Essays on Marx's theory of value - Isaak Rubin

Essays on Marx's theories of value by a seminal Marxist writer. Originally published in the former Soviet Union, Rubin's work was suppressed and after 1928 it was never re-issued. Translation by Miloš Samardžija and Fredy Perlman.

Submitted by Tyrion on September 26, 2013



I. Marx's Theory of Commodity Fetishism

Chapter One. Objective Basis of Commodity Fetishism
Chapter Two. The Production Process and its Social Form
Chapter Three. Reification of Production Relations among People and Personification of Things
Chapter Four. Thing and Social Function (Form)
Chapter Five. Production Relations and Material Categories
Chapter Six. Struve on the Theory of Commodity Fetishism
Chapter Seven. Marx's Development of the Theory of Fetishism

II. Marx's Labor Theory of Value

Chapter Eight. Basic Characteristics of Marx's Theory of Value
Chapter Nine. Value as the Regulator of Production
Chapter Ten. Equality of Commodity Producers and Equality of Commodities
Chapter Eleven. Equality of Commodities and Equality of Labor
Chapter Twelve. Content and Form of Value
Chapter Thirteen. Social Labor
Chapter Fourteen. Abstract Labor
Chapter Fifteen. Qualified Labor
Chapter Sixteen. Socially-Necessary Labor
Chapter Seventeen. Value and Social Need
1. Value and Demand
2. Value and Proportional Distribution of Labor
3. Value and Volume of Production
4. Demand and Supply Equation
Chapter Eighteen. Value and Production Price
1. Distribution and Equilibrium of Capital
2. Distribution of Capital and Distribution of Labor
3. Production Price
4. Labor-Value and Production Price
5. Historical Foundations of the Labor Theory of Value
Chapter Nineteen. Productive Labor