Autonomy Issue #1

A journal of libertarian marxist theory, analysis and discussion issue #1, November, 2002

libcom note: this journal appeared on the endpage article in pdf format, this is included below, and in addition we have included the contents in text format.

Reproduced from the front cover:

This Issue:

Main Articles:
20 Points to Initiate a Discussion of Principles
Contra State and Revolution

Guest Articles:
The Reform of the State: Global Capital and the
National State by John Holloway
Respect Your Enemies - The First Rule of Peace by
Midnight Notes

Book Reviews:
Change the World without taking power by John
Storming Heaven by Steve Wright
The Many Headed Hydra by Peter Linebaugh and
Marcus Rediker

Web Sites To Visit

Who We Are (A Work in Progress)

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Juan Conatz
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I've attached a copy of the front cover pdf from via, but the issue itself doesn't seem to have been archived. Can't seem to find any copies floating about elsewhere.

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I've got it on my HDD, pm me an email address and I'll pass it along.

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Admin at - thanks!

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Thanks Peter.

If you have any other texts of documents like that which would be good for the library please do let us know, or feel free to post them