Liverpool councillor Joe Anderson is scum

Liverpool council leader makes unfounded allegations of violence against protestors.

Submitted by working class … on December 13, 2011

Last night saw another lively anti-cuts demonstration outside Liverpool town hall. The council were meeting to put the finishing touches to their huge programme of cuts, that will see job losses and, the reduction of vital services for the people of the city.

The first scandal of the evening was the decision to ban the public from entry, despite it being a public meeting.

Unfortunately, none of the 75 councillors present had bollocks big enough to oppose the proposed £30 million cuts. The all followed willingly in voting them through.

Another scandal was council leader, Joe Anderson, accusing protesters of punching and kicking him. The local media are now covering the story as if it were fact. No one in attendance claims to have seen any punches or kicks, there is no comment from the police, and a far as I can tell, no complaint has been made to the police, yet because a councillor made the claim it is now treated as fact.

There are witness reports of rough tactics from council officials, but no further details as of yet. Strangely, any inappropriate behaviour from council staff was not mentioned in the media, just the allegations made by Joe Anderson.

Mr Anderson is no stranger to abuse behaviour. He recently ‘got in the face’ of an anti-cuts protestor / voter / tax-payer, whatever you want to call him, and screamed ‘scum’ in his face. Joe was on his way to have lunch with Cameron hatchet man ‘Francis Maude’, which speaks volumes.

Anderson has plenty of form for being a scumbag. This is a link of him belittling a voter, and bragging about his wage. He is also rumoured to have shaken hands with BNP politicians.

Let us hope that the people of Liverpool show Joe Anderson the door very soon!



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I would punch the and kick the fat cunt


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Hate to say it, but this makes me nostalgic for the days of Militant. There. I said it.