Education for all is object of Work Peoples College

An article describing the purpose of Work Peoples College, an school run by the Industrial Workers of the World in Duluth, Minnesota until the 1940s. Originally appeared in the Industrial Worker (October 11, 1932).

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Education for all is object of Work Peoples College

I.W.W. institution offers unequaled opportunities for sound proletarian education to all wage workers

DULUTH, Minn. — What is Work Peoples College? It is a residential, co-educational school, run by radical workers for radical workers. Its object is education for emancipation. It wants to impart such useful information as, an understanding of the present social and economic system, and of the trend of its development; the major experiences of all phases of the labor movement; the results of labor tactics studied in relation to the social and economic environment; and the necessary "practical" subjects to make use of this information in writing, speaking, organizing.

What distinguishes it from other workers' schools?

It is the only residential school in America with a frank Marxian approach to social and economic question. It is entirely divorced from inter-class liberalism, free from flirtations with fossilized union structures, free from leisure delusions as to the surce of profits and the workings of the capitalistic system.

At the same time it is a school, realizing fully the difference between education and propaganda. It is not impartial in the class struggle, but recognizes the need for dealing with facts objectively that we may have a factual knowledge of the system and circumstances under which we fight. It makes full use of the great advantages of residential tuition to co-ordinate its various studies to yield a well-rounded working class view of life.

What does this school offer you?

No mater what your object in life may be, you need to understand this world. It is the purpose of the school to equip you for efficiency in the most important thing in life —the class struggle; but the increased ability to think clearly and to express yourself fully is an asset everywhere in life.

Work Peoples College offers you knowledge of the things that matter. It offers you facts upon which to build your vision of the world that you are fighting to create. It offers you competent instruction on the tactics of the class struggle. It gives you training on such subjects of practical application as mathematics, grammar, journalism, public speaking, typing and bookkeeping.

The methods of instruction used provide opportunities for general self-development. Its facilities enable you to take up special research work under competent guidance on any phase of the social sciences in which you may have special interest.

All this is yours in an environment that offers the goodfellowship that should exist between rebels battling in the same cause, the material surroundings appropriate to such study, and the sports facilities required to balance intensive study.

What are the requirements of the school?

The school is open to all workers who will use its facilities for the purpose stated. There is no requirement as to previous education. Classes are so arranged that workers who long since left some early grade of the public schools and graduate students alike can study effectively. Instruction is very directed to meet personal needs.

For further information address Work Peoples College, Box 39, Morgan Park Station, Duluth, Minn.

Originally appeared in the Industrial Worker (October 11, 1932)

Transcribed for by Juan Conatz