Revolutionary reading guide - Chris Wright

Book in a fist

A massive reading guide divided up by topic and geographical area compiled by Chris Wright.

When I first began this list, I simply hoped to compile a useful guide to readings that would offer revolutionaries a broad range of materials. I also hoped that I could publish it in a way that other revolutionaries could contribute to, if they so chose. However, little did I suspect the changes I would go through politically in those years. I have since taken a critical approach to my past politics and while I consider myself a communist now, I cannot say that I am even vaguely the same kind of communist. I have since drawn the conclusion that Leninism and Trotskyism are bankrupt politically and philosophically and that they represent departures from Marx, not extensions. However, ignorance of their politics and ideas is nothing to be proud of, so I include a variety of classical Engelsian/Lasallean Marxists, from Kautsky to Lenin to Trotsky, for the sake of argument.

As such, my latest version of this guide has a distinctly different structure and includes many different types of Marxism and finally accords Anarchism its rightful place as a revolutionary tradition, rather than just another utopianism or "petty bourgeois individualism". I have also tried to help resurrect a subterranean tradition within Marxism that gets obscured by the power and prominence of Leninist organizations (whether Stalinist, Trotskyist, Maoist or others). This tradition includes people who may be more or less faithful, who may or may not have been activists, and whose ideas need not have been consistent. Just to give some sense, I include in this list Bloch, Adorno, Dunayevskaya, CLR James, Selma James, Luxemburg, Agnoli, Tronti, Debord, the early Lukacs, Korsch, Castoriadas, Pannekoek, Mattick, Gorter, Rubin, Serge, early Negri, and Pashukanis, to name some of the most prominent names. This tradition has its continuators today in people such as Werner Bonefeld, John Holloway, Sergio Bologna, Richard Gunn, Loren Goldner, the journal Capital & Class, Harry Cleaver, Kosmas Psykopedis, Mariarosa dalla Costa, Sylvia Federicci, and George Caffentzis among others, and so on. Such a listing necessarily has limits, as each person, publication and group makes necessarily partial contributions to the revolutionary future. However, this ‘tradition’ provides alternatives, reaching back into Marx, to the stultification of Leninism, Trotskyism, and academic Structuralist Marxism (cf. Althusser, Poulantzas), much less those lifeboats of capital in a sea of revolt: Stalinism, Maoism, Social Democracy. While I believe there is a discussion to be had with Lenin and Trotsky, if not necessarily post-Lenin Leninism and post-Trotsky Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism and Social Democracy deserve no such leniency. Gravediggers, maybe even grave-robbers, of the revolution, these ideologies may have sprung from the workers' movement, but only as internal counterrevolution, as the outcomes of the defeat of revolutions and revolutionary impulses. As such, you will not see Stalin gracing these pages because all you have to do is take Social Democracy's right-wing and mix it with Fascism's methods in power and you have all of Stalinism's intellectual capacities neatly bundled. Maoism is nothing other than a type of bourgeois nationalism, however radical, and I place it under that heading at the end of this guide for those who wish to read the writings of the enemy within.

Having said all of that, I still made this list as a resource for communists, whether Marxist or anarchist. Like all such attempts, my list does not cover everything of interest. Not by half. However, I think you will be hard-pressed to find a better compilation. Anyone interested in anarchism, Marx, Leninism, Trotskyism, libertarian or "Open" Marxism, the history of the international workers' movement, radical science and culture, a fairly comprehensive revolutionary approach to the history of the United States and more, will find this a useful guide. I have read much of what is on here, which is to say upwards of 15% of it. Much of it comes based on recommendations from people I respect, as well as simple use of bibliographies and footnotes from books. I hope you find my selection broad enough to engage your interests.

Now for some notes and provisos:

While this list is quite long, there are few primary sources outside of the working class movement. This list is necessarily incomplete and only meant to provide pro-revolutionaries with a guide to the knowledge necessary to function more effectively as pro-revolutionaries. This is not a guidebook for academics looking to finish that Doctorate. However, this does not mean that the list is not extensive; we simply were not interested in all of the academic works available. This list should also be useful as a reference guide when comrades are searching through libraries and bookstores, offering a wide selection of works to look for on many topics.

There are many works here that are not by Marxist writers or revolutionaries. This is partially the result of the limited knowledge of the people involved in the creation of this list. More importantly, it is the recognition of the fact that many of the best works available and useful to revolutionaries are not always written by Marxists. This is as it should be, since communists have always been and always should be primarily concerned with the practical and theoretical problems of the working class' struggle for emancipation. Therefore, many valuable works in science and history are the products of thorough and able non-Marxist authors. I listed some of the non-Marxist works presented here because sometimes we must engage and criticize our opponents, especially revolutionaries and "radicals" from anti- or quasi-Marxist backgrounds. We can also learn a lot from our opponents, who often focus on areas where we do not. I think this especially applies to Black Nationalism, Feminism and Third World Nationalism.

I hope that this list helps and I look forward to further contributions that will develop and round out this list. Many areas I have not touched upon (or, at best, very inadequately). There might also be those people who would disagree with some of the ways I have organized this list. I welcome criticism and suggestions.

I have also left out many individual articles of great importance, both from the great revolutionaries of the past and from present organizations and people (who have made many good and useful contributions). In light of this, I would like to recommend a few journals and newspapers and web sites whose articles are provocative and useful for maintaining a close watch on the world working class. These are:

News and Letters, Marxist-Humanism

Capital and Class (Conference of Socialist Economists)

Revolutionary History

Midnight Notes

Common Sense (Edinburgh Conference of Socialist Economists)


Radical Chains

Historical Materialism

Hegel by HyperText Home Page (Alan Freeman’s Homepage, excellent resource on value theory.) (Vast resources on the Majority world.)

As for the list, there are a few things to explain:

1. Any book marked by an asterisk (*) is one we consider essential reading on the topic and/or a good starter piece for new militants.

2. Where feasible, we have listed the works in some kind of an order of difficulty and political development.

3. In the U.S. History section, there is a breakdown of several categories: General, Class and Power, Labor, Native American, Women, African-American, and Chicano/Latino. I divided them between General books on a time period or topic, and books with a more narrow focus. The reason for the division of working class history into the labor movement and oppressed peoples is actually simple. The labor movement has largely denied entry to these groups, staying mostly white and male. But, because the bulk of specially oppressed people are working class, we have referred to "Labor History", as in the organized labor movement, not "Working Class History". Unlike some people, we don't see there being a "working class" that one can read as equal to "white males" necessitating a “labor-black alliance”.

4. Africa is the only continent or section broken down by regions, not by country. I simply did not have enough titles or knowledge of the continent to do a better job. As the section expands, that will change.

5. The section on the sciences is in many ways the most difficult to use. Where there are clear debates in a field on a particular topic (Creationism, Sociobiology, the politics of science, etc.), the books included should serve well. It is impossible, however, to provide a listing that will replace formal training in the sciences.

6. At the end of some titles there are abbreviations in parentheses, such as (CP). These are abbreviations of the names of organizations. (CP) - The Communist Party, usually from the country under which the title appears.

Thank you, enjoy and good reading, Comrades.


Contents and Index

I. Communist Critique

A. The Critique of Political Economy

B. Critique of the State

C. Marxism and Philosophy

D. The Critique of Religion

E. The Critique of Racism, National Oppression and Nationalism

F. The Critique of The Family and Sexual Oppression

G. The Critique of Art and Science

1. General Problems of Culture

2. Literature and Art

3. Education

4. The Natural Sciences

a. Biology

b. Chemistry

c. Geology

d. Physics

e. Mathematics

f. Medicine

g. Psychology

h. History and Criticism of Science Under Capitalism

H. Marx, Social Democracy, Leninism and Anarchism on Organization

I. Ecology and Revolution

II. Marxisms and Anarchisms in the International Workers’ Movement

A. Early Working Class History, Through 1864

B. The Communist League and the Revolutions of 1848-9

C. The First International

D. The Paris Commune

E. The Second International, 1889-1914

F. World War I and the Collapse of Social-Democracy

G. Prelude to the Russian Revolution of 1917

H. The Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1917-21­

I. The Third International and the Revolutionary Wave

J. Counter-revolution from Within

K. The Revolutionary Epoch: 1925-1939

1. China, 1925-27

2. Britain, 1926

3. France, 1935

4. Spain, 1936-39

L. Fascism in Italy and Germany

M. Trotskyism and the Fourth International

N. Trotskyism Since Trotsky

O. Open Marxism

P. Anarchism, Anarcho-syndicalism, and Anarcho-communism

III. The History of Pre-Capitalist Class Societies

A. The Ancient Near East

B. Ancient China

C. Ancient India

D. Greco-Roman Slavery

E. Feudalism

F. The Islamic World

G. The Empires of Latin America

H. African Civilizations

IV. The Historical Origins of Capitalism

A. The Transition to Capitalism

1. France

2. England

3. Germany

4. Japan

  1. Netherlands

  2. The United States

B. Bonapartism and the Revolutions of 1848

V. United States History

A. General U.S. History

1. Class and Power in the U.S.

2. Native American History, General

3. African-American History, General

4. Organized Labor, General

5. Women’s History, General

6. Chicano History, General

B. The American Revolution

C. Pre-1860

1. Slavery and African-American History

2. Women’s History

D. Civil War and Reconstruction

1. General Overviews

2. African-American History

3. Organized Labor

4. Women’s History

E. 1860-1890

1. General Overviews

2. Organized Labor

3. African-American History

4. Women’s History

F. 1890-1918

1. General Overviews

2. Organized Labor

3. African-American History

4. Women’s History

G. 1919-20

1. Organized Labor

2. African-American History

H. 1918-41

1. General

2. Organized Labor

3. The Communist Party in The U.S.

4. Women’s History

5. African-American History

I. World War Ii

1. General Overviews

2. Organized Labor

J. The Cold War and McCarthyism

K. The Korean War

L. 1946-1971

1. General Overviews

2. Organized Labor

3. African-American History

4. Women’s History

M. The Vietnam War and the Anti-War Movement

N. 1971-present

1. General Overviews

2. Women’s History

3. Organized Labor

4. Class and Power

VI. Marxism, Global Capital and The Question of Imperialism

A. Orthodox Imperialism

B. Imperialism: Dependency and World-Systems Theory

C. Imperialism in Practice

D. Critique of Theories of Imperialism

E. From Keynsianism to Globalization: Crisis Without End?

        1. Class Composition, Overaccumulation and Crisis

        2. “Marxist” Political Economy of the Crisis

        3. The Practice Of and Struggle Against Globalization

VIII. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in the Middle East and North Africa

A. The 20th Century Middle East

B. Zionism, Jewish History and Palestine

C. Iran

D. Iraq

E. Turkey

F. Egypt

G. Syria

H. Algeria

I. Lebanon

J. The Arabian Peninsula

K. The Kurdish People

L. Afghanistan

IX. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in East and Southeast Asia

A. General

B. Japan

C. Vietnam

D. Kampuchea and Laos

E. Korea: North and South

F. China Since 1927

G. The Philippines

H. Thailand

I. Indonesia and East Timor

X. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in South Asia

A. India

B. Pakistan

C. Burma and Sri Lanka

XI. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in Africa

A. General Africa

B. South Africa

C. West Africa

D. East Africa

E. Southern Africa

XII. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada

A. General

B. Cuban

C. Mexico

D. Chile

E. Brazil

F. Argentina

G. Nicaragua

H. Panama

I. The Caribbean

J. Peru and Colombia

K. Guatemala and Honduras

L. Bolivia

M. Canada

XIII. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in Europe

A. General

B. Ireland

C. Britain

D. Scandinavia (Norway/Sweden/Denmark/Finland)

E. France

F. Belgium

G. The Netherlands (Holland)

H. Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

I. Poland

J. Hungary

K. Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovenia)

L. Romania

M. Bulgaria

N. Russia/USSr

O. East Germany (1945-1990)

P. Germany

Q. Italy

R. Austria

S. Spain and Portugal

T. The Holocaust

U. Greece

V. Albania

W. Scotland

XIV. Feminist Theory

A. Feminism in the Imperialist Countries

B. Feminism in the Underdeveloped Countries

XV. Black Nationalist Theory

XVI. Third World Nationalist Theory

XVII. Marxism: Last Refuge of the Bourgeoisie

  1. Marxist Political Economy

  2. The Marxist Theory of the State
  3. Dialectical Materialism
  4. Marxist Theory of Religion
  5. Marxist Theory of Racism and the National Question
  6. The Woman Question
  7. The Marxist Theory of Culture and Art

  • I. Communist Critique

    A. Critique of Political Economy

    *Karl Marx:

    Wage-Labor and Capital

    Value, Price, and Profit

    Capital, Vol. 1-3

    A Critique of Political Economy

    The Poverty of Philosophy


    Capital, Vol. 4 (Theories of Surplus Value)

    1844 Manuscripts (Alan Freeman's web site, lots of TSS conference materials)

    *Beyond Capital: Marx’s Political Economy of the Working Class – Lebowitz

    *Open Marxism, 3 Vols. – Bonefeld, et al.

    *Marx and Non-Equilibrium Economics – Freeman/Carchedi

    *The Limits to Capital – Harvey

    *Global Capital, National State and the Politics of Money – Bonefeld/Holloway, Eds.

    *Reading Capital Politically - Cleaver

    *'Decadence': The Theory of Decline or The Decline of Theory?, 3 parts - Aufheben Web Site

    The Invention of Capitalism – M. Perelman

    Marx's method in 'Capital': A Reexamination - Moseley, Ed.

    New Investigations of Marx's Method - Moseley, et al, Eds.

    Marx and Keynes: The Limits of The Mixed Economy – Mattick

    Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory – Mattick

    Essays on Marx's Theory of Value - Rubin

    Marx’s Theory of Crisis – Clarke

    Marx, Marginalism and Modern Sociology - Clarke

    Capital and Exploitation - John Weeks

    Women, Men and the International Division of Labor – Nash/Fernandez-Kelly, Eds.

    Outlines of a Critique of Technology - P. Slater

    B. Critique of the State


    Critique of the Gotha Program

    Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

    Introduction to Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

    The Class Struggle in France

    The 18th Brumaire of Louis Napolean Bonaparte

    The Civil War in France

    Conspectus of Bakunin’s Statism and Anarchy

    *Open Marxism:

    Post-Fordism and Social Form: A Marxist Debate on the Post-Fordist State - Bonefeld/Holloway, Eds.

    State and Capital: A Debate – Holloway/Picciotto, Eds.

    The State Debate - Clarke, Ed.

    Open Marxism, 3 Vols.


    God and State

    Statism and Anarchy

    Marxism, Freedom and the State

    The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State

    Stateless Socialism: Anarchism

    Reform or Revolution - R. Luxemburg

    *The Mass Strike, The Party and The Trade Unions - R. Luxemburg

    * Law and Marxism – Pashukanis

    The Idea of Good Government – Malatesta

    The Struggle Against the State – Makhno

    The State: It’s Historic Role - Kropotkin

    See the journal Common Sense

    Discipline and Punish - Foucault

    Also see section VI

    C. Marxism and Philosophy

    Karl Marx:

    *Intro to Grundrisse

    Preface to The Critique of Political Economy

    The Holy Family (or The Critique of Critical Criticism)

    *Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

    The Poverty of Philosophy



    The German Ideology

    Jean Hyppolite:

    Logic and Existence

    Genesis and Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

    Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of History

    Studies on Marx and Hegel

    *Theodore Adorno:

    Dialectic of Enlightenment (w/ Horkheimer)

    Hegel: Three Studies


    Negative Dialectics

    Against Epistemology

    The Jargon of Authenticity

    Critical Models

    The Stars Down to Earth

    Minima Moralia

    *Max Horkheimer:

    Critical Theory

    Eclipse of Reason

    Between philosophy and Social Science

    Critique of instrumental reason

    *Gyorgy Lukacs:

    *History and Class Consciousness

    *Ernst Bloch

    Aesthetics and Politics

    Essays on the Philosophy of Music

    Heritage of Our Times

    The Principle of Hope, 3 Vols.

    The Utopian Function of Art and Literature : Selected Essays

    *Open Marxism, 3 vols. – Bonefeld, et al.

    *Notes on Dialectics – C.L.R. James

    *Marxism and Philosophy – Korsch

    *Marx’s Grundrisse and Hegel’s Logic – Uchida

    Reason and Revolution – H. Marcuse

    Towards A Critical Theory of Society - Marcuse

    Dialectic of the Concrete - Karl Kosik

    *Philosophy and Revolution – Dunayevskaya

    The Marxist-Humanist Philosophical moment – Dunayevskaya

    Lenin, Hegel and Western Marxism – K. Anderson

    The Origin of Negative Dialectics – S. Buck-Morss

    The Dialectical Imagination : A History of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research 1923-1950 – M. Jay

    Marxism and Totality: The Adventures of a Concept from Lukacs to Habermas – M. Jay

    Adorno – M. Jay

    Permanent Exiles – M. Jay

    Marx, The Young Hegelians and the Origins of Radical Social Theory – W. Breckman

    The Poverty of Theory – E. P. Thompson

    Not Yet: Reconsidering Ernst Bloch - Jamie Owen Daniel

    The Condition of Postmodernity – Harvey

    *Notebooks on Dialectics - Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 38

    Hegel and Hegelians:

    In the Spirit of Hegel – R. Solomon

    Hegel – C. Taylor

    Hegel’s Idea of a Phenomenology of Spirit – M. Forster

    Hegel and the Philosophy of Nature – S. Houlgate

    Hegel, Nietzsche and the Criticism of Metaphysics – S. Houlgate

    Freedom, Truth and History: An Introduction to Hegel's Philosophy (Ideas) – S. Houlgate

    Rejection and Reconciliation – Ute Bublitz

    The Young Hegelians: An Anthology – Stepelevich, Ed.

    Hegel’s Phenomenology: The Sociality of Reason – T. Pinkard

    Hegel: A Biography – T. Pinkard

    H.S. Harris:

    Hegel and The Tradition

    Hegel: Phenomenology and System

    Hegel’s Ladder

    Hegel’s Development

    *G.W.F. Hegel:

    The Philosophy of History

    Science of Logic

    The Smaller Logic

    Phenomenology of Mind

    Philosophy of Right

    Lectures on the History of Philosophy, 3 Vols.

    Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, 3 Vols.

    Aesthetics: Lectures on Fine Art, 3(?) Vols.

    The Jena System, 1804-5

    Non-Dialectical Philosophy Relevant to Marx’s Critique of Philosophy:

    Schelling and Modern European Philosophy – A. Bowie

    On The History of Modern Philosophy – Schelling

    Aesthetics and Subjectivity: From Kant to Nietzsche – A. Bowie

    The Myth of the Other: Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze, Bataille - Franco Rella


    The Critique of Pure Reason

    The Critique of Practical Reason

    The Critique of Judgment


    On Friedrich Nietzsche:

    The Gay Science

    Beyond Good and Evil

    Twighlight of the Idols

    On the Genealogy of Morals/Ecce Homo

    Thus Spake Zarathustra

    Human, All Too Human


    The Anti-Christ

    The Birth of Tragedy

    Nietzsche and Philosophy – Deleuze

    Why We are not Nietzscheans – Ferry, Ed.

    Nietzsche and the Vicious Circle – Klossowski

    Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy – M. Clark

    Nietzsche and Postmodernism - Robinson

    Nietzsche: The Man and His Philosophy – R. J. Hollingdale

    Nietzsche’s Case – B. Magnus

    Nietzsche: Life as Literature - Nehamas

    Hegel, Nietzsche and the Criticism of Metaphysics – S. Houlgate

    *Nietzsche’s Corp/se – Geoff Waites

    The Adventures of Difference – G. Vattimo

    On Spinoza:

    A Spinoza Reader (The Ethics and other works)

    A Theologico-Political Treatise

    The Savage Anomaly – Negri/Hardt

    Spinoza, Practical Philosophy – Deleuze

    Spinoza and Politics – Balibar

    On Martin Heidegger:

    Being and Nothingness

    The Ticklish Subject - Zizek

    On Deleuze and Guattari:

    A Thousand Plateaus


    What Is Philosophy?


    Pure Immanence - Deleuze

    Bergsonism - Deleuze

    Foucault – Deleuze

    Soft Subversions – Guattari

    Chaosophy - Guattari

    Gilles Deleuze: An Apprenticeship in Philosophy – M. Hardt

    Deleuze: A Critical Reader – P. Patton, Ed.

    Deleuze and the Political – P. Patton

    The Myth of the Other: Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze, Bataille – F. Rella

    Slavoj Zizek:

    Tarrying with the Negative

    The Ticklish Subject

    Lacanian Ink

    Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left – w/Butler and Laclau

    On Michel Foucault:

    Archeology of Knowledge

    The Order of Things


    Madness and Civilization

    Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics by Hubert L. Dreyfus, Paul Rabinow

    Politics, Philosophy, Culture: Interviews and Other Writings, 1977- 1984

    Foucault Live

    Bodies and Pleasures: Foucault and the Politics of Sexual Normalization - Ladelle McWhorter

    See Journals:

    Capital and Class

    Common Sense

    Historical Materialism

    D. The Critique of Religion (see also Section above)

    *On Religion - Marx/Engels

    Atheism in Christianity - E. Bloch

    Man On His Own: Essays in the Philosophy of Religion - E. Bloch

    The Meek and The Militant - Paul Siegel

    Socialism and The Churches - R. Luxemburg

    The Ghost Dance: Origins of Religion - W. La Barre

    The Interpreter's Bible - G. Buttrick, N. Harmon, Eds.

    The Origins of Christianity - A. Robertson


    God and State

    God or Labor?

    Bakunin’s Writings

    From Out of the Dustbin: Basic Writings of Bakunin, 1869-71

    E. The Critique of Racism, National Oppression, and Nationalism

    *Marx on Colonialism and Modernization

    *Ireland and The Irish Question - Marx/Engels

    *Toward the Abolition of Whiteness – Roediger

    *The Wages of Whiteness – Roedier

    *The Color of Politics – Goldfield

    Congress of the People's of the East at Baku

    *The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism – F. Perlman

    *Third Worldism or Socialism? – Solidarity (U.K.)

    How the Irish Became White – Ignatiev

    Racism and the Class Struggle – James Boggs

    The Political Economy of Racism – M. Leiman

    The Economics of Racism, USA 1 and 2 - Perlo

    The Invention of the White Race, 2 Vols. – Theodore Allen

    Imagined Communities – B. Anderson

    Race, Nation, Class – I. Wallerstein/Balibar

    Germans and Jews Since the Holocaust - Rabinbach/Zipes, Eds.

    Anti-Semite and Jew - Sartre

    Black Corporate Executives: The Making and Breaking of a Black Middle Class - Wallerstein

    Racial Formation in the United States from the 1960’s to the 1980’s – Omi/Wynant

    *Frantz Fanon:

    Black Skin, White Masks

    The Wretched of the Earth

    Towards the African Revolution

    A Dying Colonialism

    Adolph Reed, Jr.:

    Class Notes

    Stirrings in the Jug

    W.E.B. DuBois and American Political Thought

    The Jesse Jackson Phenomemon

    *W.E.B. DuBois:

    Selected Writings, 2 vols

    Unpublished Writings on Racism

    The W.E.B. DuBois Reader

    *C.L.R. James:

    The CLR James Reader

    C.L.R. James on the Negro Question

    C.L.R. James and Revolutionary Marxism

    Fighting Racism in WWII

    F. The Critique of The Family and Sexual Oppression

    Alexandra Kollontai:

    *Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle

    *Communism and the Family

    The Autobiography of a Sexually Emancipated Communist Woman

    Selected Writings

    Emma Goldman:

    The Hypocrisy of Puritanism

    The Traffic in Women

    Woman Suffrage

    The Tragedy of Woman's Emancipation

    Marriage and Love

    *The Sexual Contract – Carole Pateman

    Selected Political Writings - R. Luxemburg

    Sex-Pol - W. Reich

    The Women, Gender and Development Reader - Visvanatham, Duggan, Nisonoff, Wiegersma, Eds.

    Women and Language in Literature and Society – McConnell-Ginet/Borker/Furman, Eds.

    Language, Gender and Sex in Comparative Perspective – Goodwin/Goodwin

    Familiar Exploitation – Delphy

    Materialist Feminism – Ingraham/Hennessey

    The Color of Privilege - Hurtado

    The Political Economy of Women – Review of Radical Political Economics, Vol. 16, No. 1

    The Liberation of Women – Hamilton

    Promissory Notes – Kruks/Rapp/Young, Eds.

    Of Marriage and the Market – K. Young, et al, Eds.

    Feminism and Materialism – Kuhn/Wolpe

    White Women, Race Matters – Frankenberg

    Gender and Power – R. W. Connell

    Chicana Feminist Thought – Garcia

    This Bridge Called My Back – Moraga/Anzaldua

    Women and Revolution – Sargent, Ed.

    Woman’s Estate - Juliet Mitchell

    Women, Culture and Politics – Davis

    Patriarchy at Work - Walby

    The Feminist Standoint Revisited and Other Essays – Hartsock

    Patriarchy and Accumulation on A World Scale - Mies

    Women in Class Society - Saffioti

    Dreams and Dilemmas - Rowbotham

    The Body Politic (collection from '60's and '70's)

    Women, Resistance and Revolution - Rowbotham

    Eleanor Marx, Vol. 1 & 2 - Kapp

    The Sociology of Housework – Oakley

    Subject Women - Oakley

    Woman’s Work – Oakley

    *Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution – Dunayevskaya

    The History of Sexuality – Foucault

    Bodies and Pleasures: Foucault and the Politics of Sexual Normalization - Ladelle McWhorter

    2. Gay and Lesbian Oppression

    *Fear of a Queer Planet – Warner

    Homosexuality: Power and politics – Weeks

    Sex, Politics and Society – Weeks

    *The Material Queer – Morton

    Foucault and Queer Theory - Tamsin Spargo

    The History of Sexuality - Foucault

    G. The Critique of Art and Science

    1. General Problems of Culture

    Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture – Nelson/Grossberg, Eds.

    Recapturing Marxism – Levine/Lembcke, Eds.

    2. Literature and Art

    The Dada Painters and Poets – Motherwell, Ed.

    The Dada Almanac – Huelsenbeck, Ed.

    The Situationist International Anthology – Knabb, Ed.

    A Cavalier History of Surrealism - Vaneigem

    Dada: Art and Anti-Art – Richter

    Flight Out of Time – H. Ball

    Dada and Surrealism – M. Gale

    History of the Surrealist Movement – Durozoi

    Surrealism: Desire Unbound – Mundy, Ed.

    A Book of Surrealist Games – Brotchie

    The History of Surrealism – Nadeau, et al., Eds.

    The Social Significance of Modern Drama - Goldman

    To The Distant Observer - Burch (Japanese film)

    Cinema And Revolution - Schnitzer (Soviet film)

    Surrealist Women – Rosemont

    Manifesto of Surrealist Subversion

    Adorno’s Aesthetics of Music – Paddison

    Art, Class and Cleavage – Watson

    Frank Zappa: The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play – Watson

    New Musical Figurations - Radano

    *C.L.R. James:


    Mariners, Renegades and Castaways

    Beyond a Boundary

    *Arnold Hauser:

    A Social History of Art (Vol. 1-4)


    The Philosophy of Art History

    The Sociology of Art

    *Ernst Bloch:

    Aesthetics and Politics

    Essays on the Philosophy of Music

    Heritage of Our Times

    Literary Essays

    *Walter Benjamin:



    Selected Writings (2 vols)

    The origin of German tragic Drama

    Charles Baudelaire

    Understanding Brecht

    *Mikhail M. Bahktin:

    Art and Answerability

    Problems of Dostoeyevsky’s Poetics

    Rabelais and His World

    The Formal Method in Literary Scholarship

    *Gyorgy Lukacs:

    The Historical Novel

    German Realists of the Nineteenth Century

    Goethe and His Age

    Studies in European Realism

    Essays on Realism

    Realism in Our Time


    The Meaning of Contemporary Realism

    *Theodore Adorno:

    Notes to Literature

    In Search of Wagner

    Quasi una Fantasia

    Introduction to the Sociology of Music

    Culture Industry

    Composing for the Films

    Sound Figures

    Minima Moralia

    Mahler: A Musical Physiognomy

    3. Education

    *Jonathan Kozol:

    Savage Inequalities

    Illiterate America

    On Being A Teacher

    The Night Is Dark And I Am Far From Home

    Death At An Early Age

    Rachael and Her Children

    Free Schools

    Children of the Revolution

    Prisoners of Silence

    *Michael Apple:

    Ideology and Curriculum

    Ideology and Practice in Schooling - w/Weiss

    Cultural and Economic Reproduction in Education: Essays on Class, Ideology and the State

    Official Knowledge

    The Politics of the Textbook

    Education and Power

    Democratic Schools

    Teachers and Texts

    *Schooling In Capitalist America - Bowles/Gintis

    *Power And Ideology In Education - Karabel/Halsey, Eds.

    *The Education of The Future - Castles/Wustenberg

    *The Long Haul: An Autobiography - M. Horton

    *Inequality: A Reassessment of the Family and School in America - Gintis/Jencks/Smith, et al, Eds.

    *Racism in American Education - Sedlacek/Brooks

    *The Politics of Education - O'Malley/Rosen/Vogt, Eds.

    The Imperfect Panacea: American Faith in Education, 1865-1895 - H.J. Perkinson

    New Assault on Equality - Gartner, Ed.

    Children of the Dispossessed - Nurcombe

    The Student as Nigger - J. Farber

    Education For Alienation - N. Hickerson

    The Culture and Politics of Literacy - Winterowd

    *Paulo Freire:

    Pedagogy of The Oppressed

    The Politics of Education

    Education For Critical Consciousness

    A Pedagogy For Liberation

    Ira Shore:

    Culture Wars: School and Society in The Conservative Restoration, 1969-84

    Critical Teaching and Everyday Life

    Freire for the Classroom

    Lives On The Boundary - M. Rose

    The Way It Spozed To Be - J. Herndon

    There Are No Children Here - A. Kotlowitz

    Education Under Socialism and Capitalism - C. Rosenberg (ISO)

    Working Class Without Work - Weis

    Beyond Silenced Voices - Weis/Fine

    Crossing The Tracks - A. Wheelock

    Working Class Women in the Academy - Tokaezyk/Fay

    Education, Democracy and Public Knowledge

    The Process of Education - J. Bruner

    The Politics of Literacy - M. Hoyles, Ed.

    The Bell Curve Wars - S. Fraser, Ed.

    The Education of Black People - W.E.B. DuBois

    Deschooling Society - I. Illich

    4. The Natural Sciences

    a. Biology

    *Richard Lewontin/Richard Levins/Stephen Rose/Leon Kamin:

    Dialectical Biologist - Lewontin/Levins

    Not in Our Genes - Lewontin/Rose/Kamin

    Towards A Liberatory Biology - Rose, Ed.

    The Making of Memory - Rose

    The Science and Politics of I.Q. - Kamin

    The Conscious Brain - Rose

    Alas, Poor Darwin: Arguments Against Evolutionary Psychology - Rose/Rose

    Biology as Ideology - Lewontin

    The Doctrine of DNA - Lewontin

    *Stephen J. Gould:

    Ever Since Darwin

    The Panda's Thumb

    Hen's Teeth and Horses Toes

    The Flamingo's Smile

    Bully For Brontosaurus

    Wonderful Life

    An Urchin In The Storm

    The Mismeasure of Man

    Eight Little Piggies

    Full House

    Leonardo’s Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms

    *Niles Eldridge:

    The Monkey Business: A Scientist Looks at Creationism

    Unfinished Synthesis

    The Myths of Human Evolution

    Time Frames

    Roger Lewin/Richard Leakey:

    People of The Lake


    Origins Reconsidered

    Life at The Edge of Chaos (Lewin)

    E. Mayer:

    Animal Species and Evolution

    The Growth of Biological Thought*

    Populations, Species and Evolution

    The Evolutionary Synthesis: Perspectives On The Unification of Biology

    The Undiscovered Mind - John Horgan

    The Language of Genes - S. Jones

    *Mankind Evolving - Dobzhansky

    *Lucy - Donald Johanson

    *The IQ Myth - Mensh/Mensh

    The Seas Around Us - Rachel Carson

    Science on Trial - D. Futuyama

    Science Wars - Ross

    *Abusing Science - P. Kitcher

    The Atheist and the Holy City - G. Klein

    The Bell Curve Wars – S. Fraser, Ed.

    Myths of Gender – A. Fausto-Sterling

    Primate Paradigms – Fedigan

    Vaulting Ambition – Kitcher

    The Ontogeny of Information – S. Oyama

    Sex and Friendship in Baboons – Smuts

    Primate Societies – Smuts, et al. Eds.

    Biological Politics – Sayers

    Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide – Garber

    Biological Science – Keeton

    b. Physics

    *Cosmos - Carl Sagan

    *Order Out of Chaos - Ilya Prigogene

    The Big Bang Never Happened – E. J. Lerner

    The Strange Story of the Quantum – Banesh Hoffman

    Causality and Chance in Modern Physics – D. Bohm

    Making a New Science - Gleick

    A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking

    Chaos - James Gleick

    The Arrow of Time - P. Coveney/R. Highfield

    The Quark and the Jaguar - M. Gell-Mann

    Complexity - M. Waldrop

    *Hannes Alfven:

    Cosmic Plasma

    On the Origin of the Solar System

    Structure and Evolutionary History of the Solar System

    Worlds-Antiworlds: Anti-Matter in Cosmology

    *Basic Physics – Kuhn

    *Physics the Easy Way – Lehrman

    *Six Easy Pieces/Six Not-So-Easy Pieces – Feynman, Davies, Ed.

    My View of The World – Schrodinger

    Space-Time Structure – Schrodinger

    The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics – Schrodinger

    Dreams of a Final Theory – Weinberg

    *Science and The Retreat From Reason – Gillot/Kumar

    Mathematics for Physicists - Dennery

    Albert Einstein:

    The Evolution of Physics (with Infeld)


    The Meaning of Relativity

    Essays in Physics

    c. Chemistry

    General Chemistry - Linus Pauling

    The Development of Chemical Principles – Langford/Beebe

    The Historical Background of Chemistry – Leicester

    Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – Pauling

    Modern Quantum Chemistry – Szabo

    Thermodynamics of Irreversible Process – Haase

    Chemistry the easy Way – Macetta

    Chemistry: Concepts and Problems – Houk/Post

    Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of College Chemistry - Rosenberg

    d. Geology

    Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle - S.J. Gould

    Basic Paleontology – Benton/Harper

    The Earth: An introduction to Physical Geology – Tarbuck/Lutgens

    Origin and Evolution: Principles of Historical Geology – Condie/Sloan

    e. Mathematics

    *A History of Mathematics - Boyer/Merzbach

    A Concise History of Mathematics - Dirk J. Struik

    Capitalism and Arithmetic - Swetz

    The Art of Mathematics – King

    *A-Plus Notes for Algebra – Rong yang

    *College Algebra – Leff

    *Algebra the Easy Way – Downing/Detrich

    *Calculus the easy Way – Downing

    Advanced Calculus – Widder

    Basic Calculus: From Archimedes to Newton to its Role in Science – Hahn

    Calculus and Analytic Geometry – Thomas

    Geometry – Jacobs, Ed.

    Geometry: A Comprehensive Course - Pedoe

    *Schaum’s Outlines:

    Theory and Problems of Beginning Linear Algebra

    Theory and Problems of Matrix Operations

    Theory and Problems of Differential Equations

    Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra

    Abstract Algebra

    General Topology

    Group Theory

    Advanced Calculus

    Outline of Calculus

    Theory and Problems of Beginning Calculus

    Theory and Problems of Pre-Calculus

    f. Medicine

    *Dangerous To Your Health - V. Navarro

    *The Second Sickness - H. Waitzkin

    The Social Transformation of American Medicine - P. Starr

    The Youngest Science - L. Thomas

    g. Psychology and Linguistics

    Sigmund Freud:

    The Complete Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis

    The Ego and Id

    Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis

    The Future of an Illusion

    Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis

    On Dreams

    An Outline of Psychoanalysis

    Totem and Taboo

    Civilization and Its Discontents

    The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

    Beyond The Pleasure Principle

    The Interpretation of Dreams

    Wilhelm Reich:

    The Sexual Revolution

    *Character Analysis

    The Mass Psychology of Fascism

    Reich Speaks of Freud

    Selected Writings


    The Function of the Orgasm

    Herbert Marcuse:

    One-Dimensional Man

    *Eros and Civilization

    *Chomsky/Chomskian Linguistics:

    The Architecture of Language

    New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind

    The Minimalist Program

    Syntactic Theory and the Structure of English – A. Radford

    Linguistics: An Introduction – A. Radford

    Transformational Grammar – A. Radford

    Move! A Minimalist Theory of Construal – N. Hornstein

    Phrase Structure – Chametzky

    Foundations of Language – R. Jackendoff

    Course in General Linguistics – Saussure

    Saussure and His Interpreters – R. Harris

    Freud - Peter Gay

    Conditioned Reflexes - Pavlov

    Critical Theory of The Family - Poster

    Freud, Women and Morality - E. Sagan

    The Freudian Left - Robinson

    Foundations of Psychoanalysis - A. Grunbaum (anti-psychoanalysis)

    *Language, Ideology and Social Consciousness – Chik Collins

    *The Prison-House of Langauge – F. Jameson

    Anti-Oedipus - Deleuze/Guattari

    A Thousand Plateaus - Deleuze/Guattari

    h. Science, Capitalism and Method

    *The Political Economy of Science - H. Rose/S. Rose

    *Science and Society - H. Rose/S. Rose

    Gender at the Crossroads of Knowledge – di Leonardo, Ed.

    *Marxism and the Philosophy of Science – Sheehan

    *Marxism and Modern Science – Alan Wood

    Science in History – J. D. Bernal

    Reflections on Gender and Science - Keller

    Feminism and Science - Tuana

    The Revolutionary Ideas of Frederick Engels (International Socialism 65, 1994)

    Order Out of Chaos - P. McGarr (International Socialism 48, 1990)

    *The Advancement of Science - P. Kitcher

    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - T. Kuhn

    Martin Gardner:

    Science: Good, Bad, Bogus

    The New Age

    H. Marx, Social Democracy, Leninism and Anarchism on Revolutionary Organization

    Marx and Engels:

    The Communist Manifesto

    The Cologne Communist Trial

    History of the Communist League - Engels

    Critique of the Erfurt Program - Engels

    Critique of the Gotha Program

    Marx on the First International - Padover, Ed.

    Marx/Engels Collected Works

    Social Democracy:

    The Road to Power – Kautsky

    The Class Struggle – Kautsky

    The Mass Strike, The Political Party and The Trade Unions - Luxemburg

    Rosa Luxemburg Speaks

    Selected Writings - R. Luxemburg


    What Is To Be Done?

    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    Two Tactics of Russian Social Democracy

    Lenin's Collected Works, esp. 1905-09 and 1917-23

    On The Trade Unions - Lenin

    Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder

    Better Fewer, but Better

    Lenin’s Political Thought, 2 Vols. – Neil Harding

    Lenin, 4 Vols. - Tony Cliff

    Leninism Under Lenin - Lieberman

    Post-Lenin Leninism:

    Lenin: A Study in the Unity of His Thought - Lukacs

    The Modern Prince - Antonio Gramsci

    Prison Notebooks - Antonio Gramsci

    Selected Writings Political Writings - Antonio Gramsci

    The Antonio Gramsci Reader

    Trotsky, Leninism and Trotskyism:

    Our Political Tasks - Trotsky

    The Challenge of the Left Opposition, 3 Vols.

    Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1929-1940

    On The Trade Unions - Trotsky

    On The Labor Party - Trotsky

    The Spanish Revolution, 1936-39

    The Crisis of the French Section, 1935-36

    Transitional Program of the Fourth International

    Lenin and The Revolutionary Party – P. LeBlanc

    The Struggle For A Proletarian Party, 1938-40 - J. Cannon

    Documents of the Founding of the Fourth International

    Toward a New Beginning – On Another Road – H. Draper

    The Myth of “Lenin’s Concept of the Party” – H. Draper

    Marxism and the Party - Molyneaux

    Council Communism:

    Open Letter to Comrade Lenin - Gorter

    Pannekoek and Gorter's Marxism

    Trade Unions - Pannekoek

    Party and Working Class - Pannekoek

    General Remarks on the Question of Organization - Pannekoek

    Marxism: Last Refuge of the Bourgeoisie - Mattick

    Anti-Bolshevik Communism - Mattick

    Open Marxism:

    Marxism for Our Times: CLR James on Revolutionary Organization – Glaberman, ed.

    Facing Reality - James/Lee

    Rosa Luxemburg, Women's Liberation and Marx's Philosophy of Revolution - Dunayevskaya

    Marxism and Freedom - Dunayevskaya

    The Philosophic Moment of Marxist-Humanism - Dunayevskaya

    Social and Political Writings, 3 Vols. - Castoriadas

    Situationist International Anthology

    The Veritable Split in the International - The Situationist International

    The Society of the Spectacle - Debord


    Errico Malatesta: His Life and Ideas

    No Gods, No Masters - Guerin, ed.

    Anarchism – Guerin

    Anarchism and Organization – Malatesta

    A Project of Anarchist Organization – Makhno

    Founding of the International – Bakunin

    The Organization of the International – Bakunin

    The Red Association – Bakunin

    Listen, Marxist! - Bookchin

    Free Space - Pamela Allen

    The IWA Today: A Short Account of the International Workers' Association and Its Sections - Longmore

    The International Working Men's Association: It's Aims; It's Principles - Shapiro

    Anarchist Organization: The History of the F.A.I. - Juan Gomez Casas

    Historical Documents and Documentation:

    History of Socialist Thought, Vols. 1-4 - Cole

    Theses, Resolutions and Manifestos pf the First Four Congresses of the Third International

    Workers of the World and Oppressed Peoples, Unite!, 2nd Congress of the 3rd International

    Lenin's Struggle for a Revolutionary International, 1907-1916

    The German Revolution and the Debate on Soviet Power

    To See The Dawn

    A Documentary History of Communism - Daniels

    Pannekoek and the Workers' Councils

    I. Ecology and Revolution

    Murray Bookchin:

    The Ecology of Freedom

    Defending the Earth: A Dialogue Between Murray Bookchin and Dave Forman

    The Philosophy of Social Ecology: Dialectical Naturalism

    The Politics of Social Ecology - Janet Biehl, w/ Murray Bookchin

    Toward an Ecological Society

    The Heat is On - Gelbspan

    Social Ecology After Bookchin - Light, ed.

    Finding Our Way: Rethinking Eco-Feminism - Biehl

    Ecofascism: Lessons From the German Experience - Biehl

    Global Warming: The Complete Briefing - Houghton

    Laboratory Earth - S. Schneider

    Global Warming - S. Schneider

    Greenhouse: The 200-Year Story of Global Warming - Christianson

    Against the Tide - Dean

    Our Ecological Footprint - Rees, et al.

    The Greening of Marxism - Benton, ed.

    The Invasion of Indian Country in the 20th Century: American Capitalism and Tribal natural Resources - Fixico

    Capitalism, Democracy and Ecology: Departing from Marx - Luke

    Ecological Politics and Policy in Developing Countries - Desai, ed.

    Marx and Nature - Burkett

    Is Capitalism Sustainable? - O'Connor, ed.

    Natural Causes: Essays in Ecological Marxism - J. O'Connor

    Work, Health and Environment - Levenstein, ed.

    The Struggle for Ecological Democracy - Faber, ed.

    Biodiversity and Democracy - Wood

    Minding Nature: The Philosophers of Ecology - McAuley, ed.

    Earth For Sale: Reclaiming Ecology in the Age of Corporate Greenwash - Tokar

    The War Against the Greens: The 'Wise-Use' Movement, the New Right, and Anti-Environmental Violence - D. Helvarg

    Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism - S. Beder

    Dying from Dioxin: A Citizen's Guide to Reclaiming Our Health and Rebuilding Democracy - L. Gibbs

    Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice and Communities of Color - R. Bullard, ed.

    Toxic Deception - Fagin, et al.

    Divided Planet - Athanasiou

    The Corporate Planet – Karliner

    Ecology and Historical Materialism - Hughes

    Environmental injustices, Political Struggles - Camacho, ed.

    Corporate Predators - Mokhiber, et al.

    Living Downstream - Steingraber

    Our Children's Toxic Legacy - Wargo

    Our Stolen Future - Colborn, et al.

    Black Lung - Derickson

    Chemical Exposures - Miller/Ashford

    Hormonal Chaos - Krimsky

    Generations at Risk - Schettler, ed.

    No Safe Place: Toxic Waste, Leukemia and Community Action - Brown

    Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class and Environmental Quality - Bullard

    A Hazardous Inquiry: The Rashomon Effect at Love Canal - Mazur

    II. Marxisms and Anarchisms in the International Workers' Movement

    A. Early Working Class History, through 1864

    *The Making Of The English Working Class - Thompson

    *The Condition of the Working Class in England - Engels

    History of The Labor Movement in the U.S., Vol.1 - Foner

    Marx and Engels on Chartism

    The Chartists - G.D.H. Cole

    Labouring Men - E.J. Hobsbawm

    B. The Communist League and The Revolutions of 1848-49

    *The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte - Marx

    *Class Struggles in France - Marx

    *Revolution and Counter-revolution in Germany - Engels

    The Cologne Communist Trial - Marx

    *The History of the Communist League (Intro to Cologne Communist Trial) - Engels

    Marx: The Revolutions of 1848 (Penguin Publishers)

    The Red 48ers - Hammen

    History of Socialist Thought, Vol. 1 - G.D.H. Cole

    C. The First International

    *On The First International - Marx

    *The First Four Internationals - George Novack

    Anarchism - Marx/Engels/Lenin

    The History of Socialist Thought, vol. 2 - G.D.H. Cole

    A Short History of The European Working Class - Abendroth

    Collected Works - Marx/Engels

    Karl Marx: Man and Fighter - Nicolaievsky

    Karl Marx - Otto Ruhle

    *Karl Marx - Franz Mehring

    *Friedrich Engels: His Life and Thought – Carver

    *Engels After Marx – Carver

    Marx and Engels: A Conceptual Concordance – Carver

    Marx and Engels: The Intellectual Relationship – Carver

    The Life and Thought of Friedrich Engels – Hunley

    Engels and The Formation of Marxism - Rigby

    The Letters of Karl Marx - Saul Padover, Ed.

    The Revolutionary Ideas of Friederich Engels (International Socialism #65, 1994)

    D. The Paris Commune

    *History of the Paris Commune - Lissagaray

    *History of the Paris Commune - Jellineck

    *The Civil War in France – Marx

    *Theses on the Paris Commune – S.I.

    The Paris Commune – Kropotkin

    The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State – Bakunin

    Unruly Women of Paris – G. Gullickson

    The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State – N. Walter

    Insurgent Identities: Class, Community, and Protest in Paris from 1848 to the Commune - Roger V. Gould

    The Paradise of Association: Political Culture and Popular Organizations in the Paris Commune of 1871 – M. Johnson

    From Appomattox to Montmartre: Americans and the Paris Commune - Philip Mark Katz

    The Paris commune of 1871: the view from the Left - Eugene Schulkind

    Red Virgin: Memoirs of Louise Michel - Louise Michel

    On the Paris Commune - Lenin

    On the Paris Commune - Trotsky

    The Paris Commune - Stuart Edwards

    The Paris Commune - Thompson

    Documents of the Paris Commune of 1871 - S. Edwards, Ed.

    E. The Second International, 1889-1914

    *Critique of The Gotha Program - Marx

    *Critique of the Erfurt Program - Engels

    The Second International - Joll

    The First Three Internationals - Novack

    History of Socialist Thought, Vols. 2-4 - Cole

    German Social-Democracy: 1905-1917 - Schorske

    Lenin's Struggle for a Revolutionary International, 1907-16

    Karl Kautsky and the Socialist Revolution - Salvatori

    Rosa Luxemburg: Her Life and Work – Frolich

    A Conflict of Interest: Women in German Social Democracy, 1919-1933 - Renate Pore

    Political Profiles - Trotsky

    The Mass Strike, The Political Party and The Trade Unions - Luxemburg

    Rosa Luxemburg Speaks

    Selected Writings - R. Luxemburg

    German Essays on Socialism in The 19th Century - The German Library Series, Vol. 41

    The Road to Power – Kautsky

    The Class Struggle – Kautsky

    History of the Bolshevik Party - Zinoviev

    The Bolsheviks in the Tsarist Duma - Badayev

    Twenty Years in Underground Russia - Bobrovskaya

    The Bolsheviks Under Illegality – Tchernmorodik

    Lenin and the Revolutionary Party – P. LeBlanc

    Reminiscences of Lenin – Krupskaya

    Memoirs of a Revolutionary – Eva Broido

    Leninism Under Lenin - Liebman

    Our Tasks - Trotsky

    The Second Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party

    A Documentary History of Communism - Daniels

    The Communist Party of the Soviet Union - Shapiro

    My Life as a Rebel - A. Balabanoff

    F. World War I and the Collapse of Social-Democracy

    Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism - Lenin

    The Collapse of the 2nd International - Lenin

    The Junius Pamphelet - Luxemburg

    Against the Stream - Lenin/Zinoviev

    Imperialism and the Split in Socialism – Lenin

    Socialism and the Great War – G. Haupt

    Why War? – K. Nelson/S. Olin, Jr.

    International Socialism and the World War – M. Fainsod

    Lenin's Struggle for a Revolutionary International

    The Balkan Wars – Trotsky

    The First Three Internationals - Novack

    Political Profiles - Trotsky

    On The Spartacus Program - R. Luxemburg

    The Guns of August - B. Tuchman

    The First World War: An Agrarian Interpretation - A. Offer

    The Persistence of The Old Regime - Arno Mayer

    The Other Battleground: The Home Fronts - Williams

    Also See Imperialism

    G. Prelude to The Russian Revolution

    1905 - Trotsky

    My Life - Trotsky

    The Prophet Unarmed - Deutscher (bio. of Trotsky)

    Lenin, Vol. 1,2 - T. Cliff

    Roots of Rebellion – Bonnell

    The Russian Worker – Bonnell

    Moscow, 1905 – L. Engelstein

    The Russian Revolution of 1905 – Schwarz

    The Making of a Workers’ Revolution: Russian Social Democracy - Wildman

    Collected Works of Lenin, Vol. 1-23

    On The Eve of 1917 - A. Shlyapnikov

    The Balkan Wars - Trotsky

    In War's Great Shadow - W. Bruce Lincoln

    The Russians Before The Great War - W. Bruce Lincoln

    Russian Factory Women – R. Glickman

    The Development of Capitalism in Russia – Lenin

    Russian Factory Women – R. Glickman

    A Radical Worker in Tsarist Russia - Zelnik

    H. The Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1917-21 (WARNING: No work takes a more ideological and manufactured quality than histories of the Russian Revolution. Among the academics, Rosenberg, McAuley, Rabinowitch, Malle, Smith, Carr and Rigby have significant sympathies with the Bolsheviks; Medvedev, Fitzpatrick, Sirianni, Avrich, Sakwa, Remington, Aves, Lincoln, and Service are more critical, while Leggett, Figes and Shkliarevsky are openly right-wing. This is just a rough ideological guide for the unwary.)

    10 Days That Shook the World - Reed

    Year One of the Russian Revolution - Serge

    History of the Russian Revolution - Trotsky

    *The Unknown Revolution : 1917-1921 - Voline

    *The Russian Revolution – Luxemburg

    *Kronstadt 1917-1921 : The Fate of a Soviet Democracy - Israel Getzler

    Forced Labour and Economic Development - S. Swianiewicz's

    *Utopia in Power: The History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Present - Mikhail Heller/Aleksandr Nekrich

    Lessons of October - Trotsky

    The Russian Revolution, 1917-1921 - R. Kowalski

    The Bolshevik Party in Conflict: The Left Communist Opposition of 1918 - R. Kowalski

    The Russian Revolution - Marcel Liebman

    Leninism Under Lenin – M. Liebman

    The ABC's of Communism - Bukharin/Preobrazhensky

    All Volumes for 1917 in Lenin's Collected Works

    *The Petrograd Workers and The Fall of The Old Regime - D. Mandel

    *The Petrograd Workers and The Soviet Seizure of Power - D. Mandel

    *The Bolshevik Revolution, Vol. 1-3 - E.H. Carr

    *The Workers Revolution in Russia - S. Smith

    Red Petrograd: Revolution in The Factories, 1917-18 - S. Smith

    The February Revolution: Petrograd, 1917 – T. Hasegawa

    The Workers’ Revolution in Russia in 1917 – Kaiser, Ed.

    Moscow Workers and the 1917 Revolution – D. Koenker

    The Bolsheviks Come To Power - Rabinowich

    Kronstadt and Petrograd - Raskolnikov

    Lenin, 3 Vols. - T. Cliff

    The Bolsheviks and the October Revolution: Minutes of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks), August 1917-February 1918 – A. Bonn, Ed.

    Red Guards and Workers’ Militias in the Russian Revolution – R. Wade

    Class Struggles in the USSR, 1917-1923 - Bettelheim

    Red Victory - Lincoln

    The Red Army - Wollenberg

    The Bolsheviks in Power - Ilyin-Zhenevsky

    Lenin's Moscow - Rosmer

    Leninism Under Lenin - Marcel Liebman

    The Russian Anarchists - Avrich

    The Anarchism of Nestor Makhno - M. Palij

    Nestor Makhno in the Russian Civil War - M. Malet

    Civil War in Russia – D. Footman

    Liberty Under the Soviets – R. Baldwin

    The Bolshevik Revolution - R. Medvedev

    Workers' Control and Socialist Democracy: The Soviet Experience - C. Sirianni

    Economic and Industrial Democracy - Sirianni

    Building Socialism in Soviet Russia - T. Remington

    Party, State and Society in the Russian Civil War - Koenker

    Labour in the Russian Revolution - G. Shkliarevsky

    Lenin: A Political Life, 3 Vols. - R. Service

    The Economic Organisation of War Communism - Malle

    Bread and Justice; State and Society in Petrograd 1917-22 - M. McAuley

    The Russian Revolution - R. Pipes

    Resolutions and Decisions of the CPSU - R. McNeal

    The Bolshevik Party in Conflict - R. Kowalski

    Lenin's Government - T. Rigby

    The Birth of the Propaganda State - P. Kenez

    Red Guards and Workers' Militia - R. Wade

    The Mensheviks after October - V. Brovkin

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    I. The Third International and the Revolutionary Wave

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    K. The Revolutionary Epoch: 1925-1939

    1. China, 1925-27:

    The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution - Isaacs

    On China - Trotsky

    Problems of The Chinese Revolution - Trotsky

    Chen Duxiu - L. Feigon

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    2. Britain, 1926:

    On Britain - Trotsky

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    See also: The Spanish Revolution


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    *See Class Struggle articles

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    Carry On Recruiting: Why the SWP dumped the ‘downturn’ in a ‘dash for growth’ – Trotwatch

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    Economics, Politics and the Age of Inflation

    Critique of Marcuse

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    Workers’ Councils

    Marx and Darwin

    Pannekoek and Gorter’s Marxism

    Lenin as Philosopher

    Trade Unions

    Party and Working Class

    General Remarks on the Question of Organization

    see Journals

    Capital and Class

    Common Sense

    Historical Materialism

    International Socialist Forum


    P. Anarchsim, Anarcho-syndicalism and Anarcho-communism


    No Gods, No Masters

    Anarchism: An Introduction

    *Murray Bookchin

    Listen, Marxist!

    Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism

    Post-Scarcity Anarchism

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    Anarchist Papers

    Re-Enchanting Humanity: A Defense of the Human Spirit Against Antihumanism, Misanthropy, Mysticism and Primitivism

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    The Politics of Social Ecology - Janet Biehl, w/ Murray Bookchin

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    Limits of the City

    The Third Revolution: Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era

    Hip Culture

    Modern Crisis

    Urbanization Without Cities: The Rise and Decline of Citizenship

    The Rise of Urbanization and the Decline of Citizenship

    *Errico Malatesta


    Fra Contadini: A Dialogue on Anarchy

    Selected Writings

    Malatesta's Anarchy

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    Anarchism and Other Essays

    Red Emma

    Living My Life, 2 Vols.

    *Mikhail Bakunin

    God and State

    The Basic Bakunin

    Bakunin on Anarchism

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    The Conquest of Bread and Other Writings: The Conquest of Bread and Other Writings

    Anarchism; & Anarchist communism: [two essays]

    The Essential Kropotkin

    Memoirs of a Revolutionist

    The State--Its Historic Role

    Act for Yourselves: Articles from Freedom 1886-1907

    Fields, Factories and Workshops

    The Modern State

    Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution

    Pierre Proudhon:

    The Philosophy of Poverty

    What is Property?

    The General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century

    The Principle of Federation

    Alexander Berkman:

    ABC of Anarchism

    The Bolshevik Myth

    The Anti-climax

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    Rudolf Rocker:


    Anarchism and Anarcho-syndicalism

    Nationalism and Culture

    The Truth About Spain

    The Tragedy of Spain

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    A Short history of Anarchism

    Anarchy Through The Times

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    History of Anarchism: Men and Movements in The History and Philosophy of Anarchism

    Unfolding of Anarchism: Its Origins and Historical Development to the Year 1864

    Noam Chomsky: (Note: There is no one book where Chomsky lays out his anarchism, but that is his political conclusion, so to speak. He is also super-prolific!)

    Class Warfare

    What Uncle Sam Really Wants

    The CIA's Greatest Hits

    Political Economy of Human Rights: The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism

    The Fateful Triangle (Israel, Palestine and the United States)

    Year 501

    Manufacturing Consent

    Chronicles of Dissent

    The Cold War and The University

    The Culture of Terrorism

    Deterring Democracy

    East Timor

    Identity and Struggles at the Margins of the Nation-State

    Keeping the Rabble in Line

    Language and Mind

    Language and Politics

    New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind

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    Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

    The New Military Humanism: Lessons from Kosovo

    On Language

    Power and Prospects

    Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order

    Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs

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    World Orders, Old and New

    After the Cataclysm: Postwar Indochina and the Reconstruction of Imperial Ideology

    The Essential Chomsky: Political Writings of Noam Chomsky

    Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

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    Pirates and Emperors: International Terrorism in the Real World

    Radical Priorities

    Turning the Tide: The US and Latin America

    American Power and the New Mandarins

    At War with Asia

    Peace in the Middle East?

    How Shall We Bring About the Revolution? : Syndicalism and the Co-Operative Commonwealth - Pataud/Pouget

    Sabotage - Emile Pouget 

    Beware Anarchist a Life for Freedom : An Autobiography - Augustin Souchy

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    1917. The Russian Revolution Betrayed - Voline

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    101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources for Self-Liberation, Monkey Wrenching and Preparedness - Claire Wolfe

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    Facing the Enemy: A History of Anarchism Organization from Proudhon to May 68 - Alexandre Skirda

    Gramsci and the Anarchists - Carl Levy

    Anarchism: Left, Right, and Green - Ulrike Heider

    III. The History of Pre-Capitalist Class Societies

    A. Ancient Near East

    New Light on The Most Ancient East - V. G. Childe

    Social Evolution - V. G. Childe

    Egypt's Making - M. Rice

    *The Emergence of Civilization - C.K. Maisels

    *Ancient Egypt: A Social History - Trigger/Kemp/O'Connor/Lloyd

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    History of New Testament Times - R. Pfeiffer

    B. Ancient China

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    Key Economic Areas in Chinese History - Chi Ch'ao Ting

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    Imperial China - Dawson

    Land Tenure and The Social Order in T'ang and Sung China - Twitchett

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    The Income of The Chinese Gentry - Chang

    Revolution and History - A. Dirlik

    C. Ancient India

    *The Wonder That Was India - A.L. Basham

    Women Writing in India, from 600 BC to The Present, 2 Vols. - S. Tharu/K. Lalita, Eds.

    Ancient India: A History of Its Culture and Civilization – Kosambi

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    Survey of Research in Economic and Social History of India – R. S. Sharma

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    Lokayata – Chattopadhyaya

    A History of Indian Materialism - Chattopadhyaya

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    Historical Introduction to The Study of Roman Law - H. Jolowicz

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    The Greek State - V. Ehrenburg

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    Roman Imperialism in The Late Republic - A. Badian

    *Social Conflicts in The Roman Republic - P.A. Brunt

    Italian Manpower, 225 BC to 14 AD - P.A. Brunt

    The Greek Tyrants - A. Andrewes

    Greek Society - A. Andrewes

    The Greeks - A. Andrewes

    Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves - S. Pomeroy


    Memoirs of Hadrian - Yourcenar

    Spartacus - Fast

    E. Feudalism

    *Passages From Antiquity to Feudalism - Anderson

    *Lineages of The Absolutist State - Anderson

    *Transition From Feudalism to Capitalism - Hilton, Ed.

    *Feudal Society, Vol. 1 and 2 – Bloch

    Europe and A People Without History - Wolf

    The Brenner Debate - Brenner, Et Al.

    History of The Middle Ages - H. Pirenne

    Thomas Moore and His Utopia - Kautsky


    The Abyss - Yourcenar

    F. The Islamic World

    *The Venture of Islam - Hodgson (Vol. 1-3)

    *The Arabs - Rodinson

    Orientalism - Said

    *Muhammad – Rodinson

    An Introduction to the Other History: Towards a New Reading of Islamic Tradition – Suleiman Basheer

    The Missing Truth – Farag Foda

    From the History of Atheism in Islam - Abdurrahman Badawi

    Secularism from a Different Perspective – Aziz al-Azmeh

    The Koran and The Book - Mohammed Shahrour

    Before European Hegemony – Abu-Lughod

    Asia Before Europe – Chaudhun

    Rethinking World History – Hodgson/Burke, Eds.

    The Colonizer’s Model of the World - Blaut

    Philosophy and Science in the Islamic World - C.A. Qadir

    Europe and The Mystique of Islam - Rodinson

    *Islam and Capitalism - Rodinson

    Islam - Voll

    G. The Empires of Latin America

    *Ancient American Civilizations - F. Katz

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    *Moon, Sun and Witches – Silverblatt

    The Evolution of Urban Society - McAdam

    The Aztec Image in Western Thought - Keen

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    Maya Explorer - Von Hagen

    The War of the Fatties and Other Stories from Aztec History - Novo

    People of the Shaking Earth - E. Wolf

    *Hugh Thomas:

    Conquest: Montezuma, Cortes and the Fall of Old Mexico

    The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico, 1517-21

    Yo, Moctezuma

    The Conquest of Mexico

    H. African Civilizations

    A Short History of Africa - Joffe

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    Self-Made Man - J. Kingdon

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    The Lost Cities

    The African Past

    The Growth of African Civilization: A History of Africa from 1000-1800

    A History of East and Central Africa to the Late Nineteenth Century

    African Kingdoms

    Black Mother: The African Slave Trade

    Guide to African History

    Africa in History: Themes and Outlines

    I. Primitive Communism and the Problems of Origins

    *Stone Age Economics - M. Sahlins

    *The Labour Theory of Culture - C. Woolfson

    *Gender at the Crossroads of Knowledge – di Leonardo, Ed.

    What is Archeology? – Courbin

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    Female Power and Male Dominance – Sanday

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    From Kinship to Kingship - C. W. Gailey

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    Women and Men, The Anthropologist's View - E. Freidl

    V Gordon Childe - Trigger

    The !Kung San - R. Lee

    Hunters and Gatherers, 2 vols. - Ingold/Riches/Woodburn

    Hunter Gatherers and the First Farmer Beyond Europe - J.V.S. Megaw

    From Foraging To Agriculture - D.O. Henry

    Before Civilization - C. Renfrew

    Explaining Cultural Change - C. Renfrew, Ed.

    Ohaffia: A Matrilineal Ibo People - P. S. Nsugbe

    Marxism and 'Primitive Societies' - M. Terray

    Sisters and Wives - K. Sachs

    The Revolutionary Ideas of Friedrich Engels (International Socialism 65, 1994)

    IV. The Historical Origins of Capitalism

    A. The Transition to Capitalism

    Arcane of Reproduction – L. Fortunati

    Caliban and the Witch – S. Federicci

    The Work of Love – dalla Costa

    Man's Worldly Goods - Huberman

    The Age of Revolution - Hobsbawm

    The Age of Capital - Hobsbawm

    The Age of Empire or Industry and Empire – Hobsbawm

    *The Brenner Debate – Philpin/Aston, Eds.

    The Origin of Capitalism – Wood

    The Pristine Culture of Capitalism – Wood

    *The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism – Holton, Sweezey, Dobb, et al.

    The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture - D. B. Davis

    The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution - D. B. Davis

    *Capitalism and Slavery – Williams

    *The Many-Headed Hydra – Linnebaugh/Rediker

    The Making of New World Slavery – Blackburn

    Studies in The Development of Capitalism - M. Dobb

    Social Origins of Dictatorship and Development - B. Moore, Jr.

    The Rise and Fall Of The Great Powers - P. Kennedy

    Absolutism and Revolution in Germany, 1525-1848 - Mehring

    *Europe and The People Without History - Wolf

    Religion and The Rise of Capitalism - R. H. Tawney

    The Colonizer’s Model of the World – Blaut

    The Invention of Capitalism – M. Perelman

    A History of Capitalism – M. Beaud

    The Structures of Everyday Life: Civilization and Capitalism - Fernand Braudel

    The Wheels of Commerce: Civilization and Capitalism – Fernand Braudel

    The Perspective of the World: Civilization and Capitalism – Fernand Braudel

    Modern World System I-III – I. Wallerstein

    The Capitalist World Economy - Wallerstein

    1. France:

    *The French Revolution, 1787-1799 – Soboul

    *Rethinking the French revolution - Comninel

    The French Revolution - Mathiez

    After Robespierre - Mathiez

    A Short History of the French Revolution - Soboul

    *The Sans-culottes - Soboul

    The Coming of the French Revolution - Lefebvre

    The French Revolution, Vol. 1-2 – Lefebvre

    The Crowd in the French Revolution – Rude

    Robespierre – Rude

    *The French Revolution – Rude

    The Jacobin Clubs in the French Revolution: The First Years – Kennedy

    The Jacobin Clubs in the French Revolution: The Middle Years – Kennedy

    The Jacobin Clubs in the French Revolution, 1793-95 – Kennedy

    The Jacobin Club of Marseilles, 1790-94 - Kennedy

    *The Social Interpretation of the French Revolution – Cobban

    Interpreting the French Revolution – Furet

    The French Revolution, 1770-1814 - Furet

    2. England:

    *The English People and The English Revolution - Manning

    *1649: The Crisis of the English Revolution - Manning

    *Century of Revolution – Hill

    *The First Modern Society – Beier

    *Merchants and Revolution - Brenner

    The World Turned Upside Down - Hill

    The Experience of Defeat – Hill

    The Poverty of Theory and Other Essays - E.P. Thompson

    *A Trumpet of Sedition – Wood

    Revising the English Revolution - Eley

    3. Germany:

    *The Peasant War in Germany - Engels

    *The Role of Force in History - Engels

    Bismarck and The German Empire – Eyck

    The Peculiarities of German History – Blackbourn/Eley, Eds.

    Society, Culture and the State in Germany, 1870-1930 – Eley, Ed.

    4. Japan:

    Revolution From Above: Military Bureaucrats and Development in Japan, Turkey, Egypt and Peru – Trimberger

    Lineages of the Absolutist State - Anderson

    5. The Netherlands

    6. The United States

    See Sections B, C, and D under United States History (Section V of this Guide.)

    B. Bonapartism and the Revolutions of 1848

    *The Revolutions of 1848 - Robertson

    *1848: The Making of a Revolution - Duveau

    *The Class Struggle in France - Marx

    *The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte - Marx

    *Revolution and Counterrevolution in Germany - Engels

    The Red 48ers - Hammen

    The Opening of an Era:1848 - Fejto

    The Story of a Year:1848 - Postgate

    Restoration, Revolution, Reaction (Germany) - Hamerow

    V. United States History

    A. General American History

    *A People's History of the United States - Zinn

    America's Revolutionary Heritage - Novack

    *Contours of American History - W.A. Williams

    *The Tragedy of American Diplomacy - W.A. Williams

    Who Built America? (2 vols.) - H.C. Gutman

    Letters To Americans, 1848-1895 - Marx/Engels

    Lenin On The United States

    The Politics of History - Zinn

    Declarations of Independence - Zinn

    Year 501 - N. Chomsky

    1. Class and Power in The U.S.

    *Who Rules America - Domhoff

    Who Rules America Now - Domhoff

    The Powers That Be – Domhoff

    Critical Legal Theory – Kelman

    *Inheriting Shame: Eugenics and Racism - Selden

    Race & State in Capitalist Development - Greenberg

    In the Shadow of the Poorhouse – M. Katz

    What's Love Got To Do With It? A History of U.S. Charity - David Wagner

    The Counselor as Gatekeeper – Erickson/Schultze

    Power, Politics and Crime - Chambliss

    Law, Order and Power - Chambliss/Seidman

    Whose Law and What Order? A Conflict Approach to Crimnology - Chambliss/Mankoff

    History of American Law - Friedman

    Crime and punishment in American History - Friedman

    A People's History of the Supreme Court - Irons

    Race, Crime and Law - Kennedy

    Black labor and The American Legal System - Hill

    Black Robes, White Justice - Wright

    Imagining The Law - Cantor

    The Transformation of American Law, 2 Vols. - Horwitz

    Crime and Punishment in America - Currie

    A Primer in Radical Criminology - Lynch/Groves

    Class, State and Crime - Quinney

    Critique of Legal Order - Quinney

    Capitalism, Patriarchy and Crime - Messerschmidt

    Regulating the Poor – Cloward/Fox-Piven

    *Sharing The Pie - Brouer

    Classes - Erik Olin Wright

    Wealth and Power in America - Kolko

    Power and The Powerless - Parenti

    The Power Elite - Mills

    Power and Culture - H.C. Gutman

    Militarism, U.S.A. - Donovan

    Class And Conflict in American Society - Lejuene

    Who Gets What From Government - Page

    2. Native American History, General

    Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - Brown

    Black Elk Speaks

    Black Hills/White Justice - Lazarus

    The Conquest of America - Todorov

    Capitalism and Conquest - Broue

    Marxism and Native Americans - W. Churchill

    The Slaveholding Indians - A. Abel

    Red, White, and Black - G. Nash

    Redskins, Ruffleshirts, and Rednecks - M. E. Young


    Louise Erdrich

    The Beet Queen

    Love Medicine


    The Bingo Palace

    House Made of Dawn - Momaday

    Ceremony - Silko

    Creek Mary's Blood - Brown

    3. African-American History, General

    *Before the Mayflower - Bennett, Jr.

    *Economics of Racism, U.S.A. - Perlo

    *The Political Economy of The Black Ghetto - Tabb

    *How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America - Marable

    *Race Rebels - R.D.G. Kelley

    Standing at Armageddon – Painter

    Black Workers’ Struggles in Detroit’s Auto Industry - Fujita

    American Socialism and Black Americans: From the Age of Jackson to World War II - Philip S. Foner

    The Black Worker, 8 Vols. - Philip S. Foner

    In Red and Black: Marxian Explorations in Southern and Afro-American History - E. Genovese

    From Plantation to Ghetto - Meier/Rudwick

    Chronicles of Black Protest - Chambers

    The Wages of Whiteness - Roediger

    The Rise and Fall of the White Republic - Saxon

    Black Protest – Grant

    Critical Race Theory -

    Black Resistance/White Law - M.F. Berry

    Black Self-Determination - Franklin

    Neither Black Nor White - Macmillan

    Civil Rights and African-Americans - Blaustein/Zangrando, Eds.

    The Making of Black America, 2 vols. - Meier/Rudwick, Eds.

    *A Documentary History of The Negro People in the U.S., vols. 1-7 - Aptheker

    4. Organized Labor, General

    *Labor Wars - Lens

    *Strike - Brecker

    100 Years of Labor in the U.S.A. - Guerrin

    *The Negro and The American Labor Movement - Jacobson, Ed.

    *Women and The American Labor Movement - Foner

    *Organized Labor and The Black Worker - P. Foner

    A Short History of Labor Conditions under Capitalism in the United States of America, 1789-1946 - Kuczynski

    Our Own Time - Roediger/Foner

    Yankee Unions, Go Home! - J. Scott

    The Second Shift: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home - Hochschild

    The War On Labor and The Left - P. Cayo Sexton

    All Day, Every Day - Westwood

    Sparrows Point - M. Reutter

    The Crisis of American Labor - Lens

    American Labor Struggles - Yellen

    *Labor's Untold Story - Boyer/Morais

    5. Women's History, General

    *Women, Work and Protest - Milkman

    *Century of Struggle – Flexner

    Women’s Legacy: Essays in Race, Sex and Class in American History – B. Aptheker

    We Were There - Barbara Mayer Wertheimer

    Sex, Race and the Role of Women in the South – Janiewski

    Between Women – Domestics and Their Employers – J. Rollins

    Women in Movement - Sheila Rowbotham
    Women and the Politics of Empowerment – Bookman/Morgen, Eds.

    Women and The American Labor Movement - P. Foner

    *When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America - P. Giddings

    Out to Work - Kessler-Harris

    Issei, Nisei, War Bride: Three Generations of Japanese American Women in Domestic Service – E. Nakano Glenn

    Nobody Speaks For Me - N. Seifer, Ed.

    *Race, Gender and Work - T. Amott/J. Matthaei

    Pornography and Silence - Griffin

    6. Chicano History, General

    *A Documentary History of The Mexican-Americans - W. Moquin, Ed.

    Occupied America - Acuña

    Chicanos in a Changing Society – Camarillo

    Twice a Minority: Mexican American Women – Melville, Ed.

    Race and Class in the Southwest - Barrera

    B. The American Revolution

    *America's Revolutionary Heritage (sections) - George Novack

    *A People's History of The United States (sections) - H. Zinn

    *An Economic Interpretation of The Constitution - Charles & Mary Beard

    *The American Revolution - H. Aptheker

    *The American Revolution - Alfred Young

    Class Conflict, Slavery and the U.S. Constitution - S. Lynd

    Early Years of The Republic - H. Aptheker

    Republican Religion: The American Revolution and The Cult of Reason - G. Koch

    C. Pre-1860

    1. General Overviews

    *Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men - E. Foner

    Race and Politics - J. Rawley

    2. Slavery and African-American History

    Herbert Aptheker:

    *American Negro Slave Revolts

    To Be Free

    Nat Turner's Rebellion

    Eugene Genovese:

    *The Political Economy of Slavery

    *From Rebellion to Revolution

    *The World the Slaveowners Made

    Slavery in the New World - w/L. Foner

    *Roll, Jordan, Roll

    In Red and Black

    Ulrich Bonnell Phillips:

    American Negro Slavery

    Life and Labor in the Old South

    The Slave Economy of the Old South - E. Genovese, Ed.

    *Capitalism and Slavery - Williams

    *North of Slavery - Leon Litwack

    *How The Irish Became White – Ignatiev

    *The Invention of the White Race, 2 Vols. – Allen

    *Wages of Whiteness – Roediger

    *The Rise and Fall of the White Republic – Saxon

    Black Majority – P. Wood

    The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas - Eltis

    Slave Insurrections in the United States - J. C. Carroll

    Black Rebellion - T. W. Higginson

    Army Life in a Black Regiment - T. W. Higginson

    Gentlemen of Property and Standing - Leonard Richards

    The Rise and Fall of Black Slavery - C. D. Rice

    The Slave Community - J. Blassingame

    Black Odyssey: The African-American Ordeal in Slavery - N. Huggins

    “This Species of Property”: Slave Life and Culture in the Old South - L. H. Owens

    Hard Trials on My Way: Slaver and The Struggle Against It - J. A. Scott

    The Negro on the Frontier - K. W. Porter

    History of Black Americans: From Africa to the Emergence of the Cotton Kingdoms - P. Foner

    Business and Slavery: The New York Merchants and The Irre[ressible Conflict - P. Foner

    American Slavery: The Question of Resistance - Bracey, Ed.

    The Peculiar Institution - Kenneth Stampp

    Industrial Slavery in the Old South - R. Starobin

    Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - Brent

    The Nat Turner Rebellion - Duff

    Black Cargoes - Mannix/Cowley

    Reckoning With Slavery - David, et al.

    John Brown - W.E.B. DuBois

    The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States - W. E. B. DuBois

    *Within the Plantation Household - E. Fox-Genovese

    *The Black Family Under Slavery and Freedom - Guttman

    Colonists in Bondage - Smith

    Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

    Black Culture and Black Consciousness - L. Levine

    The Religion of the Slaves - O. Alho

    *Tobacco and Slaves – Kulikoff

    *American Slavery, American Freedom - Morgan

    3. Women's History

    *Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1850 - Pinchbeck

    The Origins of Modern Feminism In Britain, France and The United States, 1780-1860 - J. Kendall

    D. Civil War and Reconstruction

    1. General Overviews

    *Marx On America and The Civil War

    *On The Civil War in The U.S. - Marx/Engels

    2. African-American History

    *Black Power, U.S.A. - Lerone Bennett, Jr.

    *Black Reconstruction in America, 1860-1880 - DuBois

    *Reconstruction, 1867-1877 - Eric Foner

    A Short History of Reconstruction - E. Foner

    Reconstruction - Staughton Lynd

    The Negro's Civil War - J. McPherson

    The Era of Reconstruction - K. Stampp

    The History of Black Americans: From the Compromise of 1850 to the End of the Civil War - P. Foner


    Freedom Road - Fast

    Beloved - Morrison

    3. Organized Labor

    Black Scare - Wood

    History of the Labor Movement in the U.S., Vol. 1 - Phillip Foner

    See Also: General American History

    4. Women's History

    Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in The U.S., 1848-1869 - E.C. DuBois

    E. 1860-1890

    1. General

    Nature's Metropolis - Cronon

    Race and Manifest Destiny - Horsman

    The Emerging Order: God in The Age of Scarcity - Rifkin/Howard

    2. Organized Labor

    *History of The Labor Movement in The U.S., Vol. 2 - P. Foner

    The Autobiographies of The Haymarket Martyrs - P. Foner

    *The Great Rebellion of 1877 - P. Foner

    Lucy Parsons: American Revolutionary - Ashbaugh

    Beyond the Martyrs: A Social History of Chicago's Anarchists, 1870-1900 - Bruce C. Nelson

    See General Labor History

    3. African-American History

    *The Strange Career of Jim Crow - C. Vann Woodward

    *The Rise and Fall of The White Republic - Alexander Saxton

    Collected Works of W.E.B. DuBois

    4. Women's History

    Woman and Labor - Olive Shreiner

    The Rising of The Women - M. Tax

    F. 1890-1918

    1. General Overviews

    *The Spanish-Cuban-American War and The Birth of American Imperialism, Vol. 1 & 2 - P. Foner

    *The Populist Moment – Goodwyn

    Wilson vs. Lenin: Political Origins of the New Diplomacy, 1914-1918 – Arno Mayer

    Woodrow Wilson and World Politics – G. Levin

    2. Organized Labor

    *Autobiography of Big Bill Haywood

    *Rebel Girl - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

    *The Socialist Party of America - Shannon

    The I.W.W.: Its History, Structure And Methods - V. St. john

    The Indispensable Enemy - Alexander Saxton

    The Wobblies - Renshaw

    We Shall Be All – Dubofsky

    Red November, Black November - Salerno

    Rebel Voices - Kornbluh

    *The Autobiography of Mother Jones

    *History of The Labor Movement in the U.S., Vol. 2-7 - P. Foner

    Eugene V. Debs Speaks

    Industrial Unionism - Trautmann

    Direct Action and Sabotage - Trautmann


    The Jungle - Upton Sinclair

    Rivington Street

    3. African-American History

    The Souls Of Black Folks - DuBois

    *Collected Works of W.E.B. DuBois

    *Land of Hope - Grossman

    Black Manhattan - James Weldon Johnson

    *Race Relations in the Urban South - H. Rabinowitz

    4. Women's History

    *The Rising of The Women - Meredith Tax

    The Ideas of The Woman Suffrage Movement - Aileen Kraditor

    G. 1919-1920

    1. Organized Labor

    *Revolution in Seattle - O'Connor

    The Seattle General Strike - Freidheim

    *Labor in Crisis: The Steel Strike of 1919

    Left, Right and Center - Sydney Lens

    *History of The Labor Movement in The U.S., Vol. 8, 9 - P. Foner

    2. African-American History

    *Black Chicago - Allen Spear

    *Race Riot - Tuttle

    *Race Riot at East St. Louis - E. Rudwick

    H. 1918-1941

    1. General

    *Class Struggle and the New Deal - R.F. Levine

    *New Deal Thought - H. Zinn

    The Bolshevik Revolution: Its Impact on American Radicals, Liberals and Labor - P. Foner, Ed.

    2. Organized Labor


    *The Lean Years - Bernstein

    The Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti - Nicola Sacco, et al

    All the Right Enemies: The Life and Murder of Carlo Tresca - Dorothy Gallagher

    Sacco and Vanzetti

    Pages From A Workers' Life - William Z. Foster

    Labor Radical - Len Decaux

    Steel Workers in America: The Non-Union Era - Brody


    *Labor's Giant Step - Preis


    Teamster Rebellion

    Teamster Power

    Teamster Politics

    Teamster Bureaucracy

    *The Depression of the Thirties - Anderson

    *A Union Against Unions: The Minneapolis Citizens’ Alliance - Millikan

    *Organize! – Mortimer

    The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Lichtenstein

    *Rank And File Rebellion - Lynd

    *The Flint Sit-down Strike (Spark)

    *A Black Worker in the Deep South - Hudson

    *Hammer and Hoe - Kelley

    *Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights - M. Honey

    *Communists in Harlem During the Depression – Naison

    *We Are All Leaders – Lynd, Ed.

    Black Bolshevik - Haywood

    American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw

    *Mean Things Happening in this Land - Mitchell

    Making A New Deal, Industrial Workers in Chicago 1919-39 - L. Cohen

    Brother Bill McKie - Bonofsky

    Harry Bridges - Larrowe

    John L. Lewis - S. Alinsky

    Black Detroit and The Rise of The U.A.W. - Meier/Rudwick


    The Grapes of Wrath - Steinbeck*

    In Dubious Battle - Steinbeck*

    Yonandio from the Thirties - Olsen*

    Studs Lonigan - Farrell

    Storming Heaven - Giardina*

    1919 - Dos Passos

    The Big Money - " "

    The 42nd Parallel - " "

    Union Square - M. Tax

    3. The Communist Party in the U.S.: 1918-1945

    *The Roots of American Communism - Draper

    *The First Ten Years of American Communism - Cannon

    *James P. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism, 1920-28

    *American Communism and Soviet Russia - Draper

    *The Heyday of American Communism - Klehr

    The Romance of American Communism - Gornick

    Communists in Harlem During The Great Depression - Naison

    Hammer and Hoe - Kelley

    A Black Worker in The Deep South - Hudson

    American Trade Unionism - W.Z. Foster

    New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U.S. Communism - Brown

    History of The U.S. Labor Movement, Vol. 9 - P. Foner

    Revolutionary Continuity: Birth of the Communist Movement - Dobbs

    American Communism and Black Americans: A Documentary History, 2 Vols, 1919-1929 and 1930-1934 - P. Foner

    4. Women's History

    New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U.S. Communism (sections)

    Revolt Against Chivalry - Hall

    5. African-American History

    *Marcus Garvey and The Vision of Africa - Clarke, Ed.

    *Black Moses: The Story of Marcus Garvey - Cronon

    Black Power and the Garvey Movement - T. Vincent

    Land of Hope - Grossman

    A New Deal For Blacks - Sitkoff

    Negroes and The Great Depression - Wolters

    Revolt Against Chivalry - Hall

    Black Milwaukee - Trotter

    Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights - M. Honey

    *Hammer and Hoe - Kelley

    Communists in Harlem During the Depression - Naison

    *Fighting Racism in WWII - C.L.R. James

    Communist Councilman from Harlem - B.J. Davis

    The Negro in Depression and War - Sternsher

    Race Relations in The Urban South - H. Rabinowitz


    Black Boy - Wright

    Native Son - " "

    Uncle Tom's Children - " "

    Invisible Man - Ellison

    Blues For Mister Charlie - Baldwin

    Jazz - Morrison

    My Soul's High Song, Collected Writings of Countee Cullen

    I. World War II

    1. General Overviews

    See: General Works on American History

    *The SWP in World War II - Cannon

    *Fighting Racism in WWII - C.L.R. James

    2. Organized Labor

    *Labor's Giant Step (sections) - Art Preis

    *Labor's War At Home - Lichtenstein

    *American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw

    *Wages and Profits in Wartime (Labor Research Assoc.)

    The Politics of War - G. Kolko


    Gone To Soldiers - Marge Piercy

    J. The Cold War and McCarthyism

    *Free World Colossus - Horowitz

    *Corporations and The Cold War - Williams

    *The Intellectuals And McCarthy - Rogin

    *Invitation To An Inquest - Schneir

    *Cold War and Counterrevolution - Walton

    *The Truman Era - Stone

    *The Haunted Fifties - Stone

    The Cruel Peace - F. Inglis

    Empire and Revolution - D. Horowitz

    Lives in the Balance - Nissani

    Thirty Years of Treason - E. Bentley

    Pax Americana - Steel

    *American Communism in Crisis, 1943-1957 - Starobin

    America, Russia and The Cold War - Lafeber

    K. The Korean War

    *Korea: The Unknown War - Cummings/Halliday

    *The Hidden History of The Korean War - Stone

    L. 1946-1971

    1. General

    The Socialist Register, 1967-1971

    Coming Apart - O'Neill

    In A Time of Torment - I.F. Stone

    Intervention and Revolution - R. Barnet

    Empire and Revolution - D. Horowitz

    The End of Liberalism - Lowi

    Lives in the Balance - Nissani

    Growing Up Before Stonewall - Nardi/Sanders/Marmor

    2. Organized Labor

    *Labor's Giant Step (sections) - Preis

    *Rank and File - Lynd

    *An Injury to All – Moody

    *Rise of the Workers’ Movements – Root and Branch

    Prisoners of the American Dream - Davis

    Rank and File Rebellion – LaBotz

    The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Lichtenstein

    *50 Years of the U.A.W. - Anderson

    *UAW Politics in the Cold War Era - Martin Halpern

    *American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw

    *American Labor and U.S. Foreign Policy - Ronald Radosh

    The Fight For Union Democracy in Steel (SWP)

    Class Struggle Articles

    The Politics of Plant Closings - Portz


    Crystal Lee - Leiferman

    Rivethead - Hamper

    Red Baker - Ward

    Table Money - Breslin

    The Dollmaker - Arnow

    3. African-American History

    The Civil Rights Movement:

    *Negroes with Guns - Williams

    *My Soul is Rested - Raines

    *Paul Robeson Speaks

    But For Birmingham - G. Eskew

    Coming of Age in Mississippi - Moody

    Black Like Me - Griffin

    *In Struggle: SNCC and The Black Awakening of The 1960's - Clayborn Carson

    Why We March - Soul Brother No. 44

    Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community - M.L. King

    Free At Last? - Powledge

    Freedom Summer - McAdam

    Here I Stand - Paul Robeson

    Black Nationalism and Black Power, 1960-71:

    *Malcolm X:

    Autobiography of Malcolm X

    By Any Means Necessary

    Last Speeches

    The Final Speeches

    Malcolm X Speaks

    The Last Year of Malcolm X - G. Breitman

    *Black Nationalism - Essien-Udom

    *The Black Muslims in America - Lincoln

    *The Black Panthers Speak - P. Foner, Ed.

    Rebellion in Newark - Hayden

    To Die For The People - Huey Newton

    Revolutionary Suicide - Huey Newton

    *Race, Reform and Rebellion, 1945-1984 - Marable

    *Black Awakening in Capitalist America - Allen

    *Die, Nigger, Die – Brown

    The American Revolution – Boggs

    Racism and the Class Struggle - Boggs

    *James Forman:

    The Making of Black Revolutionaries


    Sammy Younge, Jr.

    The Political Thought of James Forman

    High Tide of Black Resistance

    If They Come in The Morning - Angela Davis

    *A Taste of Power - Elaine Brown

    *From The Dead Level with Malcolm X - Jamaal

    *The Autobiography of Angela Davis

    On The Ideology of the Black Panther Party - E. Cleaver

    Soul on Ice - Cleaver

    Burn, Baby, Burn - Cohen/Murphy

    Revolutionary Notes - J. Lester

    *Detroit: I Do Mind Dying - Georgakas/Surkin

    *Black Workers’ Struggles in Detroit’s Auto Industry – K. Fujita

    *Class, Race and Worker Insurgency: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers - Geshwender

    The Myth of Black Capitalism - E. Ofari

    Black Macho and The Myth of The Superwoman - M. Wallace

    *Black Power - Carmichael

    *Seize the Time - Seale

    Race Relations in The Urban South - H. Rabinowitz

    In The Belly of The Beast - Abbott

    The Autobiography of LeRoi Jones

    *Blood in My Eye - Jackson

    Attica: Report of The New York State Special Commission

    Kerner Commission Report on Civil Disturbances

    One Year Later (Kerner Commission)

    Soledad Brother - Jackson

    New Day in Babylon - W. Van Deburg


    *If Beale Street Could Talk - Baldwin

    Nobody Knows My Name - Baldwin

    *Another Country - Baldwin

    Tell Me How Long The Train's Been Gone - Baldwin

    *The Fire Next Time - Baldwin

    4. Women's History

    *Personal Politics, The Roots of Women's Liberation in The Civil Rights Movement and The New Left - Sara Evans

    Progressive Women in Conservative Times - S. Lynn

    5. Native American History

    Lakota Woman - M. Brave Bird

    6. Gay and Lesbian History

    Growing Up Before Stonewall – Nardi/Marmor/Sanders, Eds.

    1. Chicano History

    United We Win: The Rise and Fall of La Raza Unida Party – I. Garcia

    *Youth, Identity, Power - C. Munoz, Jr

    La Raza - S. Steiner

    Chicanismo - Gonzalez

    8. Class and Power

    The Legislation of Morality - Duster

    The President's Report on Occupational Health and Safety (1972)

    Muscle and Blood - Scott

    War at Home: Covert Action and What We Can Do About It - B. Glick

    COINTELPRO: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom - N. Blackstone

    The Monopoly Makers - Nader Report

    The Closed Enterprise System - Nader Report

    M. The Vietnam War and The Anti-War Movement

    Abuse of Power - Draper

    *Fire in The Lake - Fitzgerald

    *The Vietnam Wars - M. Young

    *Vietnam: Anatomy of War - G. Kolko

    *American Labor and The Indochina War - P. Foner

    Vietnam - Karnow

    *Out Now! - Halsted

    *SDS - Sale

    We Won't Go - A. Lynd

    Everything We Had - Al Santoli

    Bloods - W. Terry

    In A Time of Torment - I.F. Stone

    Working Class -

    Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal - H. Zinn

    Rethinking Camelot - N. Chomsky

    Class Struggle Articles on Vietnam


    Vida - Piercy

    Born on The Fourth of July - Kovic

    Going After Cacciato - O'Brien

    If I Die in A Combat Zone - O'Brien

    Paco's Story - Heineman

    Zombie Jamboree - Merkin

    N. 1971-Present

    1. General

    *Corruptions of Empire - Alexander Cockburn

    *Prisoners of The American Dream - Mike Davis

    *Discrimination: It's Economic Impact on Blacks, Women and Jews - Cherry

    Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower - Blum

    Derailing Democracy: The America The Media Don't Want You to See - McGowan

    After The Cataclysm - N. Chomsky

    *Manufacturing Consent - N. Chomsky

    Towards a New Cold War - N. Chomsky

    City of Quartz - M. Davis

    *The Worst Years of Our Lives - B. Ehrenreich

    Going To The Territory - R. Ellison

    *Longer Hours, Fewer Jobs - M. Yates

    Live in the Balance - Nissani

    Freedom at Risk - Curry, Ed.

    Western State Terrorism - A. George, Ed.

    The Gang as an American Enterprise – Padillo

    What's Behind The Attack On Politically Correct (International Socialist Organization)

    The Socialist Register, 1971-199?

    2. Women's History

    *Caught in the Crisis – Amott

    *Glass Ceilings and Bottomless Pits: Women's Work, Women's Poverty – R. Albelda/C. Tilly

    *Backlash - Faludi

    Ain't I A Woman - Bell Hooks

    Woman's Body, Woman's Right - Linda Gordon

    Sexual Harassment of Working Women - MacKinnon

    My Enemy, My Love - Levine

    White Women, Race Matters - Frankenberg

    Subject Women - A. Oakley

    Liberation Now!

    The Rights of Women - Deller Ross/A. Barcher

    The Past Is Before Us - Rowbotham

    Nobody Speaks for Me - N. Seifer

    Daring To Be Bad - Alice Echols

    Women in the Global Factory - Fuentes/Ehrenreich

    Against Our Will - Brownmiller

    *The War Against Abortion Rights (Socialist Action)

    Deals With the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot - P. Cleage

    3. Organized Labor

    *The State of Working America (Multiple Editions over the decades)

    One Market Under God - T. Frank

    The New Rank and File - Lynd/Lynd

    No Sweat - A. Ross

    Not Your Father's Labor Movement - Mort

    *Trade Unions and Socialist Politics - J. Kelly

    Lessons of The P-9 Strike (Socialist Action)

    American Stalinism in Crisis (Socialist Action)

    *Workers of The World Undermined - B. Sims

    *American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw

    Hard-pressed in the Heartland: Hormel - Rachleff

    On Strike At Hormel - Green

    A Primer on American Labor law - Gould

    See Class Struggle articles

    4. Class and Power

    Hacktivism – Electronic Disturbance Theatre

    Digital Resistance – Critical Art Ensemble

    Living on the Edge – Rank

    The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations - Janet Thomas

    Gloablization From Below: The Power of Solidarity - Brecher

    Global Village or Global Pillage? - Brecher

    Globalize This! The Battle Against the WTO - Danaher/Burbach, eds.

    The WTO After Seattle - Jeffrey Schott

    Whiteout – Cockburn/St. Claire

    Five Days that Shook the World – Cockburn/St. Claire

    Al Gore: A User’s Guide – Cockburn/St. Claire

    *The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison - Reiman

    *Wall Street: How It Works and For Whom - D. Henwood

    Downsize This – M. Moore

    Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire – C. Johnson

    *The “Underclass” Debate – M. Katz

    Triumph of the Market – E. S. Herman

    Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise – Butterfield

    The Visible Poor – J. Blau

    Corporate Crimes, Corporate Violence - Frank/Lynch

    The Cigarette papers - Glantz/Stanton/et al

    Corporate Violence: Injury and Death For Profit - Hills/Stuart/et al

    Dangerous Premises: An Insider's View of OSHA - Lofgren

    Corporate Crime and Violence - Mokhiber

    How to Survive in America the poisoned - Regenstein

    Toil and Toxics: Workplace Struggles and political Strategies for Occupational Health - Robinson

    Capital Crimes - WinslowCriminology and Justice - Voigt/et al

    Unnatural Causes: Three Leading Killer Diseases in America - Sondik

    Retreat From Safety: Reagan's Attack on America's Health - Claybrook, et al.

    Quality of Life in American Neighborhoods: Levels of Affluence, Toxic Waste, and Cancer Mortality in Residential Zip Code Areas - Gould

    Serving the Few: Corporate Capitalism and the Bias of Government Policy - Greenberg

    Industry and Influence in Federal Regulatory Agencies - Quirk

    Legalize It? Debating American Drug policy - Trebach/Inciardi

    The Heroin Solution - Trebach

    Just Deserts for Corporate Criminals - Schlegel

    Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice and Communities of Color - Bullard, ed.

    Crime and the Politics of Hysteria - Anderson

    Corporate Corruption - Clinard

    S & L Hell - Day

    Pipe Dream Blues: Racism and the War on Drugs - Lusane

    Race and Criminal Justice - Lynch/Patterson

    Corporate Crime - Pearce/Snider

    Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans - Pizzo, et al.

    Elite Deviance - Simon/Eitzen

    Crimes in the Streets and Crimes in the Suites - Timmer/Eitzen

    Death penalty Sentencing: Research Indicates pattern of Racial Discrimination - U.S. General Accounting Office Report

    Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure - Baum

    Power, Crime and Mystification - Box

    Entertaining Crime - Fishman/Cavender

    The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice - Kappeler, Victor, et al.

    Media, Crime and Criminal Justice: Images and Realities - Surette

    Political Criminality - Turk

    Crime Control as Industry - Christie

    Making a Killing: The Business of Guns in America - Diaz

    The Real War on Crime - Donziger, ed.

    The Perpetual Prisoner Machine - Dyer

    It's About Time: America's Imprisonment Binge - Irwin/Austin

    Did Getting Tough on Crime Pay? - Lynch/Sabol

    Land of Opportunity - Adler

    The Mirage of Safety - Hunter

    Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama – Danaher

    Merchants of Misery – M. Hudson

    The New Protectionism - Lang/Hines

    5. African-American History

    *Two Nations - A. Hacker

    *Race, Class and Conservatism - T.D. Boston

    The Political Economy of Racism - M.M. Leiman

    *Adolph Reed, Jr.:

    Class Notes

    Stirrings in the Jug

    W.E.B. DuBois and American Political Thought

    The Jesse Jackson Phenomemon

    *Manning Marable:

    The Crisis of Color and Democracy : Essays on Race, Class and Power

    Black Politics in Conservative America

    Blackwater : Historical Studies in Race, Class Consciousness, and Revolution

    Black Liberation in Conservative America

    Ways With Words - Heath

    The Economics of Racism, U.S.A. - V. Perlo

    Racial Stratification in America - Geshwender

    Confronting Authority - D. Bell

    And We Are Not Saved - D. Bell

    Out of Order - E. Cashmore/E. McLaughlin

    Deals with the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot - P. Cleage

    The State of Black America 1990 - National Urban League

    Quiet Riots - Harris/Wilkins

    Why Black People Shout - R. Wiley

    What We Should Do Now - R. Wiley

    Black Ice - Lorene Cary

    Black Labor and The American Legal System - Hill

    6. Chicano/Latino History

    *Cutting For Sign - W. Langewiesche

    *Huelga – Nelson

    Anything But Mexican - Acuña

    Cannery Women, Cannery Lives – V. Ruiz

    Women’s Work and Chicano Families - Zavella

    *Always Running - L. Rodruguez

    7. Native American History

    Ohitika Woman - M. Brave Bird

    8. Gay and Lesbian History

    Out of the Past – Miller

    No Bath, But Plenty of Bubbles – Power

    VI. Marxism, Global Capital and The Question of Imperialism

    A. Orthodox Imperialism

    Imperialism – Lenin

    Against the Current – Lenin/Zinoviev

    Leon Trotsky:


    On China

    Results and Prospects/Permanent Revolution

    Finance Capital - R. Hilferding

    The Accumulation of Capital - R. Luxemburg

    The Accumulation of Capital: An Anti-Critique - R. Luxemburg

    Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital - N. Bukharin

    Imperialism and the World Economy - N. Bukharin

    Labor and Monopoly Capital - H. Braverman

    Late Capitalism - E. Mandel

    Monopoly Capital - P. Baran/P. Sweezy

    Marxism and the New Imperialism, SWP(GB)

    B. Imperialism: Dependency and World-Systems Theory

    C. Imperialism as Practice

    Angus Maddison:

    C. Imperialism as Practice

    Oil and The Class Struggle - Joe Stork

    A Fate Worse Than Debt - George

    Bread and Guns - Harris

    The End of the Third World - Harris

    Peasants and Proletarians - Cohen

    Imperialism and Underdevelopment - Rhodes, Ed.

    Corporate Imperialism - Girvan

    Pentagon Capitalism - Melman

    Peasant Wars of the 20th Century - Wolf

    Development, Crises and Alternative Visions - Sen/Grown

    Western Capitalism since the War - Kidron

    The New State of the World Atlas - M. Kidron

    Industrialization and Development in the Third World - R. Chandra

    Transnational Corporations - R. Jenkins

    Killing Hope – Blum

    Neocolonialism – Vakhrushev

    An Introduction to Neo-Colonialism – Woddis

    The Meaning of the Second World War - Ernest Mandel

    D. Global Capital Vs. Global Labor: Critique of Theories of Imperialism

    *'Decadence': The Theory of Decline or The Decline of Theory?, 3 parts - Aufheben Web Site

    Empire – Negri

    The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism – F. Perlman

    E. From Keynsianism to Globalization: Crisis Without End?

    1. Class Composition, Overaccumulation and Crisis (and related materials)

    *The Politics of Change – Bonefeld, Ed.

    *The Politics of Europe – Bonefeld/Psychopedis, Eds.

    *Keynsianism, Monetarism and the Crisis of the State – Clarke

    *Global Capital, National State and the Politics of Money – Bonefeld/Holloway, Eds.

    *Historical Materialism, Issues #4, 5 (Critique of Brenner)

    *The Remaking of the American Working Class, The Restructuring of Global Capital and the Recomposition of Class Terrain – L. Goldner (on website w/ debate on document)

    Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis - Red Notes

    Autonomous Struggles and the Capitalist Crisis

    *Capital and Class, Issues #52, 67

    Accumulation Crisis - J. O'Connor

    From Capitalist Crisis to Proletarian Slavery - George Caffentzis

    Midnight Oil: Work, Capitalism, Energy – Midnight Notes Collective

    Cyber-Marx – Dyer-Witherford

    Socialism or Barbarism – I. Meszaros

    Empire – Negri

    In Praise of Hard Industries – E. Fingleton

    2. “Marxist” Political Economy of the Crisis (and related materials)

    *Uneven Development and the Long Downturn - Robert Brenner, New Left Review #229

    The Boom and the Bubble – Brenner

    Turbulence and the World Economy - Brenner

    Late Capitalism - Mandel

    The Second Slump - Mandel

    The Crisis - Mandel

    Restructuring the World Economy - J. Kolko

    The Falling Rate of Profit in the Post-War United States Economy – Moseley

    After Liberalism – I. Wallerstein

    The New Imperialism - Biel

    Globalization: The Critique of a New Orthodoxy, Chris Harman, ISJ #73

    Explaining the Crisis - Chris Harman

    The Faltering Economy - Foster/Szlajfer, Eds.

    The Limits of Capital - Harvey

    U.S. Capitalism in Crisis – David M. Gordon

    Super-Profits and Crises! - V. Perlo

    Turbulence in Economics: An Evolutionary Appraisal of Cycles and Complexity in Historical Processes - Francisco Louca

    Long Cycles: Prosperity and War in the Modern Age - J. Goldstein

    Two Crises: Latin America and Asia 1929-38 and 1973-83 – A. Maddison


    The Dynamics of U.S. Capitalism

    The End of Prosperity

    The Deepening Crisis of U.S. Capitalism

    Stagnation and the Financial Explosion

    The Irreversible Crisis

    3. The Practice Of and Struggle Against Globalization

    Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy - Noreena Hertz

    Globalization and Its Discontents - Joseph E. Stiglitz

    Global Transformations: Politics, Economics and Culture - David Held, et al

    The Globalization Syndrome - James H. Mittelman

    The World Bank - Cheryl Payer

    Panic Rules! Everything You Need to Know About the Global Economy – Hahnel

    False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism – Gray

    The World’s Money: International Banking from Bretton Woods to the Brink of Insolvency - Michael Moffit

    The WTO After Seattle - Jeffrey Schott

    Whose Trade Organization? - Wallach, et al.

    The Political Economy of the World Trading System : From GATT to WTO - Bernard Hoekman/Michael Kostecki

    The WTO: Five Years of Reasons to Resist Corporate Globalization - Wallach, et al.

    The End of Globalization : Why Global Strategy Is a Myth & How to Profit from the Realities of Regional Markets - Alan M. Rugman

    Global Sex - Dennis Altman

    Servants of Globalization : Women, Migration and Domestic Work - Rhacel Salazar Parrenas

    Organising Labour in Globalising Asia - Jane Hutchison/Andrew Brown, Eds.

    Naming the Enemy : Anti-Corporate Movements Confront Globalization - Amory Starr

    Globalization : Neoliberal Challenge, Radical Responses - Robert Wentz

    Workers Without Frontiers : The Impact of Globalization on International Migration - Peter Stalker

    A Global Political Economy of Intellectual Property Rights : The New Enclosures? - Christopher May

    The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World – L. Lessig

    Code - L. Lessig

    Kevin Danaher:

    Fifty Years is Enough

    Globalize This!

    Democratizing the Global Economy

    VIII. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in the Middle East and North Africa

    A. General Middle East

    *Middle East Energy and the Oil Crisis - Stork

    *Oil and the Class Struggle - Stork

    Nationalism and Revolution in the Arab World - Sharabi

    Covering Islam - Said

    Peasant or Proletarian? - C. Anderrson

    *State and Power Politics in the Making of the Modern Middle East - R. Owen

    Islamic Fundamentalism - Sa'dawi/Hitata/Hussein/Safwat, Eds.

    Arab Nationalism – S. Haim, Ed.

    Iraq Between the Two World Wars: The creation of a Nationalist Ideology – R. Simone

    Discovering Islam - A.S. Ahmed

    The Arab-Israeli Dilemma – Khouri

    Workers and Working Classes in the Middle East: Struggles, Histories, Historiographies – Z. Lockman

    Studies in The Economic History of the Middle East from the Rise of Islam to the Present Day - M. Cook, Ed.

    Islam and Capitalism - M. Rodinson

    *Marxism and The Muslim World - M. Rodinson

    Women, Islam and The State - D. Kandiyoti, Ed.

    Islam, Gender and Social Change - Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad

    Arab Women : Between Defiance and Restraint - Suha Sabbagh

    The Veil and the Male Elite : A Feminist Interpretation of Women's Rights in Islam - Fatima Mernissi

    Women and Gender in Islam : Historical Roots of a Modern Debate - Leila Ahmed

    Feminism and Islamic Fundamentalism : The Limits of Postmodern Analysis - Haideh Moghissi

    Workers and Peasants in the Modern Middle East - Joel Beinin

    A Political Economy of the Middle East - Alan Richards

    Nationalism, Democracy & Development - Sugata Bose (Pakistan)

    A Fundamental Fear : Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism - Bobby S. Sayyid

    The Globalization of Business and the Middle East : Opportunities and Constraints - Masoud Kavoossi

    The Arab Economy Today - S. Amin

    Pirates and Emperors - N. Chomsky

    Land Reform and Development in the Middle East – D. Warriner

    *A Political Economy of the Middle East -*

    B. Zionism, Jewish History and Palestine

    *The Hidden History of Zionism - Shoeneman

    *On The Jewish Question - Leon

    *Israel: A Colonial Settler State - Rodinson

    *The Yellow Wind - Grossman

    *Sleeping On A Wire – Grossman

    Constructing Boundaries : Jewish and Arab Workers in Mandatory Palestine - Deborah S. Bernstein

    Comrades and Enemies : Arab and Jewish Workers in Palestine, 1906-1948 - Zachary Lockman

    The Marxists and The Jewish Question: 1843-1943 - Traverso

    The Birth of Israel – Flapan

    Walking the Red Line : Israelis in Search of Justice for Palestine - Deena Hurwitz

    *Israel Shahak:

    Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel

    Open Secrets

    Israel's Global Role

    *Norman Finkelstein:

    Image and Reality: The Israel-Palestine Conflict

    The Rise and Fall of Palestine: A Personal Account of the Intifada Years

    Friends Indeed: The Special Relationship of Israel and the United States

    The Invention of Ancient Israel: The Silencing of Palestinian History - Whitelam

    Israel's War Against the Palestinian People (SWP)

    Palestine, Israel and the Peace - Sayegh

    Are The Jews A Race? - Kautsky

    The Coming Crisis in Israel: Private Faith and Public Policy - N. Zucker

    Israel: Base of Western Imperialism - El-Messiri

    An Israeli Worker's Answer - Rubin

    The Palestinian Resistance Movement (5th of June Society)

    Palestinians: From Peasants to Revolutionaries - Sayigh

    Israel and The Arabs - Rodinson

    The Palestinians - Said

    We Shall Return: Women of Palestine - Bendt/Downing

    Cult, Ghetto and State - Rodinson

    The Disinherited - F. Turki

    The Palestinian Uprising - Facts Information Committee Jerusalem

    *The PLO - Cobban

    Bitter Harvest - Hadani

    Occupation: Israel Over Palestine - Aruri

    Stateless in Gaza - Cossali/Robson

    Walking The Red Line - D. Hurwitz, Ed.

    *The PLO: The Struggle Within - A. Grush

    The Politics of Dispossession - E. Said

    Israel: Imperialism's Watchdog in The Middle East (ISO)

    C. Iran

    *Iran: Dictatorship and Development - Halliday

    *Workers and Revolution in Iran - A. Bayat

    *Class, Politics and Ideology in The Iranian Revolution - M. Moaddel

    *The Secular Miracle - Rahnema/Nomani

    The Iran-Iraq War : The Politics of Aggression - Farhang Rajaee

    A Century of Revolution - J. Foran, Ed.

    The Iranian Revolution : Its Global Impact - John L. Esposito

    Revolution and Counterrevolution in Iran - P. Marshall

    The Reign of The Ayatollahs - S. Bakhash

    Capitalism and Revolution in Iran - Jazani

    *Iran Between Two Revolutions - E. Abrahamian

    Khomeinism - E. Abrahamian

    Oil and the Class Struggle -J. Stork (sections)

    *The Longest War - D. Hiro

    Iran Under The Ayatollahs - P. Hiro

    The Mantle of The Prophet - Mottahedeh

    Revolutionary Islam in Iran - S. Irfani

    Iran - Gholam-Reza Sabri-Tabrizi (CP)

    In The Shadow of Islam: The Women's Movement in Iran - A. Tabari/N. Yeganeh

    D. Iraq

    *Saddam's Iraq - CARDRI

    *The Old Social Classes and Revolutionary Movements in Iraq - Batatu

    *The Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi Revolutions - Batatu

    Beyond The Storm - Bennis/Moushabeck, Eds.

    It Was, It Was Not - M. Briemberg, Ed.

    The Shi'Is of Iraq - Yitzhak Nakash

    Republic of Fear – Khalil

    War in the Gulf, 1990-91 – M. Khadduri/E. Ghareeb

    The Gulf War: The Origins and Implications of the Iraq-Iran Conflict – M. Khadduri

    Spider's Web: The secret history of how the white house illegally armed Iraq – A. Friedman

    Britain’s Two Wars with Iraq – Solh

    Culture, History and Ideology in the Formation of Ba’thist Iraq, 1968-89 – A. Baram

    The Iraq-Iran War: Islam and Nationalisms – Abdel-Majid Trab Zemzemi

    E. Turkey

    *State and Class in Turkey - Keyder

    Istanbul Boy, Part 1 and 2 - Nesin

    F. Egypt

    *Colonizing Egypt - Mitchell

    *Workers on The Nile - Beinin/Lockman

    *Power, Class and Foreign Capital in Egypt - M. Zaalouk

    *Was The Red Flag Flying There? - Beinin

    Harem Years, The Memoirs of An Egyptian Feminist - H. Shaarawi

    Egypt: Politics and Society, 1945-1981 - D. Hopwood

    The Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi Revolutions - H. Batatu

    Middle East Crucible: Arab-Israeli War of 1973 - N. Aruri, Ed.

    The Prophet and The Pharoah: Muslim Extremism in Egypt - G. Kepel

    G. Syria

    *Syria and The French Mandate - Khoury

    The Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi Revolutions - H. Batatu

    H. Algeria

    *Algeria: The Institutionalized Revolution - J.P. Entelis

    *Agrarian Reform Under State Capitalism in Algeria - K. Pfeifer

    *The Class Struggles in Algeria – Khayati (S.I.)

    *Address to Revolutionaries of Algeria and of All Countries – Khayati (S.I.)

    The Wretched of The Earth - Fanon

    The Land to Those Who Work It - Blair

    Black Skin, White Masks - Fanon

    I. Lebanon

    *Conflict and Violence in Lebanon - W. Khalidi

    The Battle of Beirut - M. Jansen

    Pity the Nation - R. Fisk

    The Longest War - J. Timerman

    Self Criticism after the Defeat – Sadik al-Azm

    Critique of Religious Thought - Sadik al-Azm

    J. The Arabian Peninsula

    *Arabia Without Sultans - J. Halliday

    Saudi Arabia and the Politics of Dissent - Mamoun Fandy

    The History of Saudi Arabia - A. M. Vasilev

    Oil and Labor in the Middle East - Peter N. Woodward

    Middle East Energy and The Oil Crisis - Stork

    Oil and The Class Struggle - Stork, Ed.

    K. The Kurdish People

    The Kurds - D. McDowall

    The Kurds : State and Minority in Turkey, Iraq and Iran - James Ciment

    L. Afghanistan

    Islam and Resistance in Afghanistan - O. Roy

    The Hidden War - A. Borovik

    The Tragedy of Afghanistan - R. Anwar

    Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and Afghan Response, 1979-82 – K. Hassan

    Out of Afghanistan: The History of the Soviet Withdrawal – Cordovez/Harrison

    TALIBAN: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia - A. Rashid

    Unholy Wars – J. Cooley

    Holy War, Unholy Victory: Eyewitness to the Cia's Secret War in Afghanistan - Kurt Lohbeck

    IX. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in East and Southeast Asia

    1. General

    Two Crises: Latin America and Asia 1929-38 and 1973-83 – A. Maddison

    Nationalism and Communism in Asia - Graebner

    After The Cataclysm: Postwar Indochina and The Reconstruction of Imperial Ideology - Chomsky/Herman

    U.S. Police Assistance for The Third World - T. Lobe

    *The Economic Development of Asia: A Marxist Analysis - B. Davey

    Christian Conference of Asia - Urban Rural Mission:

    Minangkabau: Story of People vs. TNC's in Asia

    Struggling to Survive: Women Workers in Asia

    The Political Economy of Singapore's Industrialization : National State and International Capital – Rodan

    A Question of Class: Capital, the State, and Uneven Development in Malaya - Sundaram

    Islam in Asia - Esposito

    Buddhism, Imperialism and War: Burma and Thailand in Modern History - T. Ling

    Asia and Pacific: A Directory of Resources (1986) - T.P. Fenton/M.J. Heffron, Eds.

    B. Japan

    *Japanese Imperialism Today - Halliday

    *A Political History of Japanese Capitalism - Halliday

    *Japanese Capitalism Since 1945 - Morris-Suzuki, Ed.

    *Japanese Blue Collar - Cole

    The Political Economy of Japan, Vol. 1-3 - Stanford Press

    Economic Growth in Japan and The USSR – A. Maddison

    The Evolution of Labor Relations in Japan, 1853-1955 - Gordon

    Big Business in Japanese Politics - Yanaga

    Black Star Over Japan - A. Axelbank

    The State and Labor in Modern Japan - Garon

    MITI and the Japanese Miracle - C. Johnson

    Japan At War: An Oral History - Cook/Cook

    Peasants, Rebels and Outcasts - Hane

    Labor Relations in Japan Today - T. Hanami

    Japanese Economic Development - Francks

    Value and Crisis: Essays on Marxian Economics in Japan - M. Itoh





    C. Vietnam

    *Vietnam: Politics, Economics and Society - M. Beresford

    *Revolutionary History, Vol. 3, No. 2 (1990)

    *Vietnam: Anatomy of a War – Kolko

    *Vietnam: Anatomy of a Peace - Kolko

    *National Unification and Economic Development in Vietnam - M. Beresford

    Cracks in The Empire: State Politics in The Vietnam War - P. Joseph

    *Vietnam: The Revolutionary Path - T. Hodgkin

    *Fire in The Lake - Fitzgerald

    *The Vietnam Wars - M. Young

    Vietnam: The Origins of Revolution - McAlister

    *The Vietnamese and Their Revolution - McAlister

    Obstacles To Recovery in Vietnam and Kampuchea: U.S. Embargo on Humanitarian Aid - J. Charney/J. Spargens, Jr.

    Demonstration Elections: U.S. Staged Elections in The Dominican Republic, Vietnam and El Salvador - E.S. Herman/F. Brodhead

    Report From Hanoi - H. Aptheker

    Before The Revolution: The Vietnamese Peasants Under The French - Ngo Vinh Long

    Women and Revolution in Vietnam - A. Eisen

    Sex, Money and Morality - Thanh-dan Truong

    Ten Times More Beautiful (Post '75) - Gough

    Studies on India and Vietnam - H. Lamb

    Vietnam's Will To Live - H. Lamb

    Red Brotherhood at War - G. Evans/K. Rowley

    Vietnamese Anti-Colonialism, 1885-1925 - Marr

    Vietnamese Tradition on Trial, 1920-1945 - Marr

    D. Kampuchea and Laos

    *Revolution and Its Aftermath in Kampuchea: 8 Essays - D. Chandler/B. Kiernan, Eds.

    *Aftermath - Pilger/Barnett

    Heroes - Pilger

    *Cambodia - M. Vickery

    *Peasants and Politics in Kampuchea, 1942-1981 - B. Kiernan/C. Boua, Eds.

    Kampuchea: Decade of The Genocide - K. Kiljunen, Ed.

    Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and The Destruction of Cambodia - W. Shawcross

    How Pol Pot Came To Power - B. Kiernan

    Cambodia in The Southeast Asian War - Caldwell and Tan

    *Laos: Politics, Economics and Society - M. Stuart-Fox

    E. Korea: North and South

    *The Korean-American Conflict, 1943-53 - B. Cummings

    *The Rush to Development - Hart-Landsberg

    *South Korea - Dissent Within The Economic Miracle - Ogle

    *Origins of The Korean War, Vol. 1-2 - Bruce Cummings

    The Korean War - B. Cummings

    The Forgotten War - C. Blair

    Korea, North and South: The Deepening Crisis - M. Selden/G. McCormack, Eds.

    Imprisoned South Korean Socialist Speaks Out - Choi-il Bung (ISO)

    F. China

    *China Shakes the World - J. Belden

    *Peasant Nationalism and Chinese Communism - C. Johnson

    *The Mandate of Heaven - N. Harris

    *The Chinese Communist Party in Power - P'eng Shu'Tse

    The Chinese Revolution, 2 Vols. – P. Rousset

    Chinese Communism and The Rise of Mao - Schwartz

    Chen Duxiu - L. Feigon*

    The Chinese Labor Movement - J. Chesneaux

    Revolution and History - A. Dirlik

    The Origins of Chinese Communism - A. Dirlik

    The Political Logic of Economic Reform in China - Shirk

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    Class Struggle Articles on Maoism and Tienneman Square

    G. The Philippines

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    H. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

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    I. Indonesia and East Timor

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    X. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in South Asia

    A. India

    *The Painful Transition - Vanaik

    *India's Ex-Untouchables – Isaacs

    *Subaltern Studies, Vols. 1-11 – Various Editors

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    B. Pakistan

    *Pakistan -

    Politics in Pakistan - L.D. Hayes

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    C. Burma and Sri Lanka

    The World of Burmese Women - M.M. Khaing

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    *Imperialism and Revolution in South Asia - Gough/Sharma

    XI. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in Africa

    A. General Africa

    *How Europe Underdeveloped Africa - Rodney

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    B. South Africa

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    One Azania, One Nation

    Sow The Wind

    The Language Question in South Africa

    Some Are More Equal Than Others

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    C. West Africa

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    Political Economy of Nigeria - Ake



    Things Fall Apart

    No Longer At Ease

    Arrow Of God

    God's Bits of Wood - Sembene

    Black Docker - Sembene

    D. East Africa

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    Nationalization: A Road to Socialism? The Case of Tanzania - D. Bolton

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    C. Turnbull:

    The Forrest People

    The Mountain People

    E. Southern Africa

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    See Class Struggle articles on Angola/Mozambique

    XII. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada

    A. General

    *Eduardo Galeano:

    Open Veins in Latin America

    Memory of Fire: Faces and Masks

    We Say No

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    B. Cuba

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    See Class Struggle articles

    C. Mexico

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    D. Chile

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    E. Brazil

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    F. Argentina

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    *See Class Struggle on "Peronism" and The Moreno Tendency

    G. Nicaragua

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    The Nicaragua Revolution in Health - Donahue

    Between Struggle and Hope: The Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade - Miller

    Washington's War on Nicaragua - H. Sklar

    See Class Struggle articles

    H. Panama

    The U.S. Invasion of Panama: Operation JUST CAUSE - Independent Commission of Inquiry on The U.S. Invasion of Panama

    I. The Caribbean

    *The Growth of the Modern West Indies - G.K. Lewis

    *Beyond a Boundary - C.L.R. James

    Caribbean Slave Society and Economy - Beckles/Shepherd

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    The Uses of Haiti - Farmer

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    J. Peru and Colombia

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    K. Guatemala and Honduras

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    *Massacres in the Jungle, 1975-82 - Falla

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    Honduras: State for Sale - Latin American Bureau

    Silent Looms - Ehlers

    L. Bolivia

    *Rebellion in the Veins - J. Dunkerley

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    The Latin American Military as a Socio-political Force: Case Studies of Bolivia and Argentina - C.D. Corbett

    We Eat the Mines and the Mines Eat Us - Nash

    M. Canada

    *The Trouble with Canada - W. D. Gairdner

    The Tyranny of Work - James Rinehart

    Working-Class Experience - Bryan D. Palmer

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    Rethinking Restructuring – I. Bakker, Ed.

    Politically Speaking – Rebick/Roach

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    Quebec: From Conquest to Constitution - A. Bakan (ISO)

    *Jack Scott (CP, Canada):

    Capitalism and the National Question in Canada

    Sweat and Struggle

    Two Roads

    Plunderbund and Proletariat

    Canadian Workers, American Unions

    XIII. Global Capital, Nationalism and Self-Determination in Europe

    A. General

    Industrial Relations in Europe - Ferner/Hyman

    The Twenty Years Crisis - E. H. Carr

    The Rise of the Working Class - Kuczynski

    *Trade Unions and Socialist Politics - J. Kelly

    Capital and Class in Scotland - Dickson, ed

    The Double Nature of The Mass Communist Parties - LO

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    Workers Against The Monolith - Birchall

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    Various Selections from Marxist Regimes Series

    See Class Struggle articles

    B. Ireland

    *Ireland All Her Own - T.A. Jackson

    *Labor in Irish History - J. Connolly

    *Ireland and The Irish Question - Marx and Engels

    *See Class Struggle articles

    Ireland's Permanent Revolution - C. Bambry (ISO)

    *The Price of My Soul - B. Devlin

    A Lost Left - Howell

    The Protestants of Ulster - G. Bell

    Arming The Protestants - M. Farrell

    Belfast: From Loyalty to Rebellion - M. Goldring

    Straight Left - P. Devlin

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    The Party: Inside Fianna Fail - D. Walsh

    Why The Irish Labour Party Fails - C. Kostick

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    Labor Force Participation and The Feminization of The Labour Force - B. Walsh

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    Labour in Irish Politics - A. Mitchell

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    War and An Irish Town - E. McCann

    Northern Ireland: The Thatcher Years - Gaffikin/Morrissey

    *Can Protestant and Catholic Workers Unite? - M. Hewitt

    In Search of A State: Catholics in Northern Ireland - F. O'Connor

    The Secret Army - J.B. Bell

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    INLA: Deadly Divisions - Holland/McDonald

    C. Britain

    The Myth of the Blitz – A. Calder

    The People's War – A. Calder

    You, You and You! - Pete Grafton

    Britain and Ireland – Revolutionary History

    The Fascist Movement in Britain - R. Benewick

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    Black British - D. Hiro

    The International Anarchist Movement in Late Victorian London - Hermja Oliver

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    The Ruling Class: A study of British Finance Capital – Aaronovitch

    A Short History of Labor Conditions under Capitalism in Great Britain and The Empire - Kuczynski

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    *A Major Crisis? The Politics of Economic Policy in Britain in the 1990’s - Bonefeld

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    The Long Death of British Labourism – Thompson

    A Very British Miracle – Wilson

    The Myth of the British Monarchy – Wilson

    Secrecy and Power in the British State - Rogers

    Two Nations - A. Hacker

    Poverty and Social Security - T. Novak

    British Fascism - Lunn/Thurlow

    British Syndicalism - Holton

    The Slow Burning Fuse - Quail

    East End Jewish Radicals - Fishman

    Our Flag Stays Red - P. Piratin

    Out of The Ghetto - J. Jacobs

    *British Socialism - A. Wright

    *Communism in Britain - Woodhouse/Pearce

    *The Strange Death of Liberal England - G. Dangerfield

    *Origins of the Labour Party - Pelling

    A Sylvia Pankhurst Reader - K. Dodd, Ed.

    The Suffragette Movement - S. Pankhurst

    Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst - B. Castle

    The Home Front - S. Pankhurst

    *A Dream Betrayed: Socialism and the Labour Party - D. Blackie (SWPGB)

    The Labour Party: Myth and Reality - D. Hallas (SWP-GB)

    *The Labour Party: A Marxist History - Cliff/Gluckstein (SWP-GB)

    D. Scandinavia (Norway/Sweden/Denmark/Finland)

    Communism in Scandinavia and Finland - A.F. Upton

    Creating Social Democracy (Sweden) - Misgeld/Mulin/Amarck

    E. France

    *The French Communists - A. Kreigel

    *The Affair: The Case of Colonel Dreyfus - J-D Bredlin

    Zola and the Bourgeoisie - B. Nelson

    Jean Grave and the Anarchist Tradition in France - Louis Patsouras

    The French Anarchist Labor Movement and 'La Vie Ouvriere' 1904-1914 - Francis McCollum Feeley

    Revolutionary Syndicalism in France - Ridley

    Syndicalism in France - Levine

    See Class Struggle articles

    a. France 1947-8:

    Revolutionary History

    LO Documents

    b. May '68 in France:

    Social Movements and Protest in France - Cerny

    Writing on the Wall - Fisera, Ed.

    The French CP Versus the Students - Johnson

    *See Class Struggle articles

    *Revolutionary Rehearsals - Barker (SWP-GB)

    *The Fire Next Time (SWP-GB/ISO)

    F. Belgium

    G. The Netherlands (Holland)

    H. Yugoslavia/Serbia/Croatia/Bosnia-Herzegovnia/Kosova

    State Capitalism and World Revolution - James/Dunayevskaya/Lee

    Peasant Nationalism and Communist Power (section on Yugoslavia) – Johnson

    Kosovo: War and Revenge - Judah

    Virtual War: Kosovo and Beyond

    Nato's Empty Victory - Carpenter

    Degraded Capability: The Media and the Kosovo Crisis - Hammond/Herman, eds.

    Kosova - News and Letters

    Bosnia-Herzegovnia: Achilles Heel of Western Civilization - News and Letters

    Masters of the Universe? NATO's Balkan Crusade - Ali, ed.

    The Fall of Yugoslavia - Glenny

    The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great powers, 1809-1999 - Glenny

    Dubious Mandate: A Memoir of the UN in Bosnia, Summer 1995 - Corwin

    Inat: Images of Serbia and Kosovo in Conflict - Taylor

    See Class Struggle articles

    The Truth About Yugoslavia (SWP)

    I. Poland

    *The Industrial Development of Poland - R. Luxemburg

    *Class Struggle in Socialist Poland - Szymanski

    National Communism and Popular Revolt in Eastern Europe: Documents on Poland and Hungary, 1956 - P. Zinner, Ed.

    A Warsaw Diary - K. Brandys

    The Polish August - N. Ascherson

    Poland, 1979-82:

    *See Class Struggle Articles

    *Festival of the Oppressed - C. Barker (ISO)

    *Poland: Solidarnosc and The Fight For Workers' Democracy (Socialist Action)

    Solidarnosc (ISO)

    I. Hungary

    Communism in Hungary - Kovrig

    A Worker in A Workers' State - Miklos Harazsti

    Hungary, 1956:

    *Communism in Hungary - Konig

    *Hungarian Tragedy - P. Fryer

    Workers Against The Monolith - Birchall

    *Behind The Rape of Hungary - Fejto

    11. Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovenia)

    Passive Revolution - Bloomfield

    *Workers' Councils in Czechoslovakia - Fisera

    The Prague Spring, 1968:

    Workers Against The Monolith - Birchall

    *Workers' Councils in Czechoslovakia

    *Revolutionary Rehearsals - Barker (SWP-GB)

    J. Romania

    K. Bulgaria

    L. Russia/U.S.S.R

    The Marxian Concept of Capital and the Soviet Experience - Paresh Chattopadhyay


    An Economic History of The USSR, 1917-1991

    Stalinism and After

    The Soviet Economic System

    The Soviet Middle East

    *Workers Against The Gulag

    Russia, China and The West, 1953-66 - Deutscher

    *Kruschev - Medvedev/Medvedev

    The Disintegration of the Monolith - B. Kagarlitsky

    *What About the Workers? - Clarke, et al

    Beyond Perestroika - Mandel

    Soviet Women - F.P. Gray

    Economic Growth in Japan and The USSR – A. Maddison

    The Russian Church and The Soviet State, 1917-50 - Curtiss

    Church, State and Opposition in The USSR - G. Simon

    *See Class Struggle articles

    The USSR, 1987-1991 - Vogt-Downey, Ed.

    Structural Adjustment Without Mass Unemployment? Lessons from Russia – Clarke

    Workers’ Movement in Russia – Clarke

    Russian Enterprise in Transition – Clarke

    Conflict and Change in Russian Industrial Enterprise – Clarke

    The Women’s Liberation Movement in Russia - Stites


    Cataract - Mikhaylo Osadchy

    One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovitch - Solzhenitsyn

    Cancer Ward - Solzhenitsyn

    The Gulag Archipelago - Solzhenitsyn

    The Red Commissar - Hasek

    M. East Germany

    The Politics of Decline in East Germany, 1945-1989 - Kopstein

    *Where Was The Working Class? Revolution in Eastern Germany - Fuller

    The German Democratic Republic Since 1945 - M. McCauley

    N. Germany

    *The Collapse of The Weimar Republic - Abraham

    *The Rush to German Unity – Jarausch

    Inside German Communism – Rose Levine-Meyer

    Levine: The Life of a Revolutionary - Rose Levine-Meyer

    The Alternative Culture: Socialist Labor in Imperial Germany – Lidtke

    The Weimar Republic - Peukert

    Germans and Jews Since the Holocaust - Rabinbach/Zipes, Eds.

    The State and Social Change in Germany, 1880-1980 – Rosenhaft

    The State, Social Policy and Social Change in Germany, 1880-1980 - Rosenhaft

    The Great Game – Trepper

    Anarchism in Germany - Andrew R. Carlson

    A History of Foreign Labor in Germany, 1880-1980 – Herbert, ed.

    Reshaping the German Right: Radical Nationalism and Political Change After Bismark – Eley

    From Unification to Nazism – Eley

    From Kaisserreich to Third Reich: Elements of Continuity in German History, 1871-1945 – Fischer

    *Dissolution: The Crisis of Communism and the End of East Germany - Maier

    O. Italy

    The Other Italy - M. de Blasio Wilhelm

    *A History of Contemporary Italy, 1943-88 - P. Ginsborg

    States of Emergency: Cultures of Revolt in Italy from 1968-78 - Lumley

    The Italian Left – Revolutionary History

    P. Austria

    Political Radicalism in Late Imperial Vienna - J.W. Boyer

    Q. Spain and Portugal

    The Crisis of the Dictatorships - Poulantzas

    The Spanish Labyrinth - Brenan

    Anarchist Organization: The History of the FAI - Casas

    Portugal, 1974-75:

    *Portugal 1975: What Prospects Existed For the Working Class? - LO

    Revolutionary Rehearsals - Barker (SWP-GB)

    *Building Popular Power - Hammond

    *See Class Struggle articles (Red and White series)

    R. The Holocaust

    The Nazi Holocaust - R.S. Landau

    *Why Did The Heavens Not Darken? - A. Meyer

    The Racial State: Germany 1933-45 - M. Burleigh/W. Wipperman

    The Ghetto Fights - M. Edelman

    Unbroken: Resistance and Survival in the Concentration Camps - L. Crome

    If This Is A Man - P. Levi

    The Cattle Truck - J. Semprun

    The Holocaust Industry - Finkelstein

    The Holocaust in American Life - Novick

    Selling the Holocaust - Cole

    A Nation on Trial: The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical Truth - Finkelstein/Birn


    *Treblinka - Steiner

    S. Greece

    The Crisis of the Dictatorships – Poulantzas

    Myth and Memory in the Mediterranean: Remebering Fascism’s Empire – Doumanis

    Greece at the Crossroads – Iatrides/Wrigley, Eds.

    T. Albania

    U. Scotland

    Alice Brown:

    The Scottish Electorate, 1997

    New Scotland, New Politics

    The Manpower Services Commission in Scotland

    Politics and Society in Scotland

    XIV. Feminist Theory

    A. Feminism in The Imperialist Countries

    What Is Feminism? - A. Oakley/J. Mitchell, Eds.

    The Second Sex - Simone DeBeauvoir

    The Chalice and The Blade - Eisler

    Women's Consciousness, Man's World – Rowbotham

    Feminist Social Thought – Meyers, Ed.

    Feminism as Critique – Benhabib/Cornell, Eds.

    Gender Trouble – Butler

    Bodies That Matter – Butler

    Critique, Norm and Utopia – Benhabib

    The Politics of Truth – Barrett

    The Politics of Diversity – Hamilton/Barrett

    Materialist Feminism and the Politics of Discourse – Hennesy

    The Kristeva Reader – Kristeva

    This Bridge Called My Back – Moraga/Anzaldua

    The Newly Born Woman – Cixous/Clement

    Capitalist Patriarchy and The Case for Socialist Feminism - Eisenstein, Ed.

    Liberation Now!

    Troubled Pleasures - K. Soper

    Backlash – Faludi

    Firestone – The Dialectic of Sex

    Sexual Politics – Millet

    Paradoxes of Gender – Lorber

    Who Pays for the Kids? – Folbre

    In a Different Voice – Gilligan

    Essentially Speaking – Fuss

    Marxism and Domination – Balbus

    Towards a Feminist Theory of the State – MacKinnon

    Feminism Unmodified – MacKinnon

    This Sex Which Is Not One - Irigaray

    b. hooks:

    *Ain't I A Woman

    Talking Back


    Three Guineas - V. Woolf

    Assaults on Convention – Godwin/Hollows/Nye, Eds.

    Amazon to Zami – Reinfeider, Ed.

    *Contemporary Feminist Thought - H. Eisenstein

    Is The Future Female? Troubled Thoughts on Contemporary Feminism - L. Segal

    My Enemy, My Love - J. Levine

    See Sylvia Pankhurst under XIII. Western and Northern Europe, Britain

    B. Feminism in The Underdeveloped Countries

    Feminism and Nationalism in The Third World - K. Jayawardena

    Development, Crises and Alternative Visions - Sen/Grown

    The Hidden Face of Eve – el Saadawi

    When the Moon Waxes Red – Minh-ha

    Woman, Native, Other – Minh-ha

    Nationalisms and Sexualities – Parker/Russo/Sommer/Yaeger, Eds.

    Third World Women and the politics of Feminism – Mohanty/Russo/Torres

    Siting Translation – Niranjana

    Outside in the Teaching Machine – Spivak

    The Post-Colonial Critic – Spivak

    In Other Worlds – Spivak

    The Spivak Reader - Spivak

    XV. Black Nationalist Theory

    Black Power - S. Carmichael/Hamilton

    Blood in My Eye - G. Jackson

    Malcolm X:

    By Any Means Necessary

    Last Speeches

    The End Of White World Domination

    Malcolm X Speaks

    Seize The Time - B. Seale

    The Black Panthers Speak – Foner, Ed.

    The Making Of Black Revolutionaries - J. Forman

    Black Awakening in Capitalist America - Allen

    Crisis of The Negro Intellectual - H. Cruse

    The Condition, Elevation, Emigration of The Coloured People of The United States, Considered Politically - M. R. Delany

    The Writings of Frederick Douglass

    Marcus Garvey and The Vision of Africa - J. H. Clarke, Ed.

    W. E. B. DuBois Speaks, 2 Vols.

    XVI. Third World Nationalist Theory and Post-Colonial Theory

    White Skin, Black Masks - F. Fanon

    The Wretched of The Earth - F. Fanon

    Collected Works of Mao Tse-Tung

    The Diary of Che Guevara

    The Colonizer and the Colonized – Memmi

    The Post-Colonial Question – Chambers/Curti

    Democracy and Difference – Benhabib

    Empire and Emancipation – Pieterse

    The Location of Culture - Bhabha

    Detained – Ngugi

    Homecoming – Ngugi

    Writers in politics – Ngugi

    Class Struggle in Africa – Nkrumah

    Neocolonialism – Nkrumah

    Consciencism – Nkrumah

    Africa Must Unite – Nkrumah

    Freedom and Unity – Nyere

    Ujaama - Nyere

    Culture and Imperialism – Said

    Outside in the Teaching Machine – Spivak

    The Post-Colonial Critic – Spivak

    In Other Worlds – Spivak

    The Spivak Reader - Spivak

    Fidel Castro:

    In Defense of Socialism

    History Will Vindicate Me

    Latin American Radicalism - Gerassi/Horowitz/de Castro, Eds.

    Writings of Kim Il Sung

    Ho Chi Minh, Selected Works, Vol. 1-4

    Nelson Mandela: The Struggle Is My Life

    Nelson Mandela: Speeches 1990

    Thomas Sankara Speaks

    Che Guevara And The Cuban Revolution

    XVII. Marxism: Last Refuge of the Bourgeoisie

    A. Marxist Political Economy

    Friedrich Engels:

    On Capital


    Ernest Mandel:

    An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory

    Marxist Economic Theory, Vol. 1-2

    The Formation of the Economic Thought of Karl Marx

    Long Waves

    New Findings in Long Wave Research – w/Kleinknecht, et al

    Anwar Shaikh:

    Financial Dynamics and Business Cycles: New Perspectives

    Measuring the Wealth of Nations

    Angus Maddison:

    Dynamic Forces in Capitalist Development

    Explaining the Economic Performance of Nations

    Monitoring the World Economy, 1820-1992

    The World Economy in the 20th Century

    A History of Marxian Economics, 2 vols. – King/Howard

    The New Economics - Preobrazhensky

    From N.E.P. to Socialism - Preobrazhensky

    Frontiers of Political Economy - G. Carchedi

    The Economics of the Profit Rate - Dumenil/Levey

    Economic Theory of the Leisure Class - N. Bukharin

    Reading Capital – Althusser

    The Law of Accumulation – Grossman

    Economics: Marxian and Neo-Classical – Wolff/Resnick

    Political Economy – Leontiev

    Against the Market – McNally

    The Political Economy of Marx – King/Howard

    Capitalism Since 1945 – Glynn/Armstrong/Harrison

    Understanding Marx - Wolff

    The Theory of Capitalist Development - P. Sweezy

    The Political Economy of Growth - P. Baran

    The Nature of Capitalist Crisis - J. Strachey

    Contemporary Capitalism - J. Strachey

    Marxian Economics - The New Palgrave Series

    The Imperiled Economy - Union for Radical Political Economics

    The Political Economy of the World System - Union for Radical Political Economics

    B. The Marxist Theory of the State


    Terrorism and Communism

    Social Democracy and the Wars of Intervention, 1918-1921

    Military Writings (5 Vols.)

    Military Writings

    Kronstadt - Lenin/Trotsky

    The Struggle against Fascism in Germany

    Revolution Betrayed

    V. I. Lenin:

    State and Revolution

    The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky

    Marxism on the State

    Collected Works, Vol. 33

    Nicos Poulantzas:

    Classes in Contemporary Capitalism

    Political Power and Social Classes

    State, Power, Socialism

    Bob Jessop:

    State Theory

    The Capitalist State


    Nicos Poulantzas

    Antonio Gramsci:

    Selected Writings

    Prison Notebooks

    The Modern Prince

    Democracy and Revolution - G. Novack

    Power and Money - Mandel

    Capitalist State and the Politics of Class - Szymanski

    Policy Process In The Modern Capitalist State - Ham/Hill

    The Critique of Capitalist Democracy. An Introduction to the Theory of the State in Marx, Engels, and Lenin – Moore

    Democracy & the Capitalist State - Duncan, ed.

    The State in Capitalist Society - R. Miliband

    C. Dialectical Materialism

    George Novack:

    Polemics in Marxist Philosophy

    The Origins of Materialism

    Existentialism versus Marxism

    An Introduction to The Logic of Marxism

    Perry Anderson:

    In The Tracks of Historical Materialism

    Western Marxism

    The Question of Europe

    A Zone of Engagement

    Arguments Within English Marxism

    The Origins of Post-Modernity

    Friedrich Engels:

    Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

    Ludwig Feuerbach and The Outcome of Classical German Philosophy

    On Historical Materialism


    The Dialectics of Nature

    V. I. Lenin:

    *Notebooks on Dialectics - Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 38

    Marxism and Empirio-Criticism

    Marx, Engels, Marxism - Lenin

    On Historical Materialism - F. Mehring

    The Development of the Monist View of History – Plekhanov

    Fundamental Problems of Marxism - Plekhanov

    Socialism and Philosophy - Antonio Labriola

    Essays on the Materialist Conception of History - A. Labriola

    Historical Materialism - N. Bukharin

    Four Lectures on Marxism - Paul Sweezy

    Freedom and Determination in History - J. Ferraro

    Post-Modernism - A. Callinicos

    Algebra of Revolution – A. Callinicos

    Marxism in the Post-Modern Age – Callari/Cullenberg/Biewener

    For Marx – Althusser

    Lenin and Philosophy – Althusser

    The Philosophy of Marx – Balibar

    Masses, Classes, Ideas: Studies on Politics and Philosophy Before and After Marx - Balibar

    Gyorgy Lukacs:

    In Defense of History and Class Consciousness

    Ontology of Being (Hegel)

    Ontology of Being (Marx)


    Destruction of Reason

    D. Marxist Theory of Religion

    The Origins of Christianity - Karl Kautsky

    On Religion – Lenin

    Problems of Everyday Life - Trotsky

    Selected Cultural Writings - A. Gramsci

    E. Marxist Theory of Racism and the National Question

    National Liberation, Socialism and Imperialism - Lenin

    On National Self-Determination - Luxemburg

    On The Right of Nation's to Self-Determination – Lenin

    Marxism and Nationalism - E. Nimni

    The Question of Nationalities and Social Democracy - O. Bauer

    Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities – Balibar/Wallerstein

    On Black Nationalism and Self-Determination - Trotsky

    Race, Nation, Class – Wallerstein

    Race and Class - A. Callinicos (SWP-GB)

    E. San Juan, Jr.:

    Beyond Post-Colonial Theory

    Racial Formations/Critical Transformations

    Reading the West/Writing the East

    Writing and National Liberation

    F. The Woman Question

    *Ludic Feminism and After - Ebert

    Lise Vogel:

    *Marxism and the Oppression of Women

    *Woman Questions

    Mothers On the Job

    Clara Zetkin:

    Lenin on the Women's Question

    From My Memorandum Book (An Interview with Lenin on the Woman Question)

    Only in Conjunction With the Proletarian Woman Will Socialism Be Victorious, 1896

    In Defence of Rosa Luxemburg

    The Emancipation of Women - Lenin

    On Women and The Family – Trotsky

    Woman in the Past, Present and Future - Bebel

    Origin of the Family, Private Property and the state – Engels

    Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism – Eisenstein, Ed.

    Marxism and Feminism (Socialist Action)

    Feminism and Socialism (Socialist Workers' Party)

    Abortion: Every Woman's Right - S. Smith (ISO)

    Abortion: A Woman's Right to Choose - R. Brown (ISO)

    The Struggle for Women's Liberation - E. Heffernan (ISO)

    G. The Marxist Theory of Culture and Art

    Problems of Everyday Life - Trotsky

    Selected Cultural Writings - Gramsci

    Their Morals and Ours – Trotsky

    Literature and Revolution - Trotsky

    Art and Literature - Trotsky

    Marxism and Art – Solomon

    Marxism and Literature - Raymond Williams

    Red Shelley - P. Foot (SWP-GB)

    Shelley's Revolutionary Year - P. Foot (SWP-GB)

    Revolution and The 20th Century Novel - Siegel

    The Gathering Storm: Shakespeare's Histories - Siegel

    The Necessity of Art – Fischer

    *Terry Eagleton:

    William Shakespeare

    Marxist Literary Theory

    The Function of Criticism

    Against the Grain

    The Ideology of the Aesthetic

    The Rape of Clarissa

    Literary Theory: An Introduction

    Heathcliff and the Great Hunger: Studies in Irish Culture

    Crisis of Contemporary Culture

    Scholars and Rebels in 19th Century Ireland

    Walter Benjamin

    Nationalism, Colonialism and Literature (w/ Said)

    Slavoj Zizek:

    The Ticklish Subject

    The Metastases of Enjoyment

    The Indivisible Remainder

    The Plague of Fantasies

    Jacques Lacan:



    Mind in Society

    Thought and Language

    The Collected Works of L. S. Vygotsky

    Educational Psychology

    The Concept of Activity in Soviet Psychology

    Mind as Action

    Vygotsky and The Social Formation of Mind

    Foundations of Mind

    Sociocultural Studies of Mind

    Voices of the Mind

    Culture Communication and Cognition

    Vygotsky Today



    Marxism and the Philosophy of Language

    The Dialogic Imagination

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    Ty for this, huge huge input and great organization.

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    Since you missed out South Africa, here's some good left-wing/marxist history on that topic generally:

    A. Proctor 'Class struggle, Segregation and the City: A history of Sophiatown, 1905-1940' in Bozzoli (eds.) 'Labour, Townships, and Protest' (1979)

    J. McCarthy 'the political economy of urban land use' 1983, South African Geographical Journal

    A. Mabin 'labour, capital, class struggle and the origins of residential segregation in Kimberley', Journal of Historical geography 1986

    D. Hindson, 'Pass Controls and the Urban African Proletariat' (Johannesburg, 1987)

    C. van Onselen, Chibaro: African mine labour in Southern Rhodesia, 1900-33, London, 1976

    H.Wolpe, 'capitalism and cheap labour power in South Africa: From Segregation to apartheid', Economy and Society, 1972

    M. Legassick, ‘Capital accumulation and violence’, Economy and Society, 1974

    C.Walker, ‘Gender and the development of the migrant labour system c.1850-1930’ in Women and gender in Southern Africa to 1945, ed. C.Walker, James Currey Ltd,1990

    D. Simon, Cities, Capital and Development: African cities in the world economy London, 1992

    P. Bond, Cities of Gold, Townships of Coal: Essays on South Africa's New Urban Crisis, 2000

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