Liberation - Paper of the Anarchist Communist Federation (1986-87)

An archive of Liberation, a paper produced by the Anarchist Communist Federation in the mid-late 1980s. Taken from the excellent archive at the Sparrow's Nest.

Liberation #01 (Jun 1986)

Issue #1 of Liberation, with articles on apartheid, the nuclear industry, the police, authoritarian vs libertarian communism, the Wapping dispute, union news and more.

Liberation 16.46 MB

Liberation #02 (c1986)

Issue #2 of Liberation, with articles on Wapping, Prince Andrew's wedding, police infiltration, Spain 1936, military intervention in Libya, international news from France, Chile and Spain, BBC radio cuts, attacks on travelling communities, and more.

Liberation 215.28 MB

Liberation #03 (Feb 1987)

Issue #3 of Liberation, with articles on class war, a scab running someone over at Wapping, trials after the Broadwater Farm riots, a restaurant workers' dispute, a strike wave and revolts in France, religion, Bloody Sunday, updates on the CNT struggle at Vitoria in Spain, the Silentnight dispute, lesbians and gays jailed for a protest against a homophobic councillor, women's liberation and more.

Liberation 318.58 MB

Liberation #04 (Apr-May 1987)

Issue #4 of Liberation, with articles on the nuclear arms race, the Trader print dispute in the Midlands, the Laura Ashley/Ardbride dispute, US imperialism, welfare restructuring, benefit cuts and claimants organising, international news including repression against Brazilian anarcho-syndicalist rail workers, class war in Spain, solidarity with Eastern European workers, deportations and resistance, harrassment by Manchester police, and more.

Liberation 420.09 MB

Liberation #05 (Jul-Aug 1987)

Issue #5 of Liberation, with articles on Thatcherism after the 1987 election, reports of anti-fascist action in Leicester, public order in Northern Ireland, coal redistribution in Wales, the Midlands Trader print dispute, the Ardbride/Laura Ashley dispute, the Labour party and the limits of its anti-racism, reproductive rights, gay autonomy, state violence, anarchist organisation, international news including riots in East and West Berlin, Urguayan anarchists organising, and the Spanish dockers' Coordinora, and more.

Liberation 520.53 MB