Antifa - Chasseurs de skins

Antifa - Chasseurs de skins

Documentary about the rise of neo-nazi skinhead culture in 1980s Paris and how they were countered by a militant, multicultural underground movement. Contains interviews with participants recounting the subcultures and the street fights which made up their lives at the time.

ANTIFA - Chasseurs de skins (Eng Hardsubbed)

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Sep 10 2012 14:35


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Jul 23 2020 20:12

One of the former Redskins members owns an antifa pub in Paris:

Jul 23 2020 22:53

The vimeo account has been shutdown for awhile so I changed it to an alternative upload.

Jul 24 2020 05:26

The video is fascinating. The Ducky Boys were gangs of multi-ethnic anti-racists who were into 50s American rock, claiming the legacy of the Black Panthers -- and wearing the U.S. flag and "Panther" on their clothes. Their enemies were the racist Rebels, who wore the Confederate flag on their leather jackets.

jef costello
Jul 24 2020 09:47

I don't think I knew this was a film.
I remember a big "Antifa - chasseurs des skins" poster going up near the top of Menilmontant, it got pulled down after a few days with red/black skins graffiti put up where it was.