The Peasant Question in France and Germany

Submitted by libcom on August 5, 2005

Engels' The Peasant Question in France and Germany was part of the current debate around agrarian issues. Engels wrote it as rebuttal to various French Socialists (like Vollmar) and the agrarian programme adopted in Marseilles in 1892 and supplemented in Nantes in 1894 (Frankfurt Congress of German Social-Democrats). In it, Engels discusses a policy of alliance between the working class and the working peasantry.

It was penned between November 15-22, 1894 and first published in the journal Die Neue Zeit, Bd.1, No.10, 1894-95.

ONLINE VERSION: Translated from the German by Progress Publishers (Volume 3 of the English edition of the Selected Works). Transcribed and published on the Internet by [email protected] on October 31 1993.