“The Ku Klux Government”: Vigilantism, lynching, and the repression of the IWW

Cartoon published in the 'Industrial Worker' and the 'Messenger,' August 1923.

Michael Cohen's journal article on the extra-parliamentary repression of the IWW that ran parallel to that of the state at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Cohen, Michael. Journal for the Study of Radicalism 1. 1 (2006): 31-56.

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Feb 28 2013 08:16

Cheers for this.. I've always wondered about conflict between the IWW and KKK and imagined it wouldn't have been to disimilar to similar workers' movements against fascism in Europe. Be interesting to give this a read and see if it's true..

Juan Conatz
Aug 20 2013 04:07

Not sure how I missed this being put into the library. Good lookin out