Principia Dialectica issue 2

Principia Dialectica: Enemies of Utopia for the Sake of Its Realisation Issue 2 Autumn/Winter 2006

Submitted by dendrite303 on June 30, 2019


  • Editorial: A World on Fire
  • Rethinking the Crystal Theory of Capitalism by Moishe Postone
  • The Metaphysical Subtleties of Class Struggle: On the Unspoken Premises of an Odd Retro-Discourse by Norbert Trinkle
  • Deep Crisis in France compiled and edited by Charles Williams
  • Notes from the Steam Room by Professor Sprint
  • Factsheet on Nuclear Power, 1974
  • Irradiated of the World Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Faded Genes. by Nicolas Holliman
  • The Rotting Fruits of Revolution: William Morris Meets the Constructivists in the Work of David Mabb by Alice McEwan
  • Principia Dialectica Poster
  • Back to the USSR by Lita Branda
  • The New China Syndrome by Len Bracken
  • The Tragedy of the Middle East
  • When Loving Is a Crime by Simon Forbes
  • Blockbuster Libraries by David Black
  • Reaping the Whirlwind by Sheila Trapovska
  • Diggin' that Trad Beat
  • Alien Nation by Steve Ash
  • Sweeties for Scotland by David Newbigging
  • Fanmail
  • Reifications of the Imagination


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