Responses to Marx's Capital: from Rudolf Hilferding to Isaak Illich Rubin

Collection of primary sources dealing with the reception of the economic works of Karl Marx from the 1st to the 3rd International. The documents, translated for the first time from German and Russian, range from the original reviews of Capitals 1 to 3 and Theories of Surplus Value, to debates between Marxist economists and the bourgeois academic representatives of the theory of marginal utility and the German historical school.

Submitted by Craftwork on January 14, 2018

The volume close with six essays by the prominent economist Isaak I. Rubin, including ‘Essays on Marx's Theory of Money’ and ‘The Dialectical Development of Categories in Marx’s Economic System’.


  1. Karl Marx’s Point of View in his Political-Economic Critique: A Review of Karl Marx, Capital: A Critique of Political Economy (1872) - Illarion Ignat’evich Kaufmann
  2. The History of a Book [On the Fortieth Anniversary of the Publication of Capital, Vol. I] (1907) - Otto Bauer
  3. “The Poverty of Philosophy” and “Capital” (1886) - Karl Kautsky
  4. A Contribution to the Critique of Karl Marx’s Economic System (1894) - Werner Sombart
  5. Theories of Surplus Value (1905) - Heinrich Cunow
  6. Marx’s Critique of Ricardo (1906) - Gustav Eckstein
  7. The Prehistory of Marxian Economics (1911–12) - Rudolf Hilferding
  8. Theories of Surplus Value (1910) - Otto Bauer
  9. A Contribution to the Understanding of Marx’s Research Method (1910) - Heinrich Cunow
  10. On the History of the Theory of Value (1903) - Rudolf Hilferding
  11. Karl Marx’s Formulation of the Problem of Theoretical Economics (1905) - Rudolf Hilferding
  12. Back to Adam Smith! (1900) - Rosa Luxemburg
  13. Werner Sombart’s Modern Capitalism (1903) - Rudolf Hilferding
  14. The Psychological Tendency in Recent Political Economy (1892) - Conrad Schmidt
  15. The Austrian School (1926) - I.I. Rubin
  16. Marx’s Teaching on Production and Consumption (1930) - I.I. Rubin
  17. Fundamental Features of Marx’s Theory of Value and How it Differs from Ricardo’s Theory (1924) - I.I. Rubin
  18. Towards a History of the Text of the First Chapter of Marx’s Capital (1929) - I.I. Rubin
  19. Essays on Marx’s Theory of Money (1926–8) - I.I. Rubin
  20. The Dialectical Development of Categories in Marx’s Economic System (1929) - I.I. Rubin