Revolt at Highpoint prison - European Counter Network

Report on a riot of prisoners following an escape attempt, at Highpoint Prison in Suffolk in November 1992.

Submitted by Spassmaschine on August 13, 2009

140 prisoners took control of two wings of Highpoint prison in Suffolk (east England), during a riot on 24th November. The riot started as prison officers were searching the prison after two prisoners tried to escape (they were recaptured in the prison grounds).

100 prison officers in riot gear were called to the jail, and police surrounded the prison. After 10 hours, the protesting prisoners surrendered. One of the wings they had been in control of was severely damaged, with furniture wrecked and flooding from pipes ripped from the walls.

There was another revolt at Highpoint prison in March, when three prison officers were injured.

European Counter Network, December 1992. Taken from the Practical History website.