Belgium: train conductors wildcat over violence

2003 rail picket in Liège

A wildcat strike by conductors over violence has rapidly spread across Belgian railways.

Submitted by jef costello on January 22, 2008

The strike began late Monday night at the Mons et La Louvière depot after two conductors were attacked on a train and their colleagues walked out in support. As new shifts arrived from 4:30am more workers joined the action. In all only two conductors crossed pickets and at least 30 trains had been cancelled by 6:30am.

Workers at Bruxelles-Midi, Braine-Le-Comte, Charleroi and Namur have joined the informal action. With at least 30% wildcatting at Brussels. Services have been getting worse as the day goes on and more and more workers join their colleagues in strike.



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Submitted by Tacks on January 23, 2008

what are the issues and demands here?

How has management left them open to passenger attacks?


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