Resist G8 2005

Archived web feature on the demonstrations against the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

Submitted by libcom on January 10, 2004

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The G8 ('Group of Eight' most industrialised nations) Summit is coming to Britain in the Summer of 2005. In past years, everywhere they have tried to meet they have been met with a massive response from the world's social movements. Now, in Britain, a network of groups and individuals is emerging that hopes to resist the Summit, and build a lasting movement against capitalism. A number of campaigns have since spread up around the Summit, links to those are provided below.

The centre of attention is 'Dissent! A Network of Resistance Against the G8' which was formed at the end of November 2003. Local groups and working groups are now forming to build a response to the G8, firmly rooted in local networking, which it is hoped will exist well beyond the summer of 2005.

Work has already started on producing publicity and information materials and putting together road-shows to mobilise people for action. The 'Dissent!' network, which initially grew out of meetings at the Earth First! Summer Gathering and the Anarchist Bookfair, is committed to taking a confrontational stance, calling for direct action. Nobody owns the network and it has no leaders. It is open to anyone who wants to work under the hallmarks laid down by Peoples' Global Action (PGA).


  • - The Dissent! website is now up and running, for all the info on anti-G8 activity.
  • - The South East Assembly, who are organising a train to the G8.
  • - PGA G8 page.
  • - Anti-G8 portal.
  • - The official UK G8 site, complete with worst corporate logo design ever.
  • - French mobilisation.
  • - German mobilisation.
  • - UK-IMC info page, check out Scotland IMC here.

    G8 campaign sites

  • - G8 feminist Action, Scotland.
  • - Cycling to the G8.
  • - Edinburgh based G8 group.
  • - Anti-Nuke Submarine Campaign.
  • - G8 Alternatives.


  • - discussion board for chat for everything to do with the 2005 summit.

    Email lists

  • - practical organising and networking information relating to resisting the g8.
  • - list for people based in Edinburgh. has nothing to do with organising the anti-g8 2005 campaigns. This page is for information purposes only

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