European Counter Network

ContraFlow newsletter

Partial online archive of ContraFlow - a free anarchist (etc) newsheet published in London from 1993-1998. (ContraFlow was originally the 56a Infoshop Bulletin, which was renamed in March 1993).

ContraFlow was part of the European Counter Network.

PDFs courtesy of Spirit of Revolt archive and other online sources.

Opposing US anti-abortionists in England - European Counter Network

Report on demonstrations against the 1993 visit of a group of US anti-abortionists to the UK.

Welsh conspiracy trial 1993 - European Counter Network

Article looking at the conviction of a Welsh nationalist over a letter-bombing campaign, following MI5 surveillance.

Timex strike, 1993 - European Counter Network

1993 strike at an electronics factory in Dundee against layoffs and a wage-freeze.

Burnsall strike 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on a 1992 strike at a metal finishing company following a worker suffering miscarriage, after management refused her light duties.

Shoot to kill in Belfast, 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on the shooting of an IRA member by Belfast police in November 1992.

The women are marching - European Counter Network

Report on a demonstration in London on International Day to End Violence Against Women, 1992.

Resistance to hospital closures grows - European Counter Network

Report on several November 1992 demonstrations and a ward occupation by nurses, against proposed hospital closures.

Revolt at Highpoint prison - European Counter Network

Report on a riot of prisoners following an escape attempt, at Highpoint Prison in Suffolk in November 1992.

Battle of Waterloo station 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on a street battle between anti-fascist activists, neo-nazis and police, outside Waterloo Station in September 1992.