Imperialism and the tasks of the proletariat - Anton Pannekoek

Influential text by council communist Anton Pannekoek published for the first time in English. Originally published in 1916 the journal of Zimmerwald Left (Verbote).

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mikail firtinaci
Apr 12 2012 05:48



Nov 29 2014 06:47

very bad scan quality that makes it unreadable!
thanks for the up anyways.

mikail firtinaci
Nov 30 2014 05:44

I am sorry, the problem was I was using the scanner for the first time and the book was really very thick making it difficult to scan it. I would scan it again, but I don't have a copy of the book anymore sad

However, the book ("Discovering Imperialism" by Daniel Gaido, Richard Day) that this essay was published in has an excellent collection of texts that include many new translations of Radek, Luxemburg, Pannekoek and others. And it is accessible through proQuest.

Dec 2 2014 06:54

Thanks for the explanation.

I was able to find some online sources and copy a few pages, mixed it with yours and the result is not bad.
9 pages are high quality and clean, the rest is from you scan.
Just not sure how to upload the pdf file here so you can replace yours with this one.
Of course, this is till we can find a complete one with readable scan.

mikail firtinaci
Dec 7 2014 22:47

Thanks Fred2014! we have a better and more readable version of the text uploaded now.