Basic anarcho-syndicalism


Feb 22 2013 06:14

A very informative read on the CNT's awesomely structured union, saved.

I wish the CNT had more of a presence in North America, I'm considering joining either way.

Feb 22 2013 08:44

The CNT is a spanish organisation, I'd be surprised if they excepted members from the US the closest equivalents in the US would be the IWW and the WSA

Jun 23 2013 11:37

does anyone know whether there is a whole english translation? this say "excerpt". thanks!

Dec 13 2014 21:55

second attempt;)

Dec 13 2014 22:42

I've added a link to the spanish basic anarcho-syndicalism website auto-translation at and a spanish pdf version.

MT, if I was you I would try asking the Solfed international secretary to look into this for you, because I think that one of the Solfed London locals translated the whole text a few years ago. One of the obvious difficulties with the text from an international perspective is that it is specific to anarcho-syndicalism of the CNT-AIT in Spain and its particular decisions and practices.

Dec 14 2014 21:00