The Lancashire coalfield 1945-1972: NUM-Labour Party hegemony and industrial change

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An article by Stephen Catterall on the colliery closures of the fifties and sixties in the Lancashire region and the relationship between the NUM and the Labour Party.

Catterall, Stephen (2000) The Lancashire Coalfield 1945-1972: NUM-Labour Party Hegemony and Industrial Change. Manchester Region History Review, 14. pp. 102-116. ISSN 0952-4320

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Aug 5 2012 13:38

Can anyone else not access this pdf or is it just me? x

Aug 5 2012 13:44

No, I can't either. Clicking it in the browser shows a blank page. Downloading it and trying to open it says the file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

Could you re-upload?

Aug 5 2012 14:06

I can't as I don't have it on my laptop or have access to JSTOR (where I got it from) anymore.

Aug 5 2012 17:22

I was still able to download it from the earlier post under the title 'Were the Pit closures inevitable' where I posted a short response last time.

Aug 26 2012 09:42

I just noticed that this is fixed as of 18 August, thanks to the person who fixed it!