Fort Worth IWW

Wobblies organizing in Fort Worth Texas recently had local Starbucks Workers Union go public- report.

Submitted by Ko49 on January 4, 2010

The Panther City General Membership Branch based out of Fort Worth Texas is actively participating in undercover union campaigns within the food service industry. Recently (December 18th 2009) employees at a local Starbucks went public with their union announcing their alliance with the Starbucks Workers Union and the Industrial Workers of the World. The employees, all women, along with IWW comrades marched on the boss @ the 8th and Rosedale store with demands such as a first aid kit, a more affordable health care plan, and respect and dignity on the job. At the same time, they shut down the drive-thru at the store and declared a slowdown. Afterwards a picket and press conference was held outside the store. The incident was covered by the local tv stations and local newspapers; also the event is all over the internet including the IWW, SWU and Teamster Local 767 websites. A video even appears on Youtube. This is also the first time the Starbucks Corporation has spoken out about the international union campaign organized within their company. Since the action, workers @ the 8th and Rosedale store have already received their first aid kit and some respect on the job. This is only one of the campaigns currently being pursued within the FW food service industry .