Solidarity for workers' power #4.03

Issue of Solidarity from August 1966 with articles on ASS, the fate of Marxism, Ford and more.

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Nov 19 2013 11:59


Solidarity for workers' power journal

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Nov 19 2013 15:46

On page 24 of Solidarity # 4.03 there is an advert for the ‘S.C.R.A.M.’ demo in Scotland.

Here you will find a photo of the demo (front of ‘Megaton’ on yellow paper) with George Williamson in a white shirt strolling along with his hands in pockets to the right of the Dumfries banner. Happy days on Helensbourgh prom.

Further down there are some diary entries detailing the activities of an Aberdeen anarchist school group/YCNDer.


Nov 19 2013 16:01

Most excellent the posting of the "Solidarity" series. I really recommend comrades to read these.
While I am not of the Solidarity school of thought, they helped informed my world, FWIW.

Nov 19 2013 17:44

I agree with syndicalist the Solidarity stuff is worth a read.

When I first moved to London I was living in a bed-sit in Chiswick. I sent off for a dozen issues and they arrived in a large brown parcel. Unfortunately my landlord was sure I was in receipt of pornography and was peeved that I would not share it with him (true story - honest).

Nov 19 2013 18:40

Yeah, I have been reading some of these while digitising them. It really is fantastic stuff, a great look at the shop floor, predominantly in the manufacturing industries, and at other social movements like the anti-bomb movement at the time.

Really it would be great to OCR all of it, but unfortunately we really just don't have the time. If anyone could help us OCR at least some of the best articles we would really appreciate it so let me know. Or could help with indexing, looking through each PDF and putting a list of all the articles they contain on the page, that would be great as well