Centre for anarchist studies, Croatia

Centre for anarchist studies, Croatia

This is an article about the foundation of the Centre for Anarchist Studies (CAS) in Croatia and about its web site that has just been finished.

What is the Centre for Anarchist Studies?
Centre for Anarchist Studies (CAS) is an NGO founded with the goal to study anarchist theory, practice and history, emphasizing anarcho-syndicalism. The Centre collects anarchist literature, publishes anarchist publications, and gives lectures, seminars and public discussions. Because of the publishing activity, the Center is registered as an NGO, since this will make our publications available in bookstores and libraries.

So far, the Center has published three books:
1) Émile Pouget – The Basics of Syndicalism / Direct Action / Sabotage
2) Rudolf Rocker – The Methods of Anarcho-Syndicalism / CNT – Anarcho-Syndicalism in Puerto Real
3) Arthur J. Miller – Making Anarchist Revolution Possible

Center’s web site
The Centre’s web site is a public good. It’s designed as an internet archive of libertarian literature on Croatian language. The archive will be constantly updated with new texts about anarchist/libertarian theory, practice, and history and with interviews and photos.

The Center wants to give as much information as it can to its users in order to break prejudices about anarchism as an idea that advocates chaotic, unorganized and Utopian society. We want to explain and elucidate anarchism as a legitimate political ideology with its theory, practice and history.

If you want more information, please contact us at kontakt[at]anarhizam.hr


Centre for Anarchist Studies

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