Man! and the International Group: American anarchism’s missing chapter

Man! and the International Group: American anarchism’s missing chapter

A paper by Hillary Lazar about Man!, an anarchist newspaper produced during the 1930s.

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Juan Conatz
Jun 10 2015 02:13


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Jun 10 2015 02:29

I'll need to read on the compu. Man! Was really only one person I was told he was a very difficult person to deal with. Not very fond of working class anarchism or syndicalism

Cienfuegos Press (Stuart Christie) published an anthology of Man! Back in the 1970s
Interesting read, sorta.

Look forward to reading the attachment

Juan Conatz
Jun 12 2015 01:52

I haven't read this yet, so can't comment on whether Man! was just one person or how it viewed syndicalism. But, as with Vanguard, Challenge and the Road to Freedom, Man! is part of American anarchist history that gets little attention, which I hope I am, in a small way, contributing to combating by tracking this stuff down and putting it in the library.

Jun 12 2015 02:45

I hear you

Jun 12 2015 03:59

Interesting article. What still amazes me is how many groupings like the "International Group" there were and how we know little about them.

The Mattick Biography is similar mentioning publications and grouping never heard of from the left marxist side.

Jun 12 2015 10:21

Man! was really a one-man affair, run by Marcus Graham ( real name Shmuel Marcus) of Romanian Jewish origin who emigrated to the States in his twenties. Basically an individualist, influenced by Galleanist insurrectionist anarchism, he was an awkward, stubborn and cantankerous character who won few friends. He adopted a pro-terrorist stance. I remember when the editors of the second series of Anarchy put out an issue on bisexuality and homosexuality he freaked out and revealed homophobic prejudices. Emma Goldman regarded him as a "poison in the movement".