A history of socialist thought - G.D.H. Cole


Jan 21 2014 19:37

This history is amazing! Thanks for putting it online!

Jan 24 2014 18:05

Hey, I'm the guy who's been scanning the books. I have the rest of the books in my collection, but being a busy college student I haven't had the time to scan them yet. I will try to get them up ASAP.

Mar 4 2014 00:31

As of 3/3/2014, all of the volumes are now scanned and uploaded. An improved version of the 3-2 PDF is still waiting to be approved, but other than that everything is good.

Mar 12 2014 21:56

These are great. Thanks for uploading them, they're added to my reading list.

Mar 12 2014 23:30

You rock it.r!

If you have any other good stuff in your collection you feel like scanning we would love to have it!