Accumulatie en crisis - Sam de Wolff

Sam de Wolff
portrait of Dutch Marxist Salomon de Wolff (1878–1960) (by Maria Rompelman, 1953)

3 part article-series criticising both Tugan-Baranowsky and Luxemburg. Source: De Nieuwe Tijd, 20 (1915): 1–22; 353–72; 469–80.

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Some links to other articles by de Wolff in Dutch (If the scan doesn't load, switch to text-mode):

Prosperiteits- en depressie-perioden (De Socialistische Gids 01-01-1921):
(see also in German:

"Een uitnodiging" (De Socialistische Gids 01-02-1924)

Bank en Industrie in Duitsland, 1 (De nieuwe tijd, 01-01-1910)
Bank en Industrie in Duitsland, 2 (De nieuwe tijd, 01-01-1911)

Beschouwingen over de waardeleer, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
(De Socialistische Gids 01-04, 5, 6, 7 and 8 -1925):

De huidige conjunctuur (De Socialistische Gids 01-11-1930)

De tragedie der vergissingen (een antwoord aan J. van Gelderen) 1, 2, 3 and 4 (De Socialistische Gids 01-8, 10, 11 and 12-1931):

De crisis in permanentie (De Socialistische Gids 01-10-1932):

Marx als econoom (De Socialistische Gids 01-03-1933)

Het Proletariaat in de beginjaren van den strijd tegen Spanje

Obituary for Wiedijk


Revolutionair Anti-revolutionair Jubileum

After WWII Sam de Wolff was one of the remaining old guards of the Second International (still in 1938 Kautsky gave a speech for his anniversary). De Wolff's "Sociaal-Democratisch Centrum" (which had a publication) eventually was suppressed by the PVDA.


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Don't know why this got bumped, but I ought to correct myself that this focuses really just on Rosa Luxemburg (Tugan-Baranowsky it seem is more criticised in de Wolff's 1929 book Het economisch getij).


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I corrected a typo in the name of Pieter Wiedijk, perhaps that's why it got bumped (after your posting it).
Cheers for posting, looks interesting.


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Nope, Noa's comment was there before I accepted your revision spacious. But I've noticed that posts get bumped seemingly randomly from time to time. I suspect that some admin has done something in the back end.