A Politics for the 99%

A Politics for the 99%

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations were remarkably successful in capturing the public imagination and identifying the need for a new kind of politics. But they have since floundered. Why did this happen? Was the Occupy movement stifled by misconceptions of political power? What kind of political theory do we need to advance a new politics? How can we realistically challenge the power of the 1%?

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Sep 16 2017 15:37


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Sep 17 2017 15:32

The file doesn't load for me. I'm not familiar with the work or author, but usage of the "99% vs 1%" slogan sounds more like a critique of inequality rather than capitalism, correct me if I'm wrong. The article in the "related" section about class analysis is worth a read, http://libcom.org/blog/ive-got-99-problems-class-analysis-aint-one-02032....

Sep 18 2017 00:03

This particular text discusses the different perspectives anarchists, marxists, and communalists have with regards to social contract theory. The 99% bit is in reference to the parts of it that critique occupy from a communalist perspective.