Jacques Derrida - Specters of Marx: The State of the Debt, the Work of Mourning and the New International

"Specter" is the first noun one reads in The Manifesto of the Communist Party. But that's just the beginning. Once you start to notice them, there is no counting all the ghosts, spirits, specters and spooks that crowd Marx's text. If they are to count for something, however, one must question the spectropoetics that Marx allowed to invade his discourse. In Specters of Marx, Derrida undertakes this task within the context of a critique of the new dogmatism and "new world order" that have proclaimed the death of Marxism and of Marx.

Submitted by Craftwork on October 29, 2016

- Editor's Introduction (vii)
- Note on the Text (xiii)
- Dedication (xiv)
- Exordium (xvi)
1. Injunctions of Marx (p.1)
2. Conjuring – Marxism (p.61)
3. Wears and Tears (Tableau of an ageless world) (p.96)
4. In the Name of the Revolution, the Double Barricade (Impure "impure impure history of ghosts) (p.118)
5. Apparition of the Inapparent: The phenomenological "conjuring trick" (p.156)
- Notes (p.223)
- Index (p.247)


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