McDonalds International Liberation Front (MILF) statement, 2002

Brief introduction statement to the MILF from the website of McDonalds Workers Resistance.

Submitted by Steven. on September 16, 2010

good evening, and welcome to the wonderful world of MILF, (mom i'd like to fuck), or the McDonalds International Liberation Front. Well, you could call it a world, if a world is one page on a shitty website by a bunch of pussy white boys. these boys are soft, but us, we are no-holds barred bad mother fuckers, so fuck you, and yo' mammas. now, some of the shit we do aint very nice, we pick shit off the ground, we spit in the food, we wash our hands. (before making toilet).

We are against the exploitation of the blacks in the workplace and all over the nation, keeping the brothers and sisters in shit jobs. nothing's changed, not since the slavery that oppressed us for hundereds of years. We are taking out all the anger of all of us of all time on the rich white motherfuckers, starting in McDonalds.

One day every body be equal, black and white, rich and poor, be one nation with no more divisions and if that Ray Kroc was still kickin hed be the first mother fucker against the wall. But now MILF is takin from the tills and buyin pills, smokin some weed then grabbin a free feed. We're doin our bit to end this shit, so dont tow the line, nows the time, Roll with MILF and change the fuckin world.

Angry brothers of the world, unite!

the hardcore, bad bad people

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