Class struggle and this thing called the Middle East - Melancholic Trogladytes

Class struggle and this thing called the Middle East - Melancholic Trogladytes

A collection of articles on varied aspects of class struggle, history and culture in the region.

By way of a Preface
1. Afghanistan: A Potted Social History
2. Reservation Politics: The Palestinian Experience through the Historical Monocle of Native Americans
3. Hydro-Jihad: Water Conflict and the Class Struggle
4. Uncle Louis, his Fruits and Vegetables: A Proletarian Critique of the Nation of Islam
5. God Emperors of Dune
6. Godfathers of Levant: Syrian-Lebanese Dispute and its Implications for the Class Struggle
7. Pakistan: The Mummification of the Class Struggle?
8. Zapping the Zanj: Towards a History of the Zanj Slaves’ Rebellion
9. Carmathians cometh? Old and New Struggles in Bahrain
10. The Great 2011 ‘Middle Eastern & North African’ Revolt
By way of a Postscript
By way of an Index

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Class Struggle and This Thing Named „The Middle East‟ by Melancholic Troglodytes نوشتۀ غارنشینان مالیخولیایی

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Red Marriott
Jan 17 2012 00:16


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Jan 17 2012 01:11

Good to see MT are still writing, I hadn't seen anything by them for several years.

Mar 30 2013 08:21

Warning, there's a picture of a guy's cock in like the second page. Just comes out nowhere like a driveby dick flashing but in PDF form

Mar 30 2013 08:25

Jesus, the guy who put this pdf together's a goddam pervert jesus christ. I wouldn't be surprised if it just springed goatse if you went a bit further. Don't download this stupidness, If you don't want to be grossed out. Jesus

Mar 31 2013 09:52

One of the meltrogs said a while ago:

The images are not there to distract you they are there to enhance your understanding of the class struggle. As Wilhelm Reich might have said, 'Pleasure and comprehension go hand in hand'.

Gregory A. Butler
Nov 22 2020 16:32

Yeah.... I was expecting a serious collection of essays and I see some guy's dick


Nov 22 2020 17:31

Entertainingly prudish, this thread.

R Totale
Nov 23 2020 15:29

Nevermind the genitalia, the choice of fonts on the first page is eyewatering enough. Impressed by the phrase "you Autonomist Marxist two bob cunts", though.

Red Marriott
Nov 24 2020 13:20
Fozzie wrote:
Entertainingly prudish, this thread.

Indeed. smile The outrage at seeing a dick is surprising - haven't these people ever looked in the mirror?

Jan 1 2021 11:23

Splits and Fusions have some Meltrogs scans and commentary: