Value, price and profit - Karl Marx

IWMA 1864 (image from
IWMA 1864 (image from

Speech by Marx to the First International Working Men's Association, June 1865

Submitted by libcom on April 5, 2005

Although delivered as a speech, this paper remained unpublished until after Marx's death. It reads like a condensed version of Capital Volume 1, and contains Marx's essential arguments about the workings of capital. Although we highly recommend reading Capital Volume 1 for a thorough understanding of capitalist economics, this volume provides an excellent introduction to Marx's ideas without the misunderstandings and misrepresentations present in many 'introductions' written by other authors - libcom

21,000 words

Written: between end of May and June 27, 1865;
First published: 1898;
Edited: by Eleanor Marx Aveling;
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