An ambiguous journey: Ante Ciliga (1898-1992) - Philippe Bourrinet

Ante Ciliga

This is a well-researched obituary of Ante Ciliga, the Yugoslav communist who wrote the wonderful book about the Soviet Union - The Russian Enigma in English, Au Pays du grand mensonge in French.

As this text reveals, however, Ciliga's politics took a dubious turn after WWII - he became a fervent, and even CIA-funded, Croatian nationalist. But, as the document suggests, perhaps Ciliga was always a rather ambiguous figure, with his nationalist and internationalist sentiments always in tension with each other?

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Dan Radnika
Jul 17 2012 13:46


  • I asked myself: has not Lenin passed from opposition to the imperialist war to peace with German and Austrian imperialism, leaving us, us Austrian Slavs, under the yoke of Germans and Hungarians?

    Ante Ciliga

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