Virgin rail catering workers on strike

Manchester: 100 catering workers at Virgin Trains are on strike in support of a sacked colleague.

Submitted by Mike Harman on July 21, 2007

Rachel Tombling sustained injuries when her head hit a computer screen in an on-board shop when her train experienced rough riding - but was sacked for wilfully damaging it. The sacking was upheld at an appeal, and now workers from Virgin West Coast’s Manchester Piccadilly depot are on strike, having been out for three days so far.

"The ludicrous allegation that she deliberately head-butted the screen shows a complete disregard for the welfare of Virgin employees. The CCTV evidence the company presented simply does not support their absurd case that this was a deliberate act, but their unwillingness to listen to reason left us with no option but to call strike action." RMT general secretary Bob Crow said yesterday.



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Submitted by rhh1 on April 4, 2009

Rachel has finally won her claim for unfair dismissal.