, with activist in Hong Kong and Taiwan (where the parent company is based) staging protests.

The second is even more important, but many articles link the too as it illustrates a more encouraging response to poor working conditions: the two week strike by workers at a Honda parts factory. What's been unusual in this case is the amount of coverage that's getting out, and the positive coverage it's been getting in state controlled Chinese media (although all the links I found had been removed when I checked again). Whether it's an actual change in policy by the state or elements within it, or authorities just didn't think they could cope with a more confrontational response is unclear at the moment.

23rd of May
Dying Young: Suicide & China’s Booming Economy
26th of May
Latest news reports on the Foxconn suicides
Honda Halts China Plants Amid Parts-Factory Strike (Update2)
27th of May
Strike shuts Honda's China assembly plants - Nikkei
Honda's China production halted by supply-chain shortages - MarketWatch -
28th of May
Honda Aims to Resolve China Strike Soon as Possible - BusinessWeek
Honda Strike Becomes a Rallying Point in China
Han Han (韩寒): The Bloom of Youth
30th of May
Honda's China Plants May Stay Closed as Staff to Stay on Strike - BusinessWeek
Honda's interns may strike - Straits Times
CLB Additional news reports on Foxconn and Honda
31st of May
Honda strike sends shudder through financial circles - World Socialist Web Site
Honda Strike Workers Propose Own Terms to End Protest - The Epoch Times
Honda Offers Strikers in China 24% Pay Boost - Wall Street Journal
Chinese workers swap angst for anger - Financial Times,Authorised=false.html?
Labor woes spread to Beijing Hyundai - Global Times
Foshan Honda strike: struggle continues, solidarity with Honda workers - China Worker
Honda to use imported parts to continue production - China Car Times
Historical Precedents for the Strike Wave by Chinese Workers at Honda Plants - China Digital Times
Foxconn must allow labor unions - Taipei Times
Honda to Raise Wages for Striking Workers at Chinese Factory - BusinessWeek

Other news from China 

7th of May
Another article on China's "ant tribe"
13th of May
Protest in china against factory poisoning
Piece being circulated about the recent school killings
23rd of May
Nikkon factory strike.
An account of being invited to "drink tea" with police.
Profile of "the butcher", an online activist.
Protest against an incinerator in Guangdong
Workers seeking compensation for black lung in Shenzhen
The Kunming government makes life harder for migrant workers
Wintek is getting sued by its workers
30th of May
Latest Directives from the Ministry of Truth: May 17 – May 24, 2010
Trampled in a Land Rush, Chinese Push Back
28th of May
Income Gap Rings Alarm
30th of May
Chinese Farmers Lie on Railroad Tracks to Protest Land Grab - The Epoch Times

Hong Kong

1st of May
May Day march.,thousands-march-for-minimum-wage-on-may-day-in-hong-kong.html
Hong Kong activists protest and mourn deaths of Foxconn workers
30th of May
Work-related suicides due to indifference, Hong Kong trade union leader says -,-Hong-Kong-trade-union-leader-says-18534.html
Hong Kong police confiscate Tiananmen statue


1st of May
May Day protest ended in clashes with police

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