Principia Dialectica issue 1

Principia Dialectica: Enemies of Utopia for the Sake of Its Realisation 1

Submitted by dendrite303 on June 30, 2019

Welcome to the Principles of the Project by Michel Prigent
America's Iraqi Ulcer by Len Bracken
Nuclear Power: Some Human and Environmental Costs - 2005 by Nik Holliman
The Tragedy of Sexual Liberation by Liz Hoskyns
Dialectic of the Concrete and of the Abstract by Enzo Paci
Walking Stewart: A Forgotten Great Freethinker by Ron Heisler
A Critique of the Suburbs Appears to Be Missing from Contemporary Critical Theory by Sean Delaney
Hedonism, Nihilism and the State by Mary Wuana
Prologue: A New Harlequinade by Steve Ash
Sovereignty and the Führerdemokratie by Jürgen Habermas