Class War, Real Ale, and Stuart Christie - The Guardian

Submitted by libcom on April 10, 2006

Extract from the light-hearted Guardian Diary of Thursday November 24 2005, by Duncan Campbell about Stuart Christie and Class War

· Still on the booze, as it were, comes news from the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), which has found a sticker in Leeds bearing its familiar logo but claiming to come from the "Campaign for Real Anarchism". The sticker also contains the London address of Class War. Will Camra be sending the copyright lawyers in? "No point, as no self-respecting anarchist would recognise a capitalist court," says Camra's Roger Protz. "Perhaps the two sides could settle their differences over a few pints of Old Throatwobbler." Which, of course, thanks to the new laws, they can now do any time, anywhere.

· Still on the anarchism, as it were, re our story yesterday that Britain's best-known anarchist, Stuart Christie, has been captured on canvas by artist Michael Fullerton and is about to be hung in the Tate Britain ... From his safe house somewhere on the south coast, Christie contacts us to insist: "I've been framed."