Battle of Waterloo station 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on a street battle between anti-fascist activists, neo-nazis and police, outside Waterloo Station in September 1992.

Submitted by Spassmaschine on August 13, 2009

On 12th September 1992, 31 anti-fascists were arrested amidst clashes with neo-nazis and police in and around Waterloo Station in South London.

About 1000 anti-fascists had gathered to prevent neo-Nazi supporters of Blood And Honour from assembling for a gig by the band Skrewdriver. The anti-fascists managed to disrupt the plans of the nazis who had to be escorted out of the area by cops but only after the nazis had been chased around the area and many of them were beaten and fascist's car was trashed. The day itself was a massive boast to anti-fascist morale in London mainly because so many people turned out and were prepared to physically confront the Nazis and also because the day lacked any of the sectarian infighting between different anti-racist and anti-fascist groups that continues to plague the Anti-Fascist movement in the U.K

In the weeks after the "Battle Of Waterloo", the Waterloo Defendants Campaign was established by those facing trials and their supporters to gather witnesses together to help people's court cases and to raise money to contribute towards defendant's fines or to provide welfare for any defendants jailed.

Most of the defendant's court cases have now been adjourned to January 1993 whilst witnesses are sorted out and video footage (from TV companies) is viewed to gather evidence in the defence of the defendants.

If you would like to sponser the Waterloo Defendants Campaign then please send whatever you can afford to: WATERLOO DEFENDANTS CAMPAIGN, BM BOX 1734, LONDON. WC1N 3XX.

European Counter Network, December 1992. Taken from the Practical History website.