Nazi opportunists descend on Liverpool

Liverpool anti-fascists counter a UK wide mobilisation of Nazi's as the protest outside Liverpool Crown Court in an attempt to make political capital out of a case involving alleged paedophiles.

Submitted by working class … on February 6, 2012

This morning, Nazi’s from all over the UK descended on Liverpool Crown Court. They had come to protest about a trial that started today relating to a suspected paedophile ring that allegedly involved many Muslim men.

Anti-fascists across Liverpool decided to counter their protest. Not to support sex offenders as is claimed, but to try and prevent political capital being made out of the misery of abused children by fascists.

Members of Liverpool anti-fascists, the UAF, and other assorted groups met at the court at around 8am. Due to the sensitive nature of the court case, we approached without flags and banners, in an attempt to gauge the mood.

Within seconds, a gentleman walked past us and shouted, “You dirty fucking rats! Fuck off back where you came from you filthy paedo lovers.”

Any belief I had that the Nazi demonstration would be quiet, measured and respectful, was quickly shattered. As soon as the rest of the spotted us, they quickly ran over and started abusing us. Out came ‘white power’ flags and a variety of chants.

Over the next hour, numbers from both camps reached around fifty. Around lunch time, the Nazi’s outnumbered us two to one. It was evident that they had brought people in from all over the country, judging by accents, and place names they had written on banners.

They had a large banner that read, “Our children are not Halal meat”, and a wide variety of placards that accused Muslims of being paedophiles.

Their abuse was not limited to Muslims. When a comrade with an Irish accent spoke, they responded with, “Why don’t you fuck off back to Ireland you dirty Fenian cunt?” They then targeted another comrade who has a mixed race baby. The screamed at her, “You dirty fucking Paki shagger you have a monkey for a baby”.

Mid-morning, Nick Griffin and an assortment of knuckle draggers arrived. He spent time shaking hands and posing for pictures with vile placards, and a queue of skinheads, all desperate to get their picture taken with the Fuhrer.

As the suspects were leaving court, the Nazi’s all ran towards the doors, leaving a few of us with Griffin, his boneheads, and a ‘crazy’ local BNP organiser. Not wanting to miss an opportunity of asking Nick a question that had been on my mind for years, I approached him and asked the question. Unfortunately, he was not very forthcoming with an answer, this despite it being a relatively simple question.

A minor scuffle ensued between the BNP organiser, and a passing member of the public. The passer-by was told to “Get the fuck out of my town”, and he then threatened to give him a ‘dig. The police intervened and separated them.

Nazi’s then stated running around the building in an attempt to get at the suspects as some were leaving via the back doors.

Throughout the day the Nazi’s attempted to tell anyone who was listening that we are here supporting our paedophile friends in court, and on occasion it was difficult to put the other side across. However, on the whole I think that the public agreed that Nazi’s should not be able to make political gain from the suffering of children.



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Submitted by Havaan on February 6, 2012

Love Mr. Griffins sign.


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Submitted by gypsy on February 7, 2012

To the public it may well have looked like you supported the paedos. Fair play though for trying to get your message across, griffin and his wee security detail looked nervous when you video'ed them.