Slogans of 68

"Its is forbidden to forbid!"

Slogans of the May 1968 revolt in France. These first appeared mainly on the walls of Paris during May and then spread internationally.

* Vite!


* Soyez réalistes, demandez l'impossible.

Be realistic, demand the impossible.

* Etre libre en 1968, c'est participer.

To be free in 1968 means to participate.

* La barricade ferme la rue mais ouvre la voie.

The barricade blocks the street but opens the way.

* Un homme n'est pas stupide ou intelligent, il est libre ou il n'est pas.

A man is not stupid or intelligent, he is free or he is not.

* Refusons le dialogue avec nos matraqueurs.

Let us not dialogue with our persecutors.

* On achète ton bonheur. Vole-le.

They buy your happiness. Steal it.

* Sous les pavés, la plage !

Beneath the paving stones - the beach!

* Lisez moins, vivez plus.

Read less, live more.

* L'ennui est contre-révolutionnaire.

Boredom is counterrevolutionary.

* Pas de replâtrage, la structure est pourrie.

No replastering, the structure is rotten.

* Nous ne voulons pas d'un monde où la certitude de ne pas mourir de faim s'échange contre le risque de mourir d'ennui.

We want nothing of a world in which the certainty of not dying from hunger comes in exchange for the risk of dying from boredom.

* Ceux qui font les révolutions à moitié ne font que se creuser un tombeau.

Those who make revolutions by halves do but dig themselves a grave.

* On ne revendiquera rien, on ne demandera rien. On prendra, on occupera.

We will claim nothing, we will ask for nothing. We will take, we will occupy.

* Depuis 1936 j'ai lutté pour les augmentations de salaire. Mon père avant moi a lutté pour les augmentations de salaire. Maintenant j'ai une télé, un frigo, une VW. Et cependant j'ai vécu toujours la vie d'un con. Ne négociez pas avec les patrons. Abolissez-les.

Since 1936 I have fought for wage increases. My father before me fought for wage increases. Now I have a TV, a fridge, a Volkswagen. Yet my whole life I've been a chump. Don't negotiate with the bosses. Abolish them.

* Le patron a besoin de toi, tu n'as pas besoin de lui.

The boss needs you, you don't need him.

* Travailleur: Tu as 25 ans mais ton syndicat est de l'autre siècle.

Worker: You are 25, but your union is from the last century.

* Veuillez laisser le Parti communiste aussi net en sortant que vous voudriez le trouver en y entrant.

Please leave the Communist Party as clean on leaving as you would like to find it on entering.

* Ni Dieu ni maître!

Neither god nor master!

* Godard : le plus con des suisses pro-chinois !

Godard: the stupidist of all the pro-Chinese Swiss!

* L'art est mort. Godard n'y pourra rien.

Art is dead. Godard won't be able to do anything about it.

* Soyons cruels !

Let's be cruel!

* Comment penser librement à l'ombre d'une chapelle?

How can one think freely in the shadow of a chapel?

* À bas la charogne stalinienne ! À bas les groupuscules récupérateurs !

Down with the Stalinist carcass! Down with the recuperator cells!

* Vivez sans temps morts - jouissez sans entraves.

Live without dead time - enjoy without chains.

* Il est interdit d'interdire.

It is forbidden to forbid.

* Et cependant tout le monde veut respirer et personne ne peut respirer et beaucoup disent " nous respirerons plus tard ". Et la plupart ne meurent pas car ils sont déjà morts.

Meanwhile everyone wants to breathe and nobody can breathe and many say, "We will breathe later". And most of them don't die because they are already dead.

* Dans une société qui a aboli toute aventure, la seule aventure qui reste est celle d'abolir la société.

In a society that has abolished all adventures, the only adventure left is to abolish society.

* L'émancipation de l'homme sera totale ou ne sera pas.

The liberation of humanity will be total or it will not be.

* Je suis venu. J'ai vu. J'ai cru.

I came. I saw. I believed. (Mimics Veni, vidi, vici.)

* Cours, camarade, le vieux monde est derrière toi!

Run, comrade, the old world is behind you!

* Il est douloureux de subir les chefs, il est encore plus bête de les choisir.

It's painful to suffer the bosses; it's even stupider to pick them.

* La révolution est incroyable parce que vraie.

The revolution is incredible because it is real.

* Les motions tuent l'émotion.

Motions kill emotions.

* Bannissons les applaudissements, les spectacle est partout.

Let us ban all applause, the spectacle is everywhere.

* Un seul week-end non révolutionnaire est infiniment plus sanglant qu'un mois de révolution permanente.

A single nonrevolutionary weekend is infinitely more bloody than a month of permanent revolution.

* Le bonheur est une idée neuve.

Happiness is a new idea.

* Plus je fais l'amour, plus j'ai envie de faire la révolution.
Plus je fais la révolution, plus j'ai envie de faire l'amour.

The more I make love, the more I want to make revolution.
The more I make revolution, the more I want to make love.

* Je jouis dans les pavés.

I find my orgasms among the paving stones.

* La perspective de jouir demain ne me consolera jamais de l'ennui d'aujord'hui.

The prospect of finding pleasure tomorrow will never compensate for today's boredom.

* Construire une révolution, c'est aussi briser toutes les chaines intérieures.

Building a revolution is also breaking all the inner chains.

* Le sacré, voilà l'ennemi.

All that is sacred - there is the enemy.

* Un flic dort en chacun de nous, il faut le tuer.

A cop sleeps inside every one of us, we must kill him.

* La poésie est dans la rue.

Poetry is in the street.

* La culture est l'inversion de la vie.

Culture is the inversion of life.

* L'art est mort, ne consommez pas son cadavre.

Art is dead, don't consume its corpse.

* Ne me libère pas, je m'en charge.

Don't liberate me, I'll do it myself.

* Si vous pensez pour les autres, les autres penseront pour vous.

If you think for others, others will think for you.

* Professeurs vous êtes aussi vieux que votre culture, votre modernisme n'est que la modernisation de la police.

Professors you are as old as your culture, your modernism is only the modernisation of the police.

* Debout les damnés de l'Université.

Arise, you wretched of the University. (Mimics the Internationale.)

* Même si Dieu existait il faudrait le supprimer.

Even if God existed, it would be necessary to abolish him. (Paraphrases Bakunin.)
(Reversal of Voltaire's Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer : If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.)

* Je t'aime ! Oh ! dites-le avec des pavés !

I love you! Oh, say it with paving stones!

* Mort aux vaches!

Death to the cows! (Cops, police.)

* Travailleurs de tous les pays, amusez-vous !

Workers of the world, have fun! (Mimics "Workers of the world, unite!")

* Pouvoir à l'Imagination.

Power to the Imagination.

* Je participe
* Tu participes
* Il participe
* Nous participons
* Vous participez
* Ils profitent

I take part
You take part
He takes part
We take part
You all take part
They profit.

* La Bourgeoisie n'a pas d'autre plaisir que celui de les dégrader tous.

The Bourgeoisie has no other pleasure but to degrade all pleasures.

* Ne changeons pas d'employeurs, changeons l'emploi de la vie.

Let us not change employers, let us change how we employ life.

* L'économie est blessée, qu'elle crève.

The economy is suffering, let it die.

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May 2 2008 02:25

"The economy is suffering, let it die."
As true today as it ever has been.

May 17 2008 07:53

Slogans on the walls

The themes and demands of the student movement that developed in France in 1968 were fundamentally the same. That said, during the course of the movement, references to the war in Vietnam were largely eclipsed by a whole series of slogans inspired by situationism and anarchism (even surrealism) that covered the walls ("The walls are the word").

The anarchist themes were evident in:

* The passion for destruction is a creative joy (Bakunin)
* It is forbidden to forbid
* Freedom is the crime that constrains all crime
* Elections - traps for idiots
* Insolence is the new arm of the revolution

They were completed by those that called for the ‘sexual revolution':

* Love one and all
* Unbutton your brain as often as your fly
* The more I make love, the more I want to make revolution. The more I make revolution, the more I want to make love.

The Situationist perspective was found in:

* Down with the consumer society
* Down with commodity society
* Abolish alienation
* Never work
* I take my desires for reality because I believe in the reality of my desires
* We don't want a world where the certainty of not dying of hunger is exchanged for the risk of dying of boredom
* Boredom is counter-revolutionary
* Live without dead time and play without hindrance
* Be realistic, demand the impossible.

There was also the theme of the generation gap. It was widespread in the United States and Germany and included some quite odious forms:

* Run comrade, the old world is behind you
* The young make love, the old make obscene gestures.

Similarly in France May 68, where barricades were regularly thrown up:

* Barricades close the street but open the way
* The outcome of all thought is a brick in the mouth of the CRS
* Under the pavement, the beach.

Finally, the great confusion that accompanied this period is well summed up by two slogans:

* There is no revolutionary thought, only revolutionary actions
* I have something to say, but I don't know what.


May 30 2008 06:19

If at first you don't succeed …

Jun 14 2009 03:23

I liked this to read pink black star