Franco Serantini Poster Archive

Posters commemorating Franco Serantini, a 20 year old Italian anarchist who was arrested on the 5th of May 1972 at an anti-fascist demonstration in Pisa.

He was beaten severely by police in custody, and died inside the prison two days after his arrest, on the 7th of May 1972.

Japanese Inter War Proletarian Propaganda

A gallery of Proletarian propaganda posters, handbills postcards and photos from the Inter War years. The material was created by multiple organisations and currents, an essay explaining these images can be found here.

Political Protest in Interwar Japan

A collection of propaganda produced by Leftist political parties, Unions and the Proletarian Cultural movement. With accompanying notes placing them in context.

Prairie Struggle posters, handouts and pictures


Here are a majority of all Prairie Struggle Organization's poster & handouts created during its short 3-4 year existence.

Poster for benefit for Phelps-Dodge and British miners - Libertarian Workers Group

A poster from a joint LWG (WSA) - RSL benefit for British and Phelps-Dodge miner strikes in NYC. Donated by NY WSA Library.

Become an anarchist today!

A minimalist poster explaining what anarchism is, in fairly simple language and suitable for modification.

Australian Wobs gallery

Images by and from the Industrial Workers of the World Australia.

Spanish Civil War and Revolution poster gallery, 1936-39

Archive of posters from the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, 1936-39. Includes posters from the CNT, FAI, Mujeres Libres, Friends of Durruti, FIJL, the Iron Column, UHP (Uníos Hermanos Proletarios - Union of Proletarian Brothers) and some joint posters between the CNT and the reformist UGT.

Deterritorial Support Group propaganda

DSG logo

Complete archive of leaflets, graphics and posters from DSG, the ultraleft propaganda machine in it for the lulz and full communism, from 2011. In image and PDF format.

Indignados and the Arab Spring - a graphic collection

Work from designers and artists at the sharp end of 2011's rebellions in the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and Latin America.