Vandalised Conservative adverts

Graffitied and vandalised Tory billboards for the 2010 general election. At we don't support any of the political parties, but the Tories seem to be the only ones who can afford billboards this year.


Aug 16 2010 21:20

Brilliant, especially the Elvis one!

Aug 16 2010 21:54

'cunt' is the best one

Oct 21 2010 21:39

LoL wish i saw these

Oct 21 2010 23:33

The "vote tory we go broke" is so clever.

May 9 2011 11:39

Frankie Boyle would be proud lol however some of them went too far.

Noah Fence
Jan 16 2013 21:35

I generally hate anything that gives the idea that one party is worse than another, I mean, that's the most basic contradiction, but some of these are properly funny and the Elvis one is genius, absolutely hilarious and not at all political. Good work!

Jan 17 2013 12:26

Saw this the other day.. thought it was quite good..