Black Flag vol 02 #01 (Jan 1971)

An issue of Black Flag from 1971, kindly scanned in by the comrades at Sparrows Nest, Nottingham.

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R Totale

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Submitted by R Totale on July 5, 2020

This one has a fascinating article about anarchism in North China, including a story about people making signs for the annual May Day parades with slogans like:
"Those lying devils the anarchists said state socialism would bring about a new tyranny. Either they are mad or we are!"
"What a wicked scoundrel was the anarchist Shih Fu who said the workers could manage their own affairs without a party banner!"
"When Peter Kropotkin said that the peasants should be free to till the land without state intervention, all Marxists recognised in him the paid agent of the Czar!"
"The bourgeois anarchists said that libertarian socialism would come since all men were born free and naturally good. Mao Tse Tsung has proved them wrong!"

Funny, but the courage needed for something like that is amazing.