7th Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: Today everything is possible!

A communique from the Chilean revolt of 2019, translated by Ediciones Inéditas and taken from an archived copy of the defunct EI site.

Submitted by R Totale on January 11, 2020

The following is the 7th communiqué we’ve received from Evade Chile 2019. And it is probably our favorite so far. What follows is our translation.


Osorno [Chile] / 2.15AM / Saturday, Nov. 2nd

“Today torrents of information are no longer about what is not happening, about what I don’t have, about what I can’t do, nor buy, nor aspire to because I don’t have money. Today the torrent of images which flash on my smartphone screen are about what is happening all around me; above all what we are suffering; above all about those who struggle; above all about what is happening to me; about what pains me and the anguish of the world I live in; about the misery of normality; and above all also about everything that which here and now could be if we keep alive this enthusiasm. At last images have meaning: it’s all about life itself; about my life and those of everyone showing that at last we have the opportunity to take it back. Today everything is possible.”

#EstoNoHaTerminado #ThisIsNotOverYet


In light of the uprisings these past days a Leftist deputy stated on TV that to respond to the insurrection we are living in, political parties must consider “how do we involve people in a change.” It’s evident that these satraps still do not understand anything; they are too worried about losing their jobs as dispensers of social justice. Change is already here and it was brought by, lived in and revived by the masses from the liveliness found in the streets, in the squares and in the towns!

We don’t want to be integrated into anything. It is you, you scourges, who have to join in on our change and to that end you have to step down from the carriage of power. We know all too well the old vampirization of fresh blood by the economy and power to reheat their frozen veins. Through the experiences of students which have sat at your dialogue tables, to just end up being deceived, we learned that the State apparatus is a dead mechanism, which only ends up drying up the impulse of the living with agendas and compromises, which [the State] likes to laud.

You cannot pretend to modify some problems with the means that administer the relations that created them. The much talked-over “political de-legitimacy” does not only point to the de-legitimacy of politicians: we no longer believe in political mediation as a way of organizing the reproduction of our lives!

We want everything. Our struggle is not based on particular demands: we know the ecological crisis is the other side of the social crisis; that pollution is linked to industrial production; that industry seeks profits at all costs; that profit comes from our enslaving labor and that labor produces an abstract wealth that renders us poor. ‪We seek to liberate ourselves from money, the commodity, wage-labor, Capital & the State by organizing the production in common of our very lives!

We don’t need politicians or experts to come to show us how to organize our lives. Our organization exists in the here and now because this is how we have been able to survive with hunger wages.

While all the politicians and businessmen want us to “return to normality” or “lower the fever of the situation”: we feel that we can’t return to how it was before.

They ask us to “give them time,” that things “do not change overnight.” But we have effectively seen how united we can change everything; change our daily isolation, indolence; change those eternal days at work where we feel we die, little by little, for a life that now finds us, and compels us, onto the streets.

All of our demands can be immediately realized, but only if we realize them ourselves!