8th Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: Resistance is Life!

A communique from the Chilean revolt of 2019, translated by Ediciones Inéditas and taken from an archived copy of the defunct EI site.

Submitted by R Totale on January 11, 2020

The following was sent to us a few hours ago today (11/11) by Evade Chile 2019. What follow is a translation of their message, followed by a translation of their communiqué.


The State is attacking with all its political, military and media weapons to make us submit and forcefully remind us of its only message: that we have no right to more than its crumbs.

We see comrades falling everywhere, but there are millions of us rising up and carrying in our hearts a new world.

Up with those who struggle!


#criapacosA play on the Spanish proverb that says, “Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos” or “raise crows and they will take out your eyes. Here the comrades replace crows (cuervos) with the derogatory term “paco” used to refer to cops. A reference to police that have been taking out the eyes of rebels in the streets.


The “forces of order” enter into high schools & hospitals shooting, as others protect monuments and shopping centers. Everywhere our brothers, our sisters, our children and our parents are beaten, gassed with chemical weapons, sexually assaulted, disappeared, killed, imprisoned and even have their eyes ripped out.

Every one of our dead calls us out in outrage and revolt.

Now that power’s mask has fallen and we fearlessly observe the bureaucratic-miltary nature of democracy, the grotesque face of political patronage, the cynicism of the manager of social organization and the terrorism of the mafia state: we realize that we only have one option. To free our ourselves from voluntary servitude and self-organize production of all aspects of our social life.

This spontaneous organization is already manifesting itself among us. Every day we see this collective intelligence that does not need either the advice or direction of any kind of authority to move with precision and determination.

We see it appear in the different expressions of combat and resistance against repression: first-aid groups; psychological aid groups; those who offer us food & water; those who offer us shelter in their homes; those who dedicate themselves to political parody and bring down monuments and rename squares and streets, etc.

It is new way of life based on solidarity, gratuity and creativity that destroys the misery of wage-labor and the distances that kept us apart.

This fight is stubborn and without compromise because what is at stake is life itself. Our dreams do not fit in their polling urns.

For a long time we have endured the dehumanizing oppression of the dictatorship of money. We were systematically impoverished and made to believe that we were nothing. But by shedding all the garbage of the commodity-production system we have regained dignity and the desire to fight. This uprising has shown what true wealth and abundance is. Today we aspire for everything.