The heavy stuff #2 - Class War

The Heavy Stuff 2 cover

The second issue of The Class War Federation’s theoretical journal The Heavy Stuff, probably from 1988 with articles about the police, a rough guide to the left and more.


  • Introduction
  • What do we do when the cops fuck off? - Class War reprint
  • The end of anarchism - Chris Causer
  • Why we hate yuppies - Ian Bone
  • Culture, class & politics - Sean Kenny
  • The police - Dave Luton
  • The crash and recession - John Barr
  • Class War's rough guide to the left
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Aug 14 2018 14:11

page 27 is missing in the scan

Aug 26 2018 09:49

Missing page now added as a standalone PDF fwiw.

Also a better scan of the cover.