Freedom Spring 2016

Reduced paper focusing on reproductive rights, homelessness and the Panama papers.

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Freedom Winter 2016/17

Produced for the London Anarchist Bookfair in October of that year, featuring content from a number of activist groups. The lead article is from Frack Off, detailing government and business plans to expand the controversial gas extraction method across Britain, as well as the resistance against it.

Also in this issue:

  • Students are suffering and rent strikes are the solution [Iida Käyhkö, UCL Cut The Rent]
  • All for the Sisterhood [Sisters Uncut]
  • So we're out of Europe [Matt Black]
  • Democracy and the NHS
  • The Freedom Annual Report 2016
  • Editorial
  • Anarchism and the bookshop trade
  • Anarchy in Haringey
  • Surviving the cop shop
  • Who's Who and Where: A haphazard list of friendly British groups
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